Happy Ramadan and Bento&Co 2014 International Bento Contest

by - Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Time flies pretty fast, and my days revolve pretty hectic here (final term). However, let's cherish it... The holy month, Ramadan, has finally come bringing the fullest love and joy :D. Marhaban ya Ramadan Kareem… After spending seven years observing Ramadan fasting away from home with beloved boardinghouse mates, this year’s is wonderfully spent at home with beloved family, alhamdulillaah ^^. However, I sincerely miss my big family at boardinghouse and our togetherness when we “hunt” and gathered savoring the food for iftar or sahoor jazzed up with cheerful chatters. Also the time when we went together to our campus’ grand mosque for Tarawih. I miss you so much girls… And your noise :,). May you all have a happy and blessed Ramadan *bear hugs. A sincere happy Ramadan is also wished for all my friends who celebrate it. Let’s keep enthusiastic to take the best benefits of it, fighting! :D

This year’s Ramadan bento is pretty simple. I made the three boy characters from hard-boiled quail eggs and hair from smoked cheese. The quail boys covering their mouth, eyes, and ears depict the meaning of fasting as I used to be told by my grandma when I was a kid. Smiling, with a bloom of happiness in my heart, I can vividly recall she told me that fasting is not only about restraining from eating and drinking; the most important - watching our mouth from saying something bad or hurtful to others, and keeping our eyes and ears from watching and hearing something not good and improper ^^. Oh my, I suddenly miss my childhood and being a kid :D. Love you grandma, much more than to the moon and back ^^

As another good news, Bento&Co is conducting its 2014 International Bento Contest! I am terribly sorry for coming so late with this info as it ends tomorrow T_T. I wish the best for every participant to win a trip to Kyoto, Japan! :D. 

Photo Courtesy Bento&Co 

Wish you the BEST, fighting! :D

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  1. Aww...love the expression of the quail eggs!! You're so creative!! Love it!

  2. @Karen: Thank you so much dear ^^. Quail egg is a safer for bentoer, right? We can decorate it into unlimited characters of our imagination :D

  3. @Plain83: Happy belated Aidil Fitri for you too. Really sorry for a super late reply. Semoga tahun ini penuh berkah :D

  4. Aihh, lucu banget bentonyaa. Share tips and tricks nya dong sist. Nice info banget ^^


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