Tropical Bread Pudding

by - Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hello everyone, how are you? I’m wishing you a blissful day colored with tons of good things. Tata-chan is here updating her dusty abandoned blog. Too complicated behind-the-scene reasons for the missing action – well, let’s just pretend that Professor Lidenbrock invited me for another Journey to the Centre of the Earth *teehee.

Friends, I’m so thrilled to finally be able to give my new electric oven a first try. Mom bought it almost a half year ago as my birthday present. I super love you Mom ^^. And hey, I like to name my stuffs; from bag to camera. This time, I name my oven “O Honey” as it sounds so sweet – perfect for my baking mate :D. I have a cute thought that I would always say to my baking mate: “O Honey (in a soft tone a la Korean Drama actress), please bake my cookies nicely, okay?” Or when I just got home from working and stare at her: “O Honey, do you miss baking? Let’s make some baked goodies tomorrow”. Haha, am I that weird? I think so :D. 

By they way, did I mention a half year ago? Yes, beside the scarce availability of free time, I had some reasons in making my O Honey stayed longer in her big box before our maiden collaboration. First,  I had no idea about what I was going to bake with her. I personally admit that I’m totally a baking dummy :|. Secondly, there were no decent baking ware and equipment. You know, all are bento tools :|.

When I was flipping the pages of my recipe books for ideas, I was sold by a simple Tropical Bread Pudding recipe. The recipe was very friendly for a beginner - no complicated ingredients and baking method needed. Yes, I had to make it. The only hurdle was that I need to find a heatproof baking dish soon. Unfortunately, a few first searches resulted zero. The oven glasswares I mostly found are in large size that it doesn’t suit O Honey’s small interior size. Too wide or perfectly fit baking tray or oven glassware is not good for the oven’s working performance, right? It can hamper and may block the even heat circulation inside the oven. When I found ones with the perfect size, the glass material and thickness just couldn’t convince me to bring them home. Some were looked too thin and fragile for an oven glassware. Tell me that I was like a paranoid. Frankly, yes I was. As I am at the beginning phase of baking activities, I have to carefully make sure that everything is safe. Working with high temperatures, we don’t want to create undesired baking memory, do we?

Searching for some articles in the internet and educating myself about safe oven glassware is a good thing I must do. Reading and understanding carefully the dos and don'ts is important as no matter how excellent and expensive our oven glasswares are, if we don’t use them appropriately as well as do not take care of them properly, it may lead to the shortage of our oven glasswares’ performance. As I cited from the Seasoned Advice, glass is generally oven-safe if taken from room temperature and put in a moderate-temperature, preheated oven. The key thing is to avoid temperature shocks (which will cause the glass to shatter). Some glass is specifically designed for oven use (either by being tempered or made of borosilicate glass). Often glassware will say if it is safe for oven use or not, and under what conditions — we have to check the packaging or instructions it came with. We also need to take precautions when removing glass from the oven. We are not to set it on something that will conduct heat away rapidly, such as a wet countertop. Before heating glassware, we also need to inspect it for damage. Scratches, chips, etc. make failure much more likely.

Anyway, I'm so happy to finally have found a set of 630ml Lock&Lock Boroseal Oven Glass. These heat-resistant (borosilicate) glass containers are safe for microwave and oven use (400°C) as well as for freezer storage. This is a great baking stuff. I present the further review about this product after the bread pudding recipe :D.

In trying new recipes, I tend to try a personal portion (yes, to avoid massive portion baking recipe failure teehee) and this 630ml capacity size is just perfect. When the food is perfectly baked and cooled down, I just need to put the lid on and bring it to campus for my meal. Easy and practical, don’t need another container or one-time-usage aluminum baking cup; it’s also eco-friendly, right? :D.

Well, this is the first recipe I tried with my new oven, O Honey, and Lock&Lock Boroseal oven glass, the Tropical Bread Pudding. Tropical? Yes, it calls for the use of coconut milk besides the milk. I wish I had shaved young coconut flesh to make my pudding taste more tropical :D. My bread pudding doesn’t look custard-y like some of recipes found on the food blogs. Yep, I wanted it this way and type :D. I want my pudding interior quite moist -but not too soft, wet and custardy- and the exterior comes out with a hint of crispiness. Everyone has their own personal favorite, right? :D. It’s totally easy, doesn’t need a particular baking method like au bain-marie, just preheat the oven and bake. As simple as that :D.

