My First Kyoto Bento and Visiting Bento&Co!

by - Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Errr.... How do I begin?  What should I write? Do I still have the right to blog after abandoning it for a very long time irresponsibly? *falling on my knees* I’m a bad, sinful, sinful blogger T__T *forgive me... *Lee Kwang Soo’s style :D

It’s been ages, like years. But, my million apologies, I just need everybody to believe that Jules Verne asked me to join Professor Lidenbrock to Reykjavik for his Journey to the Centre of the Earth and now I’m finally back :D. Really sorry for the super late comment and e-mail replies ^^

I am at a long process of adjustment of no longer living in a boarding house right now. If previously I took only five minutes to go back and forth to campus from my boarding house, commuting home-campus for around 5-6 hours a day with our “amazing” public transportation operating system does take extra effort for me, especially at the first four months. The fact that I’m an exercise and walking hater makes this effort feel even harder ;p. Oh, you have no idea how desperate I was in the Kyoto and Osaka stations that I had to deal with those stepping endless stairs LOL *Where’s Doraemon? I need your magic door! *ROFTL.

About our “amazing” public transportation, only Indonesians could understand what I mean here ;). In a suburb of a small town like mine, the exact arrival time of public transportation is totally unpredictable. It depends on the targeted passengers expected to be on board; when you wait for it, it can be surprisingly quick or kill you in boredom and anxiety to wait like forever. I mostly experience the latter :). The traffic jam, curvy and hilly roads also give another challenge when I take a bus *hang on! hang on! don’t get fall! The bus drivers sometimes are just more ‘awesome’ than the Fast and Furious talents (X_X). At many times, I feel like drained after getting home hahaha. One more hilarious bonus, but it rarely happens - when I’m lucky, I can share the bus with hens, cocks, or high piles of vegetables LOL! Wonder that this kind of thing still exists on the planet? ;). I live an amazing life :D

Going back from campus at night, I just have not much brain power left, it’s steaming. Worsening by my error PC monitor, it was all red, and I become a total dummy when it comes to technical things. I swear my brother does everything from installing to fixing, I am just a bad user :D. And those are the perfect reasons hindering me from blogging activity. If only serious blogging is as just simple as taking photos from mobile phone camera and put it as a Blackberry display picture hehehehe *hey bloggers you know what I mean ;D. About last month, I was just like almost reaching the phase of giving up blogging. But I couldn’t, I still have so many things to share. Then, in the middle of his super busy life, my brother came saving me as a hero – fixing my error monitor! Yeayy! Now it’s officially well from sickness and the color back to normal, I finally can work with colors and resize the hundreds of photos I took while I was in Kyoto :D

Such a long and boring intro (or an excuse? ;p), isn’t it? Okay... Here we go! Oh how I miss blogging from head to toe! So glad that I don’t forget the blog’s password hehehe. Today I share one of the bentos I made when I was in Kyoto and some pictures I took when I visited Bento&Co store :D. It’s a total due post, but I do hope you don’t lose interest to read it hehehe *wink

Our first agenda on the second day after spending our beautiful maiden day in Kyoto was visiting Bento&Co! Yeayyy! Mamam and I were so ecstatic and enthusiastic! SO couldn’t wait to meet the crew there, delivering the warmest greeting, saying great thank you and... bento stuff shopping OF COURSE! :D

We woke up very early, checking up the map again and again and making sure about the route and the bus number we should have taken. We were also off to Teramachi, the area where Bento&Co located, quite earlier than Bento&Co’s opening hour just in case we were lost we would have more time to find it :D.

