Hello Kitty Milky Oreo Pudding

by - Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One fine morning in the previous fasting month, some small boxes of pretty red strawberries were beautifully arranged in a fruit seller stall. Their charm effortlessly captivated my attention. Two boxes were automatically nestled in my shopping basket as it’s quite thin to have those fresh glistening red beauties sold in our small town’s traditional market. Indeed, I’m no longer living nearby to the downtown that a simple thing like this is a thing worthy to be cherished. I was fully content to have those strawberries in my basket, though at that time, in point of fact, I had no idea about what to do with them. 

When the afternoon turned out to be hot and humid, I opened the fridge and looked for things I could make into fresh and simple sweet treat for iftar. Feeling gladsome finding Oreo and some grapes. All I could think of was making the recently-in-trend Oreo pudding. However, the Oreo pudding version of mine is simpler; you only need fresh milk, agar powder, sugar, vanilla powder, a very small amount of fine salt if you like, and crushed Oreo. I used Hello Kitty pudding mold that my mom bought for me. As it’s white Hello Kitty, I made the pudding into two layers – I mixed the half pudding mixture with crushed Oreo. Just make sure that you do not add in and stir the crushed Oreo with the liquid when it’s still hot. Instead, arrange the crushed Oreo in the mold (after the first white layer is almost set) and pour in the half-cooled-down pudding liquid for the second layer. After the pudding was completely cooled down, put it in the fridge :)

When it’s approaching the iftar time, I transfered my HK pudding onto a plate and decorated it with Nutella (eyes and whiskers), smoked cheese cutout (nose), strawberry and cheese cutouts (ribbon). Yep, strawberry and grape slices along with homegrown mint leaves and cheese flowers encircled my cute HK pudding. The taste combination of fresh berries, milky Oreo pudding, and more Nutella addition was just sooooo heavenly good! Even mom and I had a little fight battling for the last slice teehee.

I know I always come late, however, let me wish Eid Mubarak for my friends. Though Ramadan has passed by, may the spirit of it always stay in our hearts and may Allaah bless us with many many Ramadan Kareem ahead :)

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  1. Ya ampun Mbak Tataaaa,,,,,, Pudding Hello Kitty nya lucuuuuuuuuuuuuu bangeeetttt!!!!
    Sayang banget itu makanya Mbak kekekekeke. Btw Mbak, itu cetakan pudingnya yang kayak dari metal atau apalah kayak bahan aluminium tapi yang bagus dan tebel itu? Yang biasanya kayak dijual di TBK mbak, duh jadi kepo kekekeke.
    Nyesel kapan hari liat dan tidak beli. Thanks Mbak idenya, kapan pasti tak contek (Aning).

    1. Haloooo Mbak Aning.... Yaaaak betul sekali mbak :D. Wah ayo mbak dicek lagi di TBK nya hehehe *kompor :D. Sama-sama mbak salam kenal juga dan terimakasih banyak sudah mampir ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Thank youuuu Lia ^^ *sodorin puding Hello Kitty hihihii

  3. kawaiiii.....udah kawai aja, spikles bentonya kece semua


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