Fluffy Vanilla Ice Cream Bento

by - Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Good afternoon, everyone! How's your day? Hope yours is sunny and bright just like mine here :). Miss something cute in this blog? Me too :D. Just a quick post for today, Fluffy Vanilla Ice Cream Bento.

I made this bento on one fine day in the previous Ramadan. Mom suddenly called me and said, "I'm gonna visit you this afternoon and sleep over in your boardinghouse. Make me a bento for fasting breaker. It MUST be cute." Period.

"Haaaaah, whaaattt?", that was my response, lol. Scratching my head while thinking of some ideas, I opened the fridge and luckily found some bento ingredient heroes. But for the broccoli, it was pathetic; I definitely only had a few small florets of it. Look at that pity broccoli portion hahaha. Sorry mom, you should have brought me some for your more greeny bento ;)

I made the ice cream buddies out of fish tofu and smoked cheese. For friends, I made tuna omelet, chicken popcorn coated with bread flour, and a cherry tomato cutie. I also cooked her favorite rice combination, short grain rice and brown rice.

"Oh sweetheart... How could I eat these little darling cuties? I would be the meanest lady in the world....". Ha hah, my mom is too cute ^^. She loved the bento and enjoyed it very much. Nothing can make a daughter happier except a mom's genuine smile and thumbs for something that she makes and cooks for her mom :). To be happy is simple :)

And this is the ice cream shaped cookie cutter that I used, so cute, right? Playing charaben ideas with cookie cutters is so much fun. What character can you see from this ice cream cutter? Hmmm, I quickly see a curly haired kid, a flower bouquet, and when I rotate it upward then I can see a smiling Santa Claus with his fluffy beard :D. So.... Are you going to have fun with your cookie cutter collection too for charaben? Let's go...

See you later with bento love ^^

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  1. Aww....so cute!! Love all your bento creation!

  2. @Karen: Thank you so much dear ^^. Love yours too..... Your bentos are very artsy, cute, and I am sure they are made with your full passion :)

  3. @Sari: Indeed. That's what my mom exactly said :)

  4. mbak tata...salam kenal... cantik bangeeet..

    BTW biasanya kira2 butuh berapa lama buat ngebento, dari mulai makanan tsb mateng?
    saya punya balita yang udah mau masuk sekolah, pengen dibekelin bento gt..cuma kebayang rempongnya... heheheh...

  5. Awwww, tt is so very cute! Tks for dropping by, ur fd styling n photography is way amazing! :)

  6. unyyuuuuu.... ice cream yang dijamin gak akan meleleh!!!! :D

  7. the ice cream cutter is soooo cute! love this!

  8. @Mbak Ayudiah: Hai mbak, thank you ^^

    Well, kalo ngebento sih menurutku yg lbh lamaan makan waktunya itu adalah mempersiapkan dan masak lauk2nya, kalo untuk proses assembling malah lebih cepet tinggal pasang2 aja :D.

    Jd biasanya kuakalin gini: kalo lauknya agak repot misal proses masaknya 2x, maka dari malam sblm tidur udah kusiapin taruh di tuppy trus simpen di kulkas, paginya tinggal goreng atau manasin lg. Sayurannya jg gitu, udah dipotong bsoknya tgl rebus.

    Supaya waktunya cepet, bikin bento itu kadang emang sdh harus terkonsep. Idenya apa, alatnya yg mau dipake mana udah disiapin, jd esoknya gak usah cari lg, time saving. Bikin bento bisa 5 menit bisa jg 20 menit kalo mau bikin yg susah. Jd lama timing mbento itu tergantung jenis lauk yg mau dipake, sm kesiapan konsep dan alat :D

  9. @Ming: thank you Ming, visiting yours is my pleasure :D. Friends inspire me a lot in improving those skills ^^

  10. @Yu Yulyan: Emberrr mbakyu cjiiiiinnnn hihihihi. Hoooo tapi meleleh juga di perut ehehehehhe, ma'aciiii mbakyu sayang ^^

  11. @Shirley: thank you dear ^^

    It's a thin and sharp bottom-edged one product of Malaysia and the price is totally affordable. Very excellent to cut cheese or fondant. Should add one in your collection :D

  12. bento model apapun selalu cantik di tangan mbak tata seperti orangnya :)
    sukses mbak tata

  13. @Mbak Dwek: Wkwkwkwkwk, kalo secantik orangnya itu fitnah mbak hihihihihihihi :D. Thank you ya mbak apresiasinya ^^


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