And here we were finally reaching Teramachi. At first we’re just like hang had no idea about which way we’re supposed to take. This is Teramachi, but Good Lord! Where’s Bento&Co located? Hehehehe. We’re like lost in a modern jungle and those Japanese letters are just like secret symbol that we couldn’t understand 1000% ^^

In the middle of our blank mind-state and while walking aimlessly, we encountered a shop selling the cutest and best donuts on earth! The Floresta Nature Donuts :D. Gosh, there were so many heart emoticons in my eyes. Those adorable donut darlings just caught my whole sanity at that time. We automatically halted in front of the shop gazing in full of admiration to those cuties. I really wanted to have that puppy and owlie characters, unfortunately the shop keeper explained that those designs were not ready yet *desperate. They were ready just for display. I knew, what I could expect to arrive so diligently in the morning :D

Soooo cute and adorable, aren’t they? ^^. These character donuts are called Doubutsu Doonatsu (Japanese Animal Donuts). Besides its overly cute design, the donut’s taste is just really delicious. I swear, for me personally, it’s the best donut I ever had! One of the things I miss badly about Kyoto. If you’re in Japan, make sure you don’t miss this hey cute lovers ^^

 Above were the donuts that we ordered. While waiting for them, we didn’t miss the chance to ask the shopkeeper the way to get to Bento&Co. We showed him the general map we had and unfortunately he couldn’t figure out the exact location was. He tried his best to help us with his limited English. But it seemed that it still didn’t work. He finally asked his colleague and (what a fortune!) she knew Bento&Co! *Ah finally the world was perfectly enlightened hahaha. She drew a simple map for us, very easy to understand. And shortly after that, we spotted Bento&Co :D. Domo arigatou to you both! I love you, saranghaeyo! :D

When we found Bento&Co, it was still closed. But we’re so glad that finally we found that “Treasure Island” hehehehe. We then went strolling at Teramachi area while waiting for Bento&Co opened. And tara! We were happily heading again to Bento&Co and were warmly welcomed by a very nice lady, Katherine (or Catherine? I’m really sorry if I misspell it ^^). We told her about who we were and she enthusiastically informed the crew about it.

While waiting for the crew, we’re just like holding our breath to keep our inner excitement seeing all those bento stuffs >.< *if we just could, I think I would burst in a hysteria hahaha. I know this place can make me go nuts ;p. This shop is just a beauty and a big temptation of course ;p. Everything is well and beautifully arranged. Really love the design. As the good news, Bento&Co has upgraded its interior face and now it looks very cool :D. Check this Bento&Co site to see the new look ^^


And…. *drumroll please….* He we are! :D. Had an excessive happiness to finally meet them all, the fantastic Bento&Co crew ^^. I still vividly remember the warmest welcome, smiles and wonderful time you all gave to us. By the way, I can’t stop laughing and smiling remembering the moment when we took the photo – a lot of fun spiced up with cheerful commotion, quite noisy haha :D. Remembered how the “photographer” was busy setting the camera to take the photo; thank you Thomas! For everyone: domo arigatou, merci beaucoup, terimakasih banyak, thank you very much! I love you all :D. And for the girls, can’t forget the warmest and sincerest sayonara big hugs :’). I wish the very best for you all and Bento&Co ^^. And I pray to be able to meet you all again someday ^^

And…. The shopping time has finally sprung :D. Again, the bento stuffs deteriorated our sanity hehehe.

Look at those kokeshi bento boxes *aww so cute…. I bought one, the Momotaro, for my handsome nephew and he loves it very much :D. He always wants to eat with Momotaro for every meal time *smooch

And these collection series definitely put Mamam in a serious madness. A glossy sakura and usagi bento box, the box that she had been dreaming of to have ^^

Jolie… Jolie… Jolie and colorfull bento stuffs were everywhere.

See how we ended up? Helpless hehehe. This place is totally a love and hate. Love to see so many cute bento stuffs, and hate as I can’t be a burglar to bring ‘em all home hehehe *kidding ;)
For bento lovers, Bento&Co is a must visit place when you are in Kyoto :D

We then continued strolling *cough - shopping ;p* at Teramachi and our deteriorated sanity officially turned out as insanity :D
Look at what we got at a 100 Yen Shop. We didn’t realize that we spend more than two hours in this shop LOL. Ah, women ;)

