Sumo Wrestlers Bento

by - Friday, February 22, 2013

A quick bento post for today. A friend is gonna make an onigiri bento but she's kind of bored to come up with an ordinary one. She then remembered a sumo wrestler onigiri bento of mine but she slightly forgets the details of it, so she asked me to show her the bento's photo. This charaben was inspired by a creation of a Japanese bentoist. I thought her idea to decorate her onigiris as sumo wrestlers was brilliant :D.

I handmolded the onigiris by using cling wrap. If you have a triangle onigiri mold, it will ease you of course. But I prefer to handmold it as I can come up with plump and cute onigiris ^^. Besides the onigiris, I had blanched broccoli floret, cute cherry tomato, sweet corn fritters, and beef rollade in the box. Here's a short step-by-step picture of today's bento post:

Be healthy with smiles! Cheers :D

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  1. Hi Tata, Terima kasih buat kunjungan dalam negeri nya ke blog ku ya.

    well, Blog kamu cakep banget, i love it! You are very creative person :) definitely bookmarked
    Take care and have a nice day, salam dr Bali :)

  2. Huaaaaaaaaa.......... Disamperin blogger idolakuuuu *cubit pipi cubit kaki ngepel blog dulu biar gak bedebu hihihihihihihi. Makasiiiiiihhh banyak mbak, mbak Ira juga salah satu orang paling kreatif yg sy tau muah muah muah :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Shirley ^^
      They are the least scary sumo wrestlers hehehehe :D

  4. @Mbak Tia: Hai mbak, kalo di saya tentu blm bisa heheheh. Saya cuman anak kos2an, dimana mbento so far cuman sekedar hobby. How am I suppossed to cook for catering in the closet kitchen of a boarding house of mine? Heheheheheh. Ayo mbak coba bikin bento, pasti bagus ^^

  5. hiks2.....padahal bentonya bagus bgt sis.....LOVE BENTO pokoknya....knp g buka usaha nge bento aja sis?! insya Allah lariz....

  6. hihihihihihihi selama jadi anak kosan belum bisa mbak :D


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