Mr. Fork & Mrs. Spoon Bento

by - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I hadn't been in the mood to blog or make any bentos in these past few weeks as the weather has been always gloomy. Yes, it's rainy season here and Mr. Sun is likely to set too early. It makes me kinda lazy to take food photos :D. I've enjoyed my spare time to sleep or watch my favorite tv programs under my warm blanket *lazy Tare Panda girl ;D. I just occasionally went to the kitchen to cook simple meals or instant noodles to feed my hungry tummy ^^.

Lucky me! Some days ago, a sweet friend of mine, Yu Fang, sent me a set of spoon and fork cutlery! I really love this sweet surprise and the cutters are just so cute! I had been wanting this cutter set, and finally.... Thank you dear *love love love :D. Let's make a bento again! ^^

At first I had no idea about what bento I was supposed to make, thankfully there was fried bee hoon leftover in the fridge and I found fresh carrot and peterselie. I made the bee hoon leftover into omelet and turned the carrot and peterselie into flowers for bento's decoration. While for Mr. Fork and Mrs. Spoon, they were made from cheddar cheese slices. Love this simple bento. Best enjoyed with mayo and hot tomato ketchup *yum!

Wishing you a warm and happy day! :D

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