Flower Bentos with Monbento Original Black

by - Saturday, June 06, 2015

Hello! Ah, I’m stuck. It’s been more than five months since my last post.  Ha! Don’t even need my ten fingers to count the total posts from 2014. I’m perfectly conscious, these past two years have been severely suffering from scarce posts. Let’s say it in a cheerful way, life has been so colorful. My alter ego told me to blog happily and freely, didn’t need to be burdened about how many posts I should have in a month, and so on. If you’re tired, then go get good sleep. If you’re free and in the mood of blogging, then go update your blog. If you’re free but not in the blogging mood, don’t push yourself, go occupy yourself with activities that can make you happy. Everything that you do, it must make you happy and have fun! Said she. Oh, that’s so comforting. Then I made a promise, even though I might have less time to blog, I would never give up blogging. I promise! Even with a single post a year as the worst, lol!

Well, I need some spices to get my blogging zest back. That’s why I change my blog template. Yes, a new look, please :). Gendhis is back wearing cute glasses now. She also has cute and super fluffy cats, Bubu and Coco :D.  Still in love with simple and clean design. Hope you like it too.  Blogger has so many new and super cool responsive templates, and many of them are for free! Frankly, this fact and Blogger’s user-friendliness make it hard for me to move to other platforms :)

As my post in this special month, I come across with my flower bentos in my awesome black monbento two-tier boxes. This bento box is one among a few of my most favorites. It’s black, cool and stylish! I was beyond happy when I received the package consisting of these black MB Original bento boxes, an MB bento bag, and an MB pocket cutlery set.

As it’s one of my most favorites, I often bring it to campus for my lunch. Male working mates are ones who rarely give a comment to your lunch, let alone your lunch boxes. However, my black MB Original is a different case. Some of my male mates said that I have a cool bento box. One of them even said that he would love to bring home-cooking lunch if he had a box like mine, tee hee.

I understand what they meant. I chose to have the black one as I thought black is neutral and elegant color. The box’s sleek and stylish design, at another view, make it look masculine too, lol. Don’t forget the sporty look that it possesses. That’s why I name this box “Ganteng”, meaning “handsome” in English :D. The neutral and elegant black color enables male or female bento lovers to collect it. The black color can also boost the food color to stand out more. I know, I got the right choice :)

These two-tier boxes are made from high quality material. It’s BPA-free and has a unique “soft touch” exterior. All parts of the product are microwave-safe (except the top lid) and dishwasher-safe. The MB Original containers are airtight; no more leaks with the great inner lids that are also microwaveable with the little cap opened.  It makes the perfect lunch box to carry your meal to work. The size is great for small to medium lunch. My MB Original also comes with sauce cup and black elastic band to secure the tiers. A set of instruction is included to ensure that the box is correctly used and cared.

The next thing I love is the monbento MB pocket cutlery set. The set matches the MB boxes with style! It consists of fork, knife, and spoon insert-able under the lid of the MB Original bento box. These sturdy cutlery sets are made of 100% stainless steel and dishwasher-safe. The set comes in a slim storage so that we also use them with other bento boxes.

Last, let’s put ‘em in the monbento bag! This bag is designed for monbento boxes, however, you absolutely can use it for other bento boxes with similar size. This convenient and strong bag is made of polyester which is more eco-friendly than cotton. In addition, it’s machine washable :)

Now let’s talk about the flower bento that I made. I used kidney beans to make the flowers. I’m happy with the flower look, but a bit unhappy with the crinkles on the bean surfaces. The yellow center part was from smoked cheese cutouts. Little flowers were made from fish cake pinned with fried spaghetti. Cilantro was used as the leaves as well as to give aroma. For the onigiries, I mixed white and brown rice grains, added with a small amount of red rice grains. Blanched broccoli florets, tamagoyaki, carrot and shimeji mushroom stir fry, chicken nuggets, and homegrown cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves filled the other tier. 

The other day I made another flower-themed bento. I put a lot of rice in the box. It’s so fulfilling, but I enjoyed it with my bestie :D. As the box size can be used for small to medium lunch, you can adjust it to your portion. I sometimes used my MB Original boxes to storage my breakfast and lunch. Just like the following chick and bear bentos, two meals in one-set boxes – so practical, right? :D

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Aww....so good to see your update! Super love the flower bento and all dishes looks yummy!

    1. Thank you so much dear.... It's approaching the long holiday time so I could manage to make some new bentos hehehe :D

  2. Horeee!!! Akhirnya update lagi mba' tata ^^. Suka banget sama flower bentonya, idenya simple tapi hasilnya cantik ^^

    1. Thank youuuu cantik! Hayuk bikin juga bento bunga-bungaan yuuuk, yan simpel aja :D

  3. The flower bento is so pretty! Dee.

  4. Itu... sudah kabayang enaknya ^^

  5. Kapan bisa makan bentonya mbak lagiii ^^
    Gemeees sama bunga-bunganya...

    1. @Ega: Kamu kapan main ke Malang lagi? Gak kangen jangan lorjuk sing puedeeessss ta? :D

  6. Replies
    1. Fish cake Mama Dee sayang :D. Bisa pake irisan bakso ikan juga, dicetak pake cutter bentuk bunga :D


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