Featured in Martha Stewart Living Indonesia Magazine June 2013 Issue

by - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It is with heartfelt sorrow to start this post with my deep and sincerest condolence to our brothers and sisters in Aceh who have lost loved ones in the devastating 6.1 magnitude earthquake happened on July 2, 2013. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone there. I know it is really hard for them as they were supposed to welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan in joy, togetherness, and happiness. May Allah always protect and give them abundant strength as they cope with the aftermath of this event, aamiin.

Well, hello friends! Aloha! How are you? I'm wishing you a great abundance of health and wonderful day. It feels like hundred years...I know, no post in June :)

Today let me also share a spark of happy thing that I was invited to feature some of my bentos in Martha Stewart Living Indonesia Magazine June 2013 Issue. I couldn't help to hide my sincere happiness as let me say it once again: It's Martha Stewart! >.<

Million thanks to Mbak Fifi for the great opportunity, I am truly honored ^^. To be honest, as I'm big fan of charaben, I was quite confused at the first time for I was asked to come up with non-charaben bentos. Besides, the bentos must have been in simple field-trip theme and include an Indonesian menu in one of the bentos. After some "contemplations", here I finally came up with four non-charaben creations (clockwise): Simple Egg Sandwich, Bolognese Spaghetti with Sunny Side Up Topping, Simple Mini Twister, and Nasi Kuning Bogana Bento. Every of them came up with a recipe. They look so simple, don't they? You have no idea how my hands were so itchy to pimp them up :D.

Photo Courtesy Martha Stewart Living Indonesia

And here it is the latest bento I made in May before I went to Cilodong, Depok. I had posted it in my facebook previously. I made traditional bento with truly Indonesian taste :D. This bento simply came up with Dendeng Ikan Asin, fried tempeh, fresh cucumber slices, fresh lemon slices, carrot flower, pretty cherry tomato, and Sambal Terasi. Love it! Yes, I really miss to make bento again right now. I've planned to make one for iftar (fasting breaker). For the first time, I had fun with photoscape editing this photo using pictorialization (watercoloring), looks fun, eh? I love this photo editing :D

And here are some captures from one of my fun activities in Cilodong, Depok, assisting US Army as interpreter in Garuda Shield 2013 Joint Exercise (Indonesian National Armed Forces/TNI and US Army). To know what Garuda Shield is and the activities conducted, you can visit its FB Fanpage :D. It was a REAL opportunity and pride of mine to be a part of TNI and US Army team. Well, let me make a confession, I'm a fan of armed forces (they look so cool for me :D) and it's like a dream when I was given this real plum; it's one of coolest things ever happened in my life ^^. I truly enjoyed my time with them, not to mention when I was there in the drop zone under a real scorcher watching and assisting them in interpreting when they're conducting joint exercise *My skin was burned after that LOL. I love Army, they're not only about war; really, it's more than that. As I had experienced, we conducted more activities for humanitarian aid and assistance. We do love peace ^^

Below are some pictures taken when we were visiting a local orphanage for severely disabled children. This visit was truly a priceless experience for us. Those kids are definitely great teachers, teaching us about genuine patience and sincerity of life. They are the truly gems. Our hearts and prayers are always with them, for their health and happiness.
 Photos taken by Brad Rivera

Oh, look at the last photo! Should I mention that I surprisingly met with Alvin Adam, the host of my favorite talk show Just Alvin? I know I'm very lucky and I felt like WOW :D. He chose to celebrate his birthday with the kids in the orphanage, oh I love you more Mas Alvin hahahaha. Mahalo Brad for the photos ^^

Now.... I really miss my US Army family.... Tiffany ahjuma, Quentin, my father G. Kitagawa, Jordan, my father Lasorba, my brother D., Mom Lum Lee, Brad, Corine, Kit, Mr. "Jobs", Uncle Ronel, Uncle Sam, Capt. D., Shisho, Mr. Kwon, Mr. Knowles, Pat, Steve, Janette, "Pak" Duffy, Tony, Leo, Kasey "Perry", dr. Mba, dr. Oxendale, and.... everyone :D. Mahalo nui loa everyone for the unforgettable moments and a new family ^^. Happy belated July 4th! Hope to see you all again next year :D

To end this post, let me wish a Ramadan Kareem for all my friends around the world who celebrate it. Marhaban ya Ramadan!

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  1. oh my you are so amazing dear!!helping out at he orphanage and with the army!! And the bento creations for Martha Stewart magazine are amazing ! i love them all!!

  2. @Shirley: Thank you, dear ^^. It was an AMAZING time spent working with my US Army friends. I always miss them :D

  3. Tata, I LOVE your pictures, they look so professional, you need to give some photography lessons :D)!!

  4. @CG: Thank you so much CG! Ah you make me blushing hehehhee. I always want to, but always have no idea to start from >.<

  5. Congrats on getting featured in MARTHA STEWART! Go Yunita!

    Also, I loved seeing the photos you shared of US Army doing good work in Indonesia. As an American, I like to see our own soldiers making a positive difference in the world!

  6. @Michellanne: Mahalo nui loa dear Michell ^^
    I'm so glad that you like the post. Yes, you're right. We'll love Army more if we know directly about how many positive humanitarian activities they have done. It was great to be their part when they were sharing and interacting with the people of local society :D

  7. Dear tata, your bento make me so hungry, another question again from your box, boleh tahu gak, dimana sih beli apel sauce container, imut banget deh, dan penasaran. apa namanya. pingin aku hunting jadi wish list.

    thank you so much.

  8. @Sara: Haiiii jangan lapar, lagi puasa kan? :D

    Waduuuuhhhh saya lupitaaaa belinya dimana, belinya udah lama banget dan kayaknya hampir semua bento online shop di Indo udah pernah kujelajahi beli satu2 hihihihihi *nanti deh kalo ingetrt beli dimana aku infoin hehe. Ada alamat e-mail yg bisa dihub?


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