Final spot at Teramachi that day, enjoying good meal to recharge our energy. We didn’t know the restaurant’s name as you know we can’t read Japanese. I had chicken donburi, cold soba, and those the companions that I didn’t know the names, like salad and tofu :D. The food and price were great; I was surprised that the set of mine only cost me ¥800, wow.... My tummy was very happy ^^

Arriving at a bus stop near our housing, we went to Daikokuya first to buy some ingredients to make our bento. As I told you in the previous post, I was over excited to find these green ingredients. I just couldn’t sleep well, the bento ideas just couldn’t stop whirling in my head. So couldn’t wait to greet morning and put my hands on Kyoto’s bento making experience ;)

I made this first Kyoto bento special for my fairy godmother, Mamam, with her dream Owan Sakura Bento Box (?) *not sure I can't find the right link for it, the color is different :D. She had told me for many times that she really wanted this gorgeous bento box and as her surprise she could directly buy it from Bento&Co store in Kyoto! :D. Aaahh... SO regret I didn’t buy this one too, so beautiful and glossy! *I only kept my eyes for pink Matryoshka two-tiered box at that time *take me back there... take me back... T__T

So beautiful, isn’t it?

All the food was bought. I really love the fact that Japanese food is cooked freshly and beautifully. The taste and color are also great. A quick support to come up with gorgeous bento creation. The menu in this bento was Mamam’s choice. It had three color onigiries (white, pink, and purple). The pink color was from sakura denbu and purple from shibazuke pickle. Other side dishes included some fishcake products (like kamaboko) in the shapes of flower and dango on a skewer, shibazuke pickle (purple), sweet cherry tomato, seasoned vegetables, and grilled fish (I forget the name :D). Mamam was really happy and loved this bento, love you Mam ^^

At the late afternoon, we went out as we’re kindly invited for a dinner by Thomas. As always, we went earlier and had a walk enjoying our neighbourhood. There, a metal octopus caught our attention. That place sells Takoyaki! A must try! :D

I really love those hanging octy guys, very cute and creative decoration. And that’s Mamam with the shop owners :D. The owners are really kind and funky, and rock n’ roll :D. They were so excited when we told them that Takoyaki is a favorite and popular Japanese snack in Indonesia :D. They also kindly allowed me when I asked their permisson to take photos on the takoyaki making process ^^

And here’s my takoyaki… yum yum! It’s a generous addition of katsuobushi :D

Below are some food that we had for dinner, still many more to come actually :D. As they didn’t come at the same time, I couldn’t capture the whole complete set :D. The taste was undoubtedly very delicious. If Floresta Nature Donuts gives me the best donuts, this restaurant gives me the best yakitori ^^. Thank you very much Thomas to put so much consideration in choosing the menu best suited for us and also kindly telling the cook about certain ingredients that we may not eat. We really really appreciate it, Monsieur :D. Having a great dinner and a great talk, wonderful!

All in all, gazillion thanks to Bento&Co for this fantastic bento world experience! Thank you for creating an unforgettable moment in my life. Wishing you many many wonderful years to come :D. For friends, make sure you are kept informed about Bento&Co’s upcoming international bento contest and bento world news by staying in touch with their website and FB Fanpage. Don’t miss it! :D

To end this post, I know it’s totally late as it almost reaches the half of year, you can laugh ‘til your tummy get hurt hehehe, but let me say A Happy New Year 2014 for Bonita Food’s readers :D. This post is the first in 2014, right? ^^
More Love, Happiness, Health and Prosperity to come ^^
Wishing you the best-est day!

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  1. Tataaaa....!! So terribly jealous that you went to Kyoto to visit Bento&Co (which must be a bento paradise for bento lovers out there :)!!). Thank you for sharing the photos of the lovely interior of Bento&Co, I can imagine how you wanted to rob all those bento goodies home *lol*! Did you buy the shibazuke pickling in Japan or can you now also find it in Indo?
    Glad to see you back in the blogsphere - miss you...!!

