A Little Splash of Semarang & Children's Day (Kodomo No Hi - こどもの日) Bento

by - Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Some days ago I visited Happy Little Bento, and thank you Sheri for reminding me again about Children's Day Celebration. I tried to look for my bento that suits the theme, and found this Sporty Boy and Cute Girl Bento :D. I made this bento for my very first bento workshop conducted in September 2012 together with my book's launching. Before I become bubbly with the workshop, let me show you some pictures I took during my short visit in Semarang, only 3-day stay *sure I wanted more :D.

Semarang is the capital of Central Java Province located on the north coast of the Island of Java. For me, Semarang is rich in historical background and, of course, culinary heritage :D. As I'm a food lover, my highlight was the city's culinary ^^. Semarang is widely known for its Bandeng Presto (pressure-cooked milkfish), Lumpia, Wingko, Tahu Gimbal, and Roti Ganjel Rel. But, the most famous one among them is Lumpia that Semarang is popular as the City of Lumpia. Lumpia are Chinese pastries similar to popiah or fried spring roll. Below were the Lumpia that I enjoyed when I was in the city. It's the most popular Lumpia in Semarang, "Lumpia Gang Lombok"

They were different from the usual Lumpia that I could enjoy in East Java, especially for the sauce. The sauce was sticky and jelly-ish in texture. I can't remember the sauce's name as it's named in Chinese :D. Two Lumpia would always not enough; once you try it, you'll always crave for more :D. The seller said that he could spend more than 100 kilograms of young bamboo shoot in a day - it excludes the eggs, meats, and other ingredients. Wow! Oh yes, the Lumpia stall is never vacant with visitors.

And this was the little angel that always accompanied Aunty Tata, Little K "meow meow" ^^. Always love to see her expressions in this collage ^^. This was when we were waiting for our Lumpia. She wasn't aware that I captured her with my candid camera - look at her shy expression when she was finally aware :D. Miss you soooo much Little Meow Meow.... Aunty misses the time when you always ruffled aunty's mobile phone in the morning, laughter during breakfast, drawing picture together in the early evening, and asked aunty to read you a story before bed *miss you... kiss kiss ^3^ . And the photos below are some I took from Tay Kak Sie Temple located near Lumpia's stall in Gang Lombok (Lombok Alley).

 Who do you think he is? Jet Li? :D. Nope. He's Admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho). I think it's the most handsome statue of Zheng He that I've ever seen :D

 My bad I forgot to bring my kit lens that I couldn't capture the site with wide angle T.T

 And this was my favorite spot inside the temple :D

After Lumpia, the culinary journey continued. We went to Gudeg Pedas Wijilan and had a truly blessed lunch enjoying this heavenly good spicy Semarang type of Gudeg :D. It always makes my mouth water everytime I look at this pict :D~~~~

Finally, the gastronomic journey was ended by buying some yummy goodies for the beloved ones at home ^^.

And... Here you are some glimpses from my very fist bento workshop :D. Mamam K was responsible "forcing" me for doing this LOL :D. Yea, it was for another activity besides the book launching ^^. I was very nervous as that was a totally new thing to me - teaching in class is totally okay but teaching making bento was a different case :D.

 I thought I was about to attend a formal meeting LOL :D. Oh, there was a male participant too! :D

Everyone was having fun making the bento. I was also sooo happy to be able to meet with some close food blogger friends. Thank you everyone! We had a great a time :D

Who is this chubby "soboro" girl? ;D. Yeah, that's what I did after the workshop was done. I encountered a big mirror and.... :D

On our way back from the workshop, the city's roads were in big jam and very crowded. On that day, there was a big holy celebration of local Buddhists. Again, I can't remember the name of the celebration as the name was in sophisticated Chinese :D. I was so curious about it. As the afternoon was also a real scorcher that we couldn't bear it, we decided to get out from the car and enjoyed the celebration. We mingled with the people on the road, and we were lucky to be able to see and enjoy the celebration from the most convenient place, at the temple!

Maybe you're curious why we could go there in the temple :D. Yep, Little K and her Oma and Oppa (Grandma and Grandpa) were there as Oma and Opa were the committees of the celebration :D. I felt like a special guest as I could sit there on a bench near the temple and exclusively enjoy the occasion and took photos ^^. Oma also gave me a cute pink bun with a Chinese character on it. She also explained to me a brief history of authentic Chinese bun made by Chinese ancestors as their food supply on their travel to new places/countries :D *thank you Oma, I miss you too ^^. I especially miss our time when you tell me stories and pamper me with good food and snacks hehehehehehe ^3^. Oh, I miss Mamam K too hahahaha, I miss everyone in Semarang :D

That day was spent beautifully. Little K was really happy to finally meet her beloved mommy again after separated for a half of a day ^^. Tummy was happy. Heart was blithe to have wonderful new friends. Everything was beautiful as I wish you a very beautiful day! And happy belated Children's Day! :D


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  1. Waaaa menyenangkaann... Jadi pingin coba sambelnya bandeng Juwana... Mba tata, ada yang kelewat "petis kangkung" , kalo ke semarang wajib di coba mba :)

  2. @Ummu Abel: Waaaaa wong Semarang teko :D. Yoooiiiiiiiiiiiii........... Aku bilangnya sambel permen enak digado hihihihiihi. Wah, dimana itu? Kmrn2 sih yg bikin kesenengan si Nasi Ayam Semarangan di pecinan, wenaaakkkk jooosss gandoosss enjas enjos :D

  3. Tata, Lovely post! I didn't know you conducted the bento workshop. Hope I got a chance to be there one day :)

  4. @Ann: Thank you Ann :D. Awww I was forced at that time LOL. You have no idea how nervous I was hehehe ^^

  5. So so cool tata! I love your bento and the class looks fantastic. What beautiful pictures too.

  6. @Sheri: Mahalo Sheri :D. So relieved to see that everyone was happy making the bento and had a great time. My nervousness was paid ^^

  7. Aaahhh...Tata....I'm so proud of you !! When you do something with your heart then it would turn out amazing. This bentoing and blogging world is one of a proof.

  8. @Mbak Tika: Thank you Mbak Tika *hugs :D. You do the same thing, sharing your passion with heart through your beautiful and creative blog ^^. Let's keep spreading the beauty of sharing :D

  9. gosh!! your bento is soooooo cute!! I want to learn to make too!!!!

  10. @Shirley: Thank you so much dear :D. Hahah, if you want to join then you must be the teacher. And I'll happily learn a lot of bento insight from you teacher ^^

  11. You are a women of a ton talent. Keep the good work Tata! always good luck for you with all your project

  12. hebaaat Tata...... kapan teteh bisa ikutan kelasnya !!! gorgeous !!

  13. @Mbak Ira: You too! And you're my sensei and inspiration :D

  14. @Teh Nicke: Halah kebaliiiiikkk aku yang pengen di-lesin sama teteh bikin tumpeng yg super cuantiiiik ^^. Thank you teteh sayang ^3^


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