I'm very ery pleased with the result, the bread pudding tastes just so good. It’s great to be enjoyed warm or chilled. I made another batch on the following day and mom brought it to school to be shared with her teacher mates. She said, “It’s gone in a flash.” Well yeah that made my day :D. Thank you my O Honey and my oven glass, Loli; you two have helped me creating a sweet memory on my first baking experience ^^.  Oops, did I call my oven glass Loli? Yes, it’s Loli :D

Tropical Bread Pudding
Source: Quick & Easy Asian Desserts

1 tablespoon softened butter
2 eggs
1/3 cup (70 g) sugar
3/4 cup (190 ml) thick coconut milk
2/3 cup (150 ml) milk
Few drops vanilla extract
6-8 slices a day-old white bread, cut 1 ¼-in (3 cm) squares
1/3 cup (50 g) raisins
Extra sugar, for sprinkling

How to:
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Lightly brush the base and sides of your heatproof baking dish with softened butter; set aside. In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs and sugar together and pour in the coconut milk and milk. Flavor with a few drops of vanilla extract. Add the bread and raisins and set aside for 15-20 minutes, stir occasionally to ensure even soaking. Turn the mixture out into the buttered container and spread out evenly. Sprinkle a tablespoon of extra sugar on the top and bake for 30-40 minutes or until golden brown  (mine: 180°C lower heat for the first 30 minutes and 210°C upper heat for the rest 10 minutes). Cool down before cutting for serving.

Serves: 4-6
Preparation time: 15 minutes + 20 mins soaking time
Cooking time: 40 mins

And here are some features that make me treasure my 630ml Lock&Lock Borosilicate Oven Glass. Thank you for being a part in my baking journey, Loli ^^.You’re reliable and always look so cute for the prop of my food photography hobby teeheehee.

1.  Heat-resistant glass
       Lock&Lock Boroseal is made of borosilicate glass material that contains strong heat-resistant properties which could withstand high heat and sudden cooling. Lock&Lock Boroseal thermal shock strength is 120°C. Heat-resistant glass is produced in temperature above 1500°C which makes it harder to manufacture. That’s why it allows us to use the product safely not only in a refrigerator, a microwave and a  dishwasher but also in a 400°C oven. Unlike other normal glasses or tempered glasses with small scratches which may be broken and scattered when there is a thermal or physical shock, this product uses heat-restraint glass for more safety. Interestingly, it’s clear glass is also lighter than the tempered one.

       Lock&Lock Boroseal ini terbuat dari bahan gelas borosilicate (kaca tahan panas) yang tidak pecah dengan sendirinya karena perubahan suhu ekstrim panas-dingin yang mendadak. Lock&Lock Boroseal mempunyai daya tahan terhadap thermal shock 120°C. Kaca tahan panas ini dibuat dengan suhu di atas 1500°C, bisa dibayangkan kan ya susahnya bikin gelas tipe ini :D. Itulah sebabnya piranti gelas dari kaca tahan panas ini bisa dengan aman digunakan untuk penyimpanan dalam kulkas/freezer, dicuci dengan menggunakan dishwasher atau memanggang dalam microwave bahkan oven bersuhu 400°C.Tidak seperti jenis gelas biasa atau tempered glass, apalagi yang terdapat goresan di permukaannya, yang mungkin bisa pecah berkeping-keping jika terkena perubahan suhu panas-dingin yang ekstrim, Lock&Lock Boroseal ini menggunakan heat-restraint glass (penahan panas), sehingga jika pun gelas memuai hanya akan retak (tidak pecah berkeping-keping).
       Baidewei eniwei baswei, seperti yang telah saya tulis sebelumnya, sebagus dan semahal apapun glassware yang kita punya, teteuuup dong ya harus dirawat dengan baik dan penggunaannya harus sesuai prosedur dan keterangan produk. Yep, supaya tetep awet dan tidak menyebabkan hal yang tidak diinginkan ketika memanggang.Utamanya seperti menghindari perubahan suhu panas-dingin yang mendadak dangdut. Semisal jangan menaruh langsung piranti gelas panas yang baru dikeluarkan dari oven di atas handuk dapur atau serbet yang basah atau dingin, kalo teflon sih sah sah aja ya bu ibu, apalagi kalo omeletnya keburu gosong permukaan bawahnya*gak nyambung :D. Atau memanaskan/memanggang bahan yang masih dingin langsung dari kulkas ke oven. Harus didinginkan dulu ya. Kemudian pas mencuci piranti gelasnya tidak boleh pakai penggosok yang kasar karena bisa menimbulkan goresan-goresan. Goresan-goresan ini bisa cukup berbahaya karena sangat mungkin bisa menyebabkan piranti gelas pecah ketika digunakan. Maka dari itu, setelah saya baca-baca, beberapa artikel mengingatkan untuk selalu mengecek kalo ada goresan atau serpihan sebelum menggunakan piranti gelas.Untuk penggunaan dalam microwave juga sama. Selain itu, pastikan tidak menggunakan/menutup piranti gelas dengan tutup plastiknya. Walaupun terkadang ada yang diperbolehkan di microwave, teteuup kan ya demi safety reasons.