  2. Hallo mba yunita, apa kabar? Betul-betul seruuuu jalan-jalan sama mama tercinta. Aku sampai terharu biru bacanya.

    Oya sekedar, koreksi dikit, hehe..
    Kata-kata seperti Monsieur udah bener. Hanya untuk tulisan Merci beacoup.. Kurang satu huruf, harusnya: Merci bea-u-coup... Jadi kurang huruf u.. Hehe..

    Semoga berkenan, ditunggu jalan-jalan ke perancisnya yah, nengokin saya. Mari buat bento dgn sentuhan perancis..

    ร  bientรดt...

  3. @Kakak CG: That's why when you visit it someday don't forget to take me there (loh?) hehehehehe. Yup, Thomas couldn't help laughing seeing our craziness haha. I bought the pickle in a supermarket near our housing in Kyoto and featured it on our bento on the following day. You can find shibazuke pickle so lots at Nishiki Market in Teramachi area. Can't find it in Malang kakaaaakkk....

  4. @Mbak Nana: Alhamdulillaah baik mbak :D. Aamiin ya Allah bisa jalan2 ke Prancis *berdoa khusyuk. Hahahahaha itu temenku tapi sudah sudah kayak emakku sih :D. Oooiyesssss...... Siiip bu guru, yang typo hbs ni tak betulin yg di gambar gakpapa wes hehehehe. Jadilaaahhhh merci beaucoup Mbak Nana ^3^

  5. Oh gosh!!! Wonderful & awesome sharing!! It's worth to wait for your updates dear!! Indeed can't resist when shopping in Kyoto!! Me too can't helped it when I visited Bento&co. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  6. @Karen: Thank you dear *big hugs :D. I really miss blogwalking and pamper my eyes with many bento creations *I will do it today :D. Yes...... Absolutely right! We are so lucky to have the chance visiting Bento&Co. About our bento goodies shopping craziness? What could we do? Hehehehehe ;). They are just apples in our eyes, right? ^^

  7. omg... you make me so jealous, Ta :)
    Would love love love to visit Kyoto and Bento & Co, of course!
    yeahh *pat you on the shoulder* I understand how you feel
    myself will react the same way :D

  8. @Mommy Yenny: Really sorry ma'am hehehe ;). That is why you must not miss the upcoming international bento contest conducted by Bento&Co :D. Yes, thank you. Only among bento and bento goodies lovers could understand well about such sensation lol ^^

  9. Great to see you post again. Really enjoyed reading and looking at the beautiful photos. I've slowed down this year as well, rather unmotivated to blog.

  10. @Ming: Thank you so much dear Ming :D. So glad to have you here. I totally understand how you feel. As a blogger sometimes we just need to take a break for a reason that could only be understood by ourselves. Blogging life just needs to be fluctuative. When we're MIA, it doesn't mean that we totally stop. Interestingly, our brain gathers fresh ideas ready for resurrection :D

  11. Merci Tata!
    So happy to see these pictures :-)

  12. wow congrats, omedeto~
    from malaysia here ;3

  13. @Thomas: Woooo Thomas is here! :D. Thank you Thomas, the great pleasure is mine :D
    Btw, I still owe one guest post for Bento&Co hehehe

  14. @Plain83: Domo arigatou... I like reading your report posts from Japan :)

  15. Eeh honto?? ehehee doumo doumo~ ;3

  16. Halo Admin / Blogger :)

    Saya sangat suka dengan postingan foto-fotonya di blog, dan info yang disampaikan sangat bermanfaat.

    Perkenalkan, saya dari tim kumpulbagi. saya ingin tau, apakah kiranya anda berencana untuk mengoleksi foto-foto,video,menggunakan disk online yang lain dengan tujuan berbagi informasi ? :)
    Jika ya, silahkan kunjungi website ini untuk info selengkapnya.

    Anda bisa dengan bebas mengupload/download foto-foto,video,music dalam jumlah dan waktu yang tidak terbatas, setelah registrasi terlebih dahulu. Gratis :)

    Terima kasih.

    1. Terimakasih mbak Dewi atas undangannya ^^. Tapi kayaknya saya pingin fokus di blog dulu deh mbak.... Blognya aja sekarang jarang di-update heheheheh :D


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