Smiley White Cat Bento & Featured on Malaysian Aroma Magazine December 2012 Issue

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello everyone… Bueños tardes! Wishing you having a lovely day generously poured with a big bunch of joy :D. Oh My…. How I’ve missed having a great time blogging and doing blogwalking. At least, it’s paid at the moment :) *ignoring a stack of students’ works - see you later evaluating! Wait for mama’s happy mood for you darling ;p

Today I come across with a happy post. I know I’m late posting this; just have the free time for it right now. With a genuinely ear-to-ear smile, I share you all the happy news that some of my bentos were featured in Malaysia’s Aroma Magazine for December 2012 issue :D. Alhamdulillah… Millions thanks go to Kak Siti Dimiati, the editor of Aroma Magazine, for passing me this “real plum”; love you Akak Sayang ^3^. I know Aroma is a prestigious magazine; it previously invited some of massively popular Malaysian food bloggers to be featured, one of them is Kak CT of Dari Dapur CT – a favorite Malaysian food blog of mine :D. So, when Kak Siti invited me to feature some of my bentos, the only thing that I could say was only YES! Didn’t need to think twice!

Being featured in Aroma is such an honor to me. Not to mention, I was featured with other awesomely talented blogger friends like Kak Azlita of Masam Manis, Kak Hesti of Hesti’s Kitchen, and Kak Rahel. They come with their yummy recipes accompanied with beautiful food photography; their works are just like a pro! Yes, this is one of the things that food blogger friends can put me in awe. You put your whole heart in your work. You are all awesome dear friends! I learned a lot from you all *hugs :D

And ta-raaaaaaaaaa!!!! These are the magazines… Thank you Kak Siti for mailing me these two lovely copies. The photo cover was taken by Kak Azlita. See how her work is just like a pro! I really love the food styling, compo, props, the mood light, oh I think everything in it :D

That’s me….
*covering my head with a big basin, LOL! Oh don’t believe the photo of mine in the magazine, it’s deceiving! In fact, I’m looked way ugly-eeeeeeeerrrrrr than the one showed in that photo ha ha ha ha. Well, now I can say that a DSLR is a magic, it can make a person’s looked “better” than the reality *oh well, at least in my case LOL.

There are 12 bentos of mine being featured; some are totally new and some have been posted in blog. I captured two pages to show you some of the featured bentos. See, I haven’t posted them before in this blog. The bentos come across with some simple recipes and step-by-step instructions. I didn’t capture all of the bentos featured in the magazine; yes, just to make you curious hehehehehe. If you are, then go get the magazine – it’s still December! The December issue also brings fabulous recipes from some dear food blogger fellas. Go grab it fast! :D

Again…. thank you soooo much Kak Siti for featuring me :D. Congrats for Kak Hesti, Kak Rahel, and Kak Azlita – you rock! Semoga ilmu yang dibagi selalu bermanfaat. Barakallahu :D

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  1. Congratulations, Ta
    Your bento and yourself are certainly look fabulous :)

  2. Thank you Mommy Yenny ^3^
    *tutupin muka pake ember hihihihihiiih

  3. I'm glad to see a blogpost again from you, I was waiting :) And one with such great news for you!!! Very much deserved, your bentos are PRO! And a great inspiration to me. I love your styling so much.

  4. @Karen: Thank you soooooo much dear :D
    I've been inspired by bento friends too, their bento creations and styling are great! And I'm always grateful for that. To have you as my friend is a wonderful thing too *hugs ^^

  5. tahniah! you are my idol! i have to get this magazine instead!:)) -fan from malaysia-

  6. @Nurain Hasan: Thank you so much dear! You're also an idol friend of mine too *xoxo ^3^

  7. Assalamualaikum... Masam Manis blog had brought me here. I love your bento so much. I'm actually feeling down at the moment. But when I looked at your cute and colourful bentos, it cheers me up. I definitely gonna follow your blog. All the best to you.

  8. @Nur Nazlina: Wa'alaikumsalam Nazlina :D. Welcome to my blog ^^. Thank you and I feel so happy that my bentos can put you in a happy mood :D *also thank you for following my blog ^^


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