2.  Food odor and color stain-free for the glass
      Some of our favorite local foods like Gulai, Kare or Rendang call for generous and rich spices – turmeric, red chillies, strong food aroma, rich coconut gravy, and friends. It’s a classic problem at home to deal with - those poker faces when we found our plastic storage get color-tainted, or when my nice warm cooked rice smells like seafood curry. The smell sometimes just doesn’t want to get away even after several washings. We usually use our ceramic bowl for refrigerator storage, however, we just don’t have the matched lid for it. As the result, sometimes the food creates odor contamination teehee. Now, it seems that this airthight Lock&Lock Boroseal container comes as a solution. Yes, it’s true that its lid can be stained by colorful food, and odor may remain by some foods. However, when I need to storage food with strong aroma and color, I think I can wrap the lid with cling wrap :D. Some days ago, I cooked squid curry and cut the squid flesh into flower shapes. The glassware is also nice as a tableware too. Mom does love it :D. She also made her favorite Pumpkin Agar and set it in the Boroseal glassware too. After keeping it in the refrigerator she said that her Pumpkin Agar tasted much fresher and, of course, it was away from the hint of plastic-y taste.

       Alasan lain saya menyukai glassware ini karena bisa buat menyimpan makanan kaya bumbu dan warna yang kuat dalam kulkas. Kita paham dong ya ketika mau menyimpan sisa Gulai, Kare atau Rendang didampingi dayang-dayangnya ada bumbu kunyit, kadang cabai merah yang berlimpah *mulai lebay, aroma masakan yang kuat, bumbu santan yang kental dan berlemak, dkk. Sering kali cuma bisa pasrah liat koleksi tempat penyimpanan berbahan plastik terkontaminasi dengan warna dan aroma makanan *kotak bentokuuuu tidaaakkk. Walaupun sudah dicuci berkali-kali tetep tidak mau hilang. Seringnya sih kalau sudah begitu disimpan di mangkok atau wadah keramik, tapi sayangnya gak ada tutup yang pas, walhasil biasanya malah menimbulkan polusi bau di kulkas hehehehe. Nah, karena sekarang sudah punya glassware Boroseal ini, maka ini yang dipakai. Walaupun tetep ya karena tutupnya plastik, tentu si tutup plastik bisa terkena kontaminasi warna dan aroma makanan yang kuat. Buat saya sih, tetep bisa diakalin dibalut sama plastik cling wrap. Daripada tidak ada tutupnya yang kedap udara kan ya? :D. Beberapa hari yang lalu saya membuat Kari Cumi, cuminya saya bentuk jadi bunga-bunga. Ternyata si Boroseal glassware ini cakep juga jadi piranti saji di meja, si mama suka banget :D. Si mama juga membuat Agar-Agar Labu kesukaannya pake si glassware. Setelah didinginkan di kulkas katanya ademnya tambah “maknyess” soalnya cetakannya berbahan gelas. Selain itu yang penting agar-agarnya jauh dari rasa plastik hehehehe *bye bye cetakan plastik :D.

