Kyoto, Finally!

by - Thursday, September 26, 2013

World is just like a book with million pages; if we only stay in a certain place, it means that we are stagnant on a single page. No movement, no progress. That’s I what I felt of myself before God gave me a chance to see His other page of the world. I feel so grateful and blessed that He finally permitted me :). One of the best things is that when you have a dream that you always hold and give faith, God grants it in a very sweet and surprising way ^^. So when you have a dream, even it sounds impossible, never dim it! When you are about to give it up, God just knows the perfect time to grant it to you ;)

So... Here I come... On His other page of the world, Kyoto, Japan :). I plan to post about this Kyoto trip in six posts. I spent my weekend to resize and put watermark on my photos and was feeling excited to post them directly. But then, as I had to go back to normal campus life with full schedule, the fatigues were accumulated, the next? I was knocked out for few days :). So, I had to delay the first trip post hehehe.

Frankly, I always feel like I lost of words to depict how I thank My Dear God, Bento&Co and Japan Experience to make my dream comes true. Only the sincerest thank you from me; Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita, Merci Beacoup, Thank You Very Much, Terimakasih Banyak :D.

And.... I here I go with my very first  international flight experience; my passport finally got some stamps, and a visa! LOL. I try not to tell a lie that this first international flight of mine has made me so nervous haha; new country and non-English speaking one. Blame me, my Nihongo and skill in understanding map are really pathetic. At first, I was haunted that I would get lost; totally lost in a lonely planet whose people speak an allien language for my ears, and totally lost in a modern airport that I never been in before LOL. But, God is always soooo kind to me. He sent me an angel to accompany me. In the last few weeks before I flied to Japan, Mamam finally made up her mind to join the trip, yeayyyy!!! We both are really poor in speaking and understanding Japanese, but Mamam said that everything would be alright, we just need to use a “Tarzan” language hahaha.

My first international flight was really “amazing” haha. Due to tight flight schedules at CGK Airport, our flight from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur was  delayed for about thirty minutes. As we had a “hot” connecting flight, we felt like nuts when we knew that we were late for almost two quarters for our next flight to Osaka. We ran crazily that I never thought I could run that fast since I really hate running haha. Finally we reached Gate C3 as printed on our boarding pass. We felt so relieved although we felt like we lost our breath from crazy running. And surprisingly, the officer told us that we were at the wrong gate. The gate was changed. Whottt? We had to run again to Gate H6. Run again! Monorail again! Run again! More wildly and faster than the wind LOL. I love to watch South Korean variety show, Running Man. Now I understand what they feel when they are running and being chased, totally exhausting hahaha.

We were really really lucky, we finally reached Gate H6 and entered the plane just like we were in time hehehehe. A long relieved breath that was replied by a very nice and warm smile from a flight attendant. His smile was just like saying, “Hey you rascals, where have you been playing around? We have been waiting for you. Finally you come, we are just about to leave you.” And you can guess the next, hundred of eyes of the other passengers were staring at us that we replied with our nicest and innocent smile hehehehe :D. Soooo happy to be finally on my seat, I could see the beauty of KL at night that was full of light from above. Prayers filled my whole heart and mind, I thank Allah for this amazing thing He has given to me. And I think you can guess again what happened next? Yes, my tummy delivered a signal of danger. I was hungry hehehe. It felt like the energy I saved from the chicken rice I had from the previous flight was “evaporated” rascally. But then I could smile again as I didn’t need to wait too long to have my next supper, Nasi Lemak with (I forgot what it’s called) yummy savory shrimp rich in spice paste. Another flight attendant was so kind to me, when the other passengers only got a cup of fried peanut and Ikan Bilis (anchovy) as condiment, he gave me two – ahahayyy!!! He said, “Ni saye tambah satu lagi spesial wat kamu”, followed by a warm smile. Or it might be he knew from my face that I was really hungry? LOL. Anyhow.... Terimakasih banyak, Pak Cik :D #lovemalaysianairlines

Aaah, tummy was happy again.... I closed my eyes, exhausted. I lied my head near the closed window and continuously whispering prayers thanking God until I fell asleep. The following morning, I opened the window cover a little and a luminosity of morning sunshine peeking me saying a happy good morning. I opened the cover wider and I was surprised as I was greeted by very beautiful snowflakes framing the window beside me. Later I realized that I only found them on the window near me; I tried to look at the other windows even when I walked on the isle to the exit door, I could see my snowflake buddies stayed on my window but I couldn’t find them existed on the other windows. I felt happy and little bit whimsical. It reminded me about the miracle of water by Masaru Emoto. I stared at those snowflakes in a full of admiration and whispered them the praises to the Almighty. From my snowflake frame, I also could see the spectacular view of mountaneus Japan that was still covered in  morning mist blanket. So beautiful, a view that I reacted with a spontaneous tear of admiration :)

