Soes Sakopan (Sakopan Cream Puff)

by - Friday, June 13, 2014

The photos of Ginkakuji are ready, but someone just so can't wait to see the photos of her cream puff product that I decorated :D. Yes, today's post features these cute, yummy and fluffy cream puff! Product of Sakopan Kitchen :D

A profiterole, cream puff (US) or choux à la crème is a French dessert choux pastry ball filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, custard, or (particularly in the US) ice cream. The puffs may be decorated or left plain or garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel, or a dusting of powdered sugar. (Wikipedia)

In Indonesia, cream puff is called Soes and is regarded as one of our popular and beloved "snacks" :D.  Cream puff with savory filling such as minced chicken/beef, or beef floss is also popular. We call this savory type as "Soes Maker"; don't ask me why it was named after such way, no idea :D.

I am a BIG lover of cream puff that greatly enjoy both types. At home (everywhere and anytime, I think), when we get a box of assorted snacks from certain occasions, I always secure the cream puff at the first place - yes, just for me, lol. 

Some weeks ago, a good friend of mine and also a member of our trio, Cheche Charisma brought me her fabulous cream puff product. It's a fresh home baking product! She wanted me to have fun decorating her cream puff so I asked her to separate the cream puff and the filling (in the piping bag). Woaaa.... Got so lots of yummy cream puff that I munched some of them and unconsciously forgot my duty to decorate them first hahaha. Couldn't resist, it's so sooo good I swear! >.<

These yummy, fluffy and sexy (haha) cream puffs are called Soes Sakopan (Sakopan Cream Puff). It's named "sakopan" as the linguistic blend of SAtu KOsong delaPAN (One Zero Eight), the address number of Sakopan Kitchen :D.

The first filling variants that I tried were the following (apple, cream cheese, and durian). Gosh, they are just so good! For me, the filling's sweetness level is just perfect. Watching the picture just make me want to grap them from the monitor :D. From these three, I have to admit personally that the one with cream cheese filling was the winner ^^

I then continued having fun by decorating some cream puff into monster :D. My first monster trial was one with matcha (green tea) filling *matcha lover ^^. I was so enthusiastic that I cut the cream puff too wide. You can see that my matcha monster is so messy and sloppy hahaha. The choco monster was for my mom. She also enthusiastically accompanied me while I was decorating it and  continuously gave compliment to the choco filling. She said it had the typical fragrant of good chocolate and claimed from the start that the choco monster was definitely for her haha :D. The white cutouts were from cheese and the rose cheeks were from strawberry filling.

Below are the ones with berries filling - strawberry and blueberry. These cute cream puff ladies are named "Jenk Berries" :D. "Jenk" (originally Jeng) is our local slang for "Sis" (sister). So, Jenk Berries are just like Berries Sisters :D

I also made beef patty to be enjoyed with the choux pastry. I decorated them into a chick and a monster *again :D. I simply enjoyed my burger-like choux pastry with hot tomato ketchup and Japanese mayo yum yum....

I then filled the other choux pastry with apple filling and blueberry-choco combo. I wrapped them with clingwrap, put them in a box, and freeze them overnight. I wanted to enjoy the choux pastry with frozen filling, it's like adapting the American way :D

This is the frozen cream puff with sexy apple filling ^^

To make it even better, I enjoyed it with fruits! It's a total refreshment :D

And from the all creation.... I officially coronate this frozen version with blueberry-choco combo filling as the champion :D. The chilled sensation of the filling's combo is just so nom nom nom... Make me experiencing the fireworks explosion just like Remy does in Ratatouille The Movie :D *tell me I'm exaggerating right now, but I'm not ;). Cheche Charisma must offer this new combo filling too :D

A bite of heaven, indeed....

Wanna try this fabulous cream puff too? It's the best in town ^^
Sakopan Cream Puff are available in the following filling variants:
Cream Cheese
Rhum Raisin *

Fruit filling variants are enhanced with the fruit mini chunks and for the Rhum Raisin filling, Sakopan Kitchen ensures that it is not the real rhum, only the essence. However, if Muslim consumers are in doubt and want to skip this variant, the Sakopan Kitchen would also happily skip it from the order list :D. No worry, I also skip the rhum raisin version hehehehe. Just be happy enjoying the super yum cream puff ^^

Are you living in Malang or Batu? Please happily visit....
 Sakopan Kitchen
Jln. Raya Beji No. 108, 65326, Batu
Delivery: +62888 58 30000

facebook: /soes.sakopan
twitter: @soes.sakopan
Now I really want to enjoy it again >.<
Can't wait to try the flower shape and Date Fruit filling special for the Ramadan edition :D 

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  1. Nomnomnom
    Ak mau order yang ada beef pattynya dong..looks delicioso
    Apalagi itu duet jenk berries kok ya bisa guenit banget dah
    Nice jobs from gifted hands

  2. Wow!! All Sakopan Cream Puff looks amazing!! You're so creative ^_^

  3. @Maknya Butet: Request ke cc maaakkkk.... Minta versi cream puff burger spesial hehehehe. Aku pingin cobain yg filling kurma dan yg bentuk bunga cantik itu :D. Thank you maaaaaakkkkk *kecupbasahbutet :D

  4. @Karen: Thank you dear, they all are delicious for sure :D

  5. i want some, especially the durian, rhum raisin and green tea!!!
    isn't Palembang is away beyond your reach my dear friend???

  6. @Kak Dedy: Come visit Malang Kak Dediiiyyyyyyyy :D. Banyak makanan enak loh disini sambil jalan2 ke kota wisata Batu trus makan Soes Sakopan sepuasnya :D


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