3.  Perfect size for bento and personal meal
        When I have a cooking or baking ware, I like it most when it especially supports my prime hobby, bentoing! Yes, this 630ml Lock&Lock Boroseal glass container is just peRRRRfect for my dosirak aka bento. This time I made onigiries bento. I decorated my onigiries with flowers made of boiled black soy beans. I think it’s pretty. I also made another flower-themed bento from beans, will post it later. For side dishes, they go with Korean taste. I really craved for Yangnyeom Tongdak so I made it and put some for my bento. The green side dish was Pennywort Namul. Yes I used Pegagan (Pennywort) for my namul instead of horenzo. Pennywort grows in a lush in our backyard, so I pick some to make quick namul. My bento also has simple shimeji stir fry in sweet soy sauce. That’s it, they make my lunch so pretty.
        Besides the 630ml size, Lock&Lock Boroseal actually comes in numerous different sizes. Go check and search if you don’t believe me :D. From 300ml to 1.7L in round, square, and rectangular shapes. Even there is a type with handy lid. However, I particularly love the rectangular 630ml. After successfully making the tropical bread pudding, I was curious to make a savory version of bread pudding. So I used the half recipe of my Tropical Bread Pudding and alter the usage of sugar, vanilla extract, and raisins with my favorite Ottogi curry powder, broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes, beef sausages, and ugly mozarella topping haha. I didn’t dare to try a full recipe as I thought my savory bread pudding wouldn’t taste good. So using my 630ml glassware is perfect decision. Fortunately, it turned out yummy too :D. Mom and I enjoyed my trial savory pudding. Actually I COULD eat it up by myself teehee ;p.

       Sebenarnya salah satu alasan utama saya suka banget sama Lock&Lock Boroseal 630ml ini adalah karena alasan yang klise banget, bisa buat tempat bentoku hehehehe. Untuk bentonya, Tata buat bento onigiries berhias bunga dari kacang kedelai hitam. Cantik juga ternyata, sehingga saya buat lagi bento tema bunga tapi dari jenis kacang-kacangan lain, diposting nanti dulu ya :D. Untuk lauk bentonya mengusung rasa dari negerinya Dik Mas Yoo Ah In. Karena lagi kepingin ngemil Yangnyeom Tongdak maka bikinlah saya dan menyisakan beberapa buat bekal bento. Lauk lainnya ada namul dari Pegagan dan tumis shimeji kecap manis. Kok namulnya pake Pegagan? Iya, banyak banget tumbuh di kebun belakang rumah jadi dipake aja, ketimbang ke supermarket dulu beli horenzo hehehehe.
       Kalau untuk ukuran Lock&Lock Boroseal ini sebenarnya ada macam-macam lho, check deh kalo gak percaya ;p. Ukurannya mulai dari yang 300ml sampai 1.7L, bentuknya ada yang bundar, persegi dan persegi panjang. Bahkan ada tipe yang tutupnya ada gagang pegangannya. Tapi yang saya suka ya yang ukuran 630ml ini. Setelah sukses bikin Tropical Bread Pudding, saya penasaran bikin bread pudding versi gurih. Maka dimodifikasilah resep sebelumnya. Gula, ekstrak vanili, dan kismis diganti dengan bubuk kari Ottogi favorit, brokoli, tomat ceri, sosis sapi dan topping mozarella yang penampakannya acak adut hehe. Saya cuma pake setengah resep takut gagal rasanya aneh atau tidak enak, makanya pake glassware 630ml ini pas banget ukurannya. Alhamdulillaah rasanya enak, si mama dan saya yang menghabiskan bread pudding gurih percobaan ini walaupun aslinya saya SANGGUP habisin semuanya sendiri hehehehe *dipelototin si mama :D. Jadi gak kepingin nyoba nih? Yuuuk mari kita panggang memanggang, resep apa saja yang lagi dipinginin :D

4.  Cute prop for food photography
       Last reason, this 630ml is cute for food photography prop. As it’s not too big, means that I don’t need to change my camera lens into a wide one to get all rectangular container appeared haha. Or, if I’m lazy to change my fifty nifty lens, I don’t need to drag a wooden chair and stand on it to take bird’s eye view :D. Let’s make our food photography activity simple and fun haha :D.