And finally... The thing that has been long awaited... Hello Japan! Ohayo, KIX :D. Here I come... My first impression of KIX was... it’s cool :D. We could reach Kyoto by JR Haruka actually, but we decided to take a bus as we just wanted to sit, relax, take time and enjoy the view from Osaka to Kyoto, although we took longer for the time :). It took us around 100 minutes and ¥2,500/person to Kyoto Station. Arriving at Kyoto Station, we took bus number 100 (or number 17) to Ginkakuji Michi. Here we witnessed and experienced the Japanese people’s wholehearted willing in helping others. We didn’t know the way to get to the bus number 100 so we asked a middle-aged man passing by. We only intended him to show us the way. But... He escorted us until we reached the entrance door of bus number 100, although he was in a rush. Oh man.... You taught us a great lesson Misutā, I wrote it in my heart. Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita #bowing #lovejapan

From Ginkakuji Michi Stop, we followed the direction on the map I printed out from Japan Experience’s web to Unagi House. Unagi House was not difficult to be found. There, our Travel Angel, Saki of Japan Experience has been waiting for us. Saki warmly welcomed us and explained about everything very clearly. She also took us for a walk to get to know around our neighborhood :D. She is very nice and kind. Thank you very much Saki, you’re our best Travel Angel :D

Photo Courtesy of Japan Experience

And this is it, our little Unagi House! :D. Our warm shelter for a week, our mother that took care of us after being tired adventuring Kyoto ^^. Thank you very much Japan Experience for this little house! My friend and I are always grateful as we didn’t stay in a hotel. We can experience to stay in a hotel everywhere, but in a Japanese house in a real Japanese neighborhood? It’s only in Japan :D. In this little house, we could experience living in an atmosphere of Japanese house; futon, tatami, soft lighting, and golden screen. Even, I can still vividly recall the smell of the tatami :D. I also could find treasure in a cupboard in the living room. It hides some beautiful and traditional Japanese plates, bowls, and glasses; wowwww!!! Feels like I want to bring them all home LOL :D. The kitchen is quite complete. But the one I especially love is the bathroom. I miss doing an individual onsen there hehehehehe.

The environment is also very clean. We loved to see some schools of little fish in a crystal clear river near our house. In the morning when we left the house, we could greet and deliver a smile to our neighbors that they replied with hospitality :D. To know what amenities that you can get from Unagi House you can check here :D

On the first day, after arranging our suitcases on the right place, we took some rest first as we were very exhausted :D. After some hours, we decided to go out for a meal. Sooo close to our house, we found a hidden gem called Ice Lolly. At firt, I thought it sells candies, ice cream, or kind of sweets. But I was wrong, it sells cute stuffs, from keychain to teapot. I can say that this little shop is one that “speaks” my mind. I really love how the Ice Lolly Lady arranges her lovely shop and everything that she puts there. Gosh, I want to buy all of the cute stuffs that it sells >.<. From Ice Lolly, I bought some cute animal figurines and a Carla Craft puncher for my bento :D

Bye bye little cutie ^^

We continued walking on Imadegawa Dori and our attention was once again stolen by a beautifull workshop full of pretty flowery wreath. The lady was so very kind permitted us to see her beautiful workshop and took some photos :D

I thought those were fake, but they were real!!! Sooo pretty ^^

What a beautiful mess ;)

Wish I could bring them home....

After passing by some restaurants, we finally halted in this one as it made our tummies grumbling by tempting us with the smell of delicious curry. See, I love how the owner styles his small restaurant, feels so warm and homey. Also heart the little sweet and pretty details that he puts to adorn his restaurant ^^

I ordered very yummy beef curry with fresh salad and potato salad. While my friend's was kind of chicken katsu with brown sauce and salad. Oh yeah, we got a bowl of warm soup too. Our meals were very delicioussss, love love love. As a Muslim, at first I was afraid that I would get difficulty finding halal food containing no pork, sake, and the kinds. But then I can be relieved as what I have experienced, the sellers will tell the customers if their products contain pork or other ingredients Muslims are not allowed to consume. Man.... I really appreciate their honesty. Once again #lovejapan :D. But, it's always a good decision to ask the sellers first if you do not eat pork :D

Finishing our meals, we continued enjoying Imadegawa Dori and were attracted and entertained by some unique shops. How cute these figurines of Anpanman and friends are. Unfortunately the shop was closed, so I could only took the picture outside the shop's mirror.

