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by - Friday, February 08, 2013

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Bonita Food! :D

After spending some days tinkering with the xml code *with couples of frustrating errors* for adjusting some parts of the whole code to meet my particular desired blog design, here I come…. The new more mature look of Bonita Food! Hang on, did I say Bonita Food? Oh yes, I had been thinking that my previous blog’s name was too long and I needed to get back to the first name when I created this blog more than four years ago. I know that Bonita’s Cooking and Bento Wonderland has been very iconic to this blog, it’s not an easy decision though. But for later, I’m hoping that I will not only post about my cooking and bento, I want to learn baking too :) – and it will be a longer name for my blog: Bonita’s Cooking, Baking & Bento Wonderland (LOL) - although, for the sake of heaven and earth, it’s totally not a problem if I don’t change the name if I don’t want to actually *I know I’m exaggerating at this moment ;p. But, I thought again and again, I just wanted it to be simple :D. Bonita Food comes simpler in name, but it brings the soul of what I want to present through this blog – that is beautiful food :). Anyhow, even I omitted the word “wonderland”, this virtual place will always be my beloved magic wonderland that I really love ^^

Some friends have commented that this new look was not as cute as the previous one with rainbow color when they saw me pimping up this blog with less “blush on” :D. They also said that the colorful and cheerful look was the soul of my blog that differentiated it from others *may be some of you think the same way :D. I also permitted those cute emoticon girls on the previous comment box go for a nice vacation with an unlimited period as they wish - they also need refreshment, LOL. Oh dear dear dear, when I miss those rainbow colors and emoticon girls, I’ll bring them back someday :D. But for now, I’m just in love with this clean white look and do need a new nuance as a refreshment for my blog and me – hopefully as a mood booster for me to post more :). I just feel that this new clean template is awesomely cool! ;D

I myself don’t have the ability to make the whole code for a blog template. For my blog, I love to look for a free one that I love its design, then I’ll try to tinker some parts of it to meet the modified design that I want. This time, I want to deliver a BIG thank to Iksandi Lojaya for a free wordpress-look blogspot template :D. Also thank you so much for patiently responding some of my questions about the errors hehehe :D. I really love it, especially its sophisticated interface :D.

Although I “washed out” the previous rainbow look together with its kawaii buddies (a little chick, pink bunny, bee, brown bear, etc.), I will still occasionally come with my cute lil’ girl, Gendhis :D. Oh, haven’t I told you that this cute chubby girl’s name is Gendhis? Hehehe. Gendhis is a soft Javanese word for sugar :D. Yes, I want my girl to be as sweet as sugar ^^

Well, I think that’s for today. I’m happy with my blog’s new look, I hope that you’ll like it too ^^
See you everyone, have a very happy and beautiful day!

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  1. huuuuaaaa emang template yang simple tapi, soft n feminim yang lagi boooooooomiiiing di temen2 blogger ku,, *mupeng*
    selamaaaaaat sayooooong muaaah :*

    1. Thank you sayooong... Ah mosok se? Aku kok malah kaet ngerti hahahahah. Yok opo Lee Yong Dae menang pora?


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