       Food blogger yaaaah, teteuuupppp masak apa-apa juga buntutnya food photo-oriented hahaha. Ukuran 630ml ini pas, gak kegedean. Sehingga pas kita mau motret gak perlu ganti lensa lebar atau naik-naik kursi supaya pirantinya kliatan semua hehe :D. Sekarang ini saya lagi demen motret makanan yang tidak pakai dayang-dayang properti yang banyak. Yang cukup saja, tapi pesan dari keindahan makanan itu sendiri nyampe, dan karena saya sekarang jadi males beres-beres props setelah motret hehehe :D

Yoohoo, this is it for today's post!
- Happy New Year 2015 -

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  1. Wow such a long article but very useful. Thanks Ta..great photos as always..

  2. Haluuuuu mba' tata..... Salam kenal ya mba', aku diam" suka baca" blognya mba' tata yang isinya lucu2 tapi ga' pernah komen >,<. Akhirna blognya diupdate ya mba' he he he. Mba' makasih ya udah share postingan ini jadi tau dan soalnya mia juga lagi nyari loyang tahan panas ya ukurannya ga' gede. Sama mba', otriknya mia juga yang kecil buat belajar baking suka" soalnya ^^. Trus susah juga nyari ukuran loyangnya pas, emang bener ya mba' banyakan yang gelasnya mantep ukuran loyangnya gede :(. Mia boleh tau ga' mba' beli loyang gelas tahan panasnya dimana? Kayaknya mia ga' pernah jumpa yang model ini kalo pas ke mall. Oya, tadi mia udah kirim email sih tanya kalau mungkin kurang berkenan dijawab disini he he he. Resepnya juga kayaknya gampang dicoba nih mba' ^^. Makasih ya mba' tataaaa, maaf pertanyaannya mungkin merepotkan ^^ (Mia).

  3. @Mama Anne: Hehehe jangan sampai bosan bacanya ya Mama Anne :D. Tapi alhamdulillaah kalo bisa bermanfaat. Iya nih ma, udah luama gak apdet blog, that's why it's such a revenge post, so long :D

  4. @Mia: Halohalolohaaa Mia :D. Salam kenal, terimakasih sudah mampir dan diam-diam suka hehehehe. Sama-sama Mia, senang alhamdulillaah tulisannya bisa bermanfaat. Sudah coba dicek lagi ke mallnya? Sekalian ke mall2 yang lain sambil jalan-jalan hehe. Iya sih, memang tidak semua mall ada produk ini, kebanyakan kalo merk ini yang dijumpai malah tempat penyimpanan dan set kotak makan atau botol ya? :D. Setelah aku cari-cari di online shop so far nemu di link bawah ini ya Mia. Hope it helps :)

  5. Waaaa pengen banget nih, kadang suka bingung bawa bekal yg dipanggang drpd pakai alumunium foil kan mending ini... #gogreen :)

  6. @Mak Jule: Emberrrr.... Aku pingin lagi yang bulet kecil mak. Kebayang bawa baked macaroni trus tinggal dihias di atasnya karakter dari keju, jadi deh bento :D

  7. Tataaaaaaaa.....aku padamuuu....makanannya totally bikin ngilerrrrrr

    1. Mbak Wulaaannn..... Huaaaa maap balasnya lambat jaya T.T
      Thank you mbaaakkk.... Komenmu selalu bikin hati adeeem hihihihihi :D

  8. Replies
    1. Halooooo kakaaakkk seperguruan hehehehhehe. Miss yu tuuuu tomaaaattttt :D

  9. Salam from Malaysia =)

    1. Wa'alaikumsalam :D

      Terimakasih sudah berkenan mampir disini :D

  10. Mba tata kok udah gak update lama sih? Masih ditunggu reprint bukunya lho...

    1. Hehehhehehe iyaaa :D. Maaf yaaaa..... Habis mulek di kampus saja saya :D

  11. Perkenalkan, saya dari tim kumpulbagi. Saya ingin tau, apakah kiranya anda berencana untuk mengoleksi files menggunakan hosting yang baru?
    Jika ya, silahkan kunjungi website ini untuk info selengkapnya.

    Oh ya, di sana anda bisa dengan bebas mendowload music, foto-foto, video dalam jumlah dan waktu yang tidak terbatas, setelah registrasi terlebih dahulu. Gratis :)

    1. Terimakasih mbak Dewi atas undangannya ^^. Tapi kayaknya saya pingin fokus di blog dulu deh mbak.... Blognya aja sekarang jarang di-update heheheheh :D

  12. looking so yemmi.. thank you for sharing


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