Look eccentric ^^

Almost all Japanese restaurants that I know display fake food resembling the food that they sell. The display food just look like the real ones. But no worry, the one that you see on the display is the one that you will get when you order the real edible one hehehehe; or at least above 90% resembled :D.

Above was when we were in a local convenient store, Lawson. I was kind of surprised to know that there are many prepared food ready to eat (some need to be re-heated first) sold in very friendly price. Ah, what a country of convenience :D. There, I bought two onigiries, tuna mayo and chicken mayo #loveonigiri

I felt this nuance as a romantic early evening in Kyoto ^^

We then went to a supermarket near our housing called Daikokuya. There I went a nut as I found many allien bentoing ingredients that I often and could only see in my favorite Japanese bentoers' blogs like Akinoichigo and Maki Ogawa aka Luckysundae - Woaaaaaa!!!! I took the photos below when the shop keepers didn't see me hehehehe. No wonder that some angles look strange :D

Perilla leaves aka Shisho!!!! #iamdying >.<

Some kinds of colorful pickles...

Kamaboko, furikake, umeboshi, fresh sea food products *faint again :D

Beautifully packaged ^^

Feels like I was a millionaire to have this sea food fiesta as my late snack with Tar Tar Sauce :D. In Indonesia this will cost me much >.<

My favorite breaky: Banana Kasutera and a cup of Strawberry yogurt :-9

And... This is it the story of my first day in Kyoto *curly fingers from typing LOL. I'll share the photos of bentos that I made in Kyoto and also the places that I visited on the next posts :D.

Clockwise: Nishiki Market, Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion), Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kiyomizudera

What bentos did I make with the green ingredients I bought from Daikokuya above using the bento boxes that I bought from Bento&Co? How was when I visited Bento&Co and met the crew? Will share it on the next post, don't switch the channel! >.<

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  1. Mba Tata, dari foto toko2 yang dikunjungin kok kaya jalan2 ke eropa, bukan ke jepang... Hehehe...

  2. Great coverage, Ta :) Can't wait for the rest of your trip story.

  3. everything looks amazing! cant wait for your next post!

  4. oh ta ...udah lama gak ngintip blogmu, karena udah gak berkarya lagi..but, i feel that I was there with you from the way you describe things.. beautifully written ta...
    Oh my...what a lucky and blessed girl you are..
    btw, if I missed the story...gimane care bisa pergi ke situ? sorry ta, penasaran...qiqiqiqi...


  5. Awesome Kyoto sharing experienced! Beautiful photo takings and I can't wait to read the next post :)

  6. Huaaaaaaa......tambah mupeng ke Jepun inih.

  7. @Mbak Ridha: Woiyah.... Setelah tak liat2 lagi aku baru sadar hehehehehe. Yaaaa jadi kan sekalian mbak kalo gitu, got the best of both worlds :D. Tapi semakin ke bawah semakin jepun kok hehehehehe *cari2 pembelaan sambil berdoa suatu saat bisa jalan ke eropa beneran hihihihihi *aamiin :D

  8. @Mbak Anita: Thank you mbak :D. Hehehehe, wokelah.... Jangan pindah saluran tipinya yah :D

  9. @Shirley: Thank you dear! Kyoto is just beautiful, want to go back there someday >.<

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  11. @Karen: Thank you Karen :D. Yes, I think I need to do fingers exercise again hehehehe :D

  12. @Mama Dee: Aamiin Mama Dee, inshaAllah.... Hayo kita menggemukkan celengan kita hehehe :D

  13. Mba Tata, what an amazing trip and amazing story. Cant hardly wait for the next story :D *peluk*

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  16. Coming to this gorgeous post late, but it made my day dear Ta! Your clear and expert and lovingly shot photos bring Kyoto exquisitely to life. Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty and inspiration! And happy healthy 2014 to you :)

  17. @Ming: Thank you so much dear Ming ^^. I just posted, I know it takes centuries hehehehe

  18. @Jenn: Really sorry for a super late reply dear Jenn.... I love all of your comments that always make me happy and smile ^^. Wishing you a super wonderful year too *hugs :D


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