Chicken Popcorn

by - Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The weather hasn't only been gloomy, it also has become more "playful" recently. The cold evening air accompanied by grumbling, scary and noisy wind, often makes me enjoy hibernating in our boardinghouse's warm and cozy living room while watching good tv programs or soccer matches. A special case of me, I think the cold evening also often makes me get hungry so easily LOL *oh well, I think it's the nature of me ;p. I've recently been enjoying staying awake until late night too, yes watching soccer while enjoying fried snack. It's not good I know, but I'm bad hohoho. My fave soccer team is MU, so some days ago I made this chicken popcorn to accompany me watching the EPL match between MU and QPR. And MU won, yeayyy!!!! *dance. 

My chicken popcorn turned out at the same size with real popcorn hahaha. I had not much boneless chicken breast in the freezer - just came out with what I got :D. I diced the chicken meat into bite cubes (I know the chunks were not generous in size ;p) then coated them with ready-to-use mixed and seasoned flour for crispy fried chicken. Before frying process, I was quite successful making the flakes. However, as I had only little oil and used shallow-and-flat frying pan, I couldn't expect much to have those pretty flakies *sob sob sob.

I made this fried snackies at night as I wanted to try capturing food photos with artificial lighting. I used a white-light study lamp filtered with transparent thin white fabric as the light source from the left side and used a white foam board on the right side of the object as a reflector. The result quite satisfied me although the light hit the object quite harsh on the left. Using artificial light has flared my curiosity up, I want and need to practice and explore more ^^

As I ran out of my hot tomato ketchup and mayo, I enjoyed my chicken popcorn with my favorite yummy and hot chili floss :D. Good evening everyone!

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  1. Replies
    1. Highfive :D. Something like this is just addictive making us crave for more haha :D

  2. Just visit your blog again and see the new layout. Love it for the simpleness and freshness, Ta
    It is a mistake to see this right before my lunch time. Soooo..hungry :)

  3. @Mommy Yenny: Glad to know that you like the new template mbak :D. Ahahahah pardon me, please take that bucket of chicken popcorn for lunch :D

  4. @Ditut: Yuuuuuukkkkkk mari sing penting ada ayam, tepung bumbu, dan minyak hoyeeeng :D

  5. udah nyobain ...enak ya, tambah renyah dan kriuk, berasa jd cemilan aja ^^

  6. @Ummu Fatima: Horeeeee bagi dong Ummu ^^
    Kalo Ummu pasti pake bumbu sendiri, karena anak kosan saya cari shortcutnya saja hehehehe :D

  7. Cocok buat krucil nih Mbak...gampang makannya, tinggal hap ^^
    ini udah abis Mbak...pengen mbikin lagiiii :)))

  8. Jangan lupa sisain buat sayaaaa ya Ummuuuu :D

  9. Mbak, botol gitu beli dimana ya?

  10. Mbak Riana: Hai mbak, itu adalah botol bekas minuman buah yang aku beli :D. Seingatku sih minuman import made in Thailand :D


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