Girl-Themed Bento Parade! Feast Your Eyes :D

by - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I'd have no idea that March 3rd is Girls' Day if I didn't visit Sheri's HK Hinamatsuri Bento blog post. I've planned to spend my Sunday to make my Hinamatsuri bento but then my mom came visiting me that I just couldn't resist to spend my Sunday for a quality time with her :D. Actually, I previously have made some girl-themed bentos, but always forgot to post them in the right celebration time.So, they were just sinking in the bottom of my old bento collection folder for hundred years LOL.

As I failed to make a Hinamatsuri bento on the previous Sunday, I then searched and collected all of my girl-themed bentos and present 'em all just for you today :D. Some of the bentos have been posted before, some haven't, but almost all of them were made during 2009-2011 :D. So here it is the parade! Feast your eyes and have fun! Hope the bentos can inspire you ^^

Happy belated Girls' Day, my fellas :D

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  1. Thank you dear Sheri :D
    Happy Girls' Day to you and Tiny Sprite ^^

  2. I dunno how you do it, all your girl bentos are sooooo lovely!!!!!! so cute!

    amazing :D

  3. :) just stating the truth, you are inspiring! :D heheheh


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