Snowy Night Bento, Sleepy Rilakkuma Bento & My Blog is a Finalist of Blog Competition By Sekar Magazine :D

by - Friday, October 26, 2012

Wooowww…. That’s the longest post title that I ever made I think :D

Well, I always hate to start a new post by telling everyone that I left my blog because I’ve been drawn by my crazily busy daily routines. Not to mention, I’ve been under weather for days *yeah I know, I work my butt off ;p. Really sorry for the late comment and e-mail reply ^^v

Some weeks ago, just one day before I went to Semarang, a package from Modes4U arrived. I had to delay having fun making bentos with the new stuffs for about two weeks. I thought after two weeks I would have free time to make bentos, but yes I was wrong. My daily routines always kept me busy, busy, and busy ^^. And finally, it came to the peak that I NEEDED a time to relax from the hustle and bustle *no matter how busy I was. At night when I just arrived from working, tired and sit quietly, a box of package consisted of a red and cute  Rilakkuma bento box and pretty fabric with snowflakes pattern shout at me: “Hey, it’s time for having fun! Let’s mess up the kitchen tomorrow! :D”. I guess you know what happened latter :D.


Oh here are my new cute stuffs from ModeS4U, a pretty white fabric with red snowflakes pattern on it and a red cute Rillakuma bento box. I didn’t have any boxes with Rillakuma on the lids previously, but now when I have it, I’m really happy ^^.  Rilakkuma comes with his friends, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori, on the lid. The San-X box is made of high quality BPA-free plastic that it is microwaveable and dishwasher safe. The box also comes with 2 removable compartments. It’s perfect for lunch or sandwich box. As I love to collect cute fabrics for my bento photo props, this cute white fabric with red snowflakes is something that I must have ;D. This fabric comes in a design that I can’t resist >.<. It looks simple but soooo pretty, a perfect addition to my fabric collection ^^. If you are a craft passionate or you love to collect fabrics just like me, ModeS4U has a huge collection of cute fabrics (with various themes, go click the sub headers) besides bento boxes. I have to often close my eyes when I see their fabric collection as I always say: Oh I want this, oh I want this too, oh I want that… *and still many this and that ;D. As the good news, ModeS4U now has special offers for the celebrative month full with “Feast of Love”. From funny deco tapes, accessories, stationery to pretty stamps, there you can find presents and decoration material in kawaii-style with party, carnival or handicraft theme. A real treasure for kawaii stuff lovers >.<. Curious? Go peep this and this, and get smile! :D

What did I make with my cute Rilakkuma bento box and cute fabric? Well… Here we go…


For a tropical girl like me who never has a winter in her life, to feel directly and to play with snow are something still called a dream :D. I know, some of you living in countries with an extreme winter may laugh at me and want to tell me: Hey, winter at many times is unpleasant ;p. But, even only for once in my life, I want to feel the “honeymoon” phase with snow LOL. Wearing a very thick, fury, warm coat and boots (don’t forget the warm fury fancy hood and gloves :D), I’ll have a stroll seeing a white and frozen world – a new world dimension with serenity for a completely a winter stranger like me. It will be a real pleasure to see a simple beauty of fallen leaves from their weak frozen figs, peacefully lying on the ground blanketed by white snow and embraced by chilling air. Fairies are singing a lullaby for them. Yeah, I see and hear fairies. Some are giggling and having fun playing with snowflakes. Oh yes, they are also playing hide and seek. When a hiding fairy is found… Watch out! Other fairies will throw her a little snow ball, gotcha! No one gets angry, all will laugh and be happy :D. The little fairies do enjoy the winter, instead of staying in their warm cottage enjoying a cup of hot and sweet chocolate. They keep playing and sprinkle my face with beautiful delicate snowflakes. They grin to see my chilled face that I can’t help myself to reply their friendly grins; it’s a bundle of fun! Let’s play little buddies! :D

Oh well,
just let my imagination soaring high to the sky… Now let’s get back to the bento business ;p. At least, to depict my imagination I made this “Snowy Snowy Night” Bento. This bento was inspired by a cute bento of a Japanese bento maker, but again I forget the source. I can only remember her cute idea. Yea, her cute bento idea was dancing in my head. Thank you for the super cute idea ^^. I imagined that the girl chilling in the snowy night after playing with the snow is me *although I don’t have that blonde hair hehehehehe ^^. The hair was from eggsheet, while for the scattered snow and the fury white hood were made from steamed rice. I added a drop of hot tomato ketchup to the rice to make the head. There are also some pretty snowflakes made out of cheese. I used my snowflake-shaped fondant cutters to make them. For the black night background, I wrapped the rice with a sheet of nori. In order to enhance the snowy atmosphere, I used my cute fabric with red snowflakes pattern. To make the snowy night yummy, the snow fairies were so kind sending me some slices of boneless fried chicken, vegetable tamagoyaki, a pretty cherry tomato, and some blanched broccoli florets :D. I enjoyed the bento with the kind fairies ;D. “Bon appétit!” they said. And… the snowy night ended happily ^^


The following day, I made another cute bento with the red box. Yeayyy!!! I finally made Rilakkuma bento ^^. Of course, Rilakkuma idea was inspired by the lid of the box ha ha. I never made “the right” Rilakkuma character in my bentos, so it’s the time. I was kinda uncreative by having the same side dishes as I had on the previous day. Hmmm… It was such a kind of lazy morning that I even made my Rilakkuma sleepy too ^^v. We both were sort of lazy and sleepy to go together working LOL. I made the flowers from blanched carrot, cheddar, and smoked cheddar cheese. I LOVE my pretty tiny flower cutter, it’s so cute ^^. For Rilakkuma, it made out of homemade tempeh patty.

I previously
also made French-themed bentos with my gorgeous French bento boxes from ModeS4U :D

Sekar Blog Competition

Is it all for the post today? Oh, nope! I’m not finished yet ^^v. Some days ago I got a very happy news that made me smiled all day long and jumped as if there were so many ants in my pants. Okay… Well let me scream first, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!”. *Taking a deep breath, and…. Thank you God… My blog made it to be one of the Top 10 Finalists in a blog competition arranged by Sekar Magazine :D. I never thought that my blog could come up as a finalist among 1100 blogs *doing a somersault ;p. I never joined such a competition before, but since Sekar Magazine offered a very simple and friendly registration process (that I only needed to write my name, blog, e-mail, and city *and mobile phone number I think), I didn’t need to think twice joining it.

Millions thanks to Sekar Magazine and the judges; to be one of the finalists has already a FANTASTIC present to me :D. I am really honored; it’s a big appreciation to my work ^^. It always makes me smile and feel nostalgic everytime I remember about my food blogging journey and yes say, the struggle behind it ^^. I started this blog when I was still a senior undergraduate student. Besides finishing my “final project”, I looked for another fun activity in order to make days not so boring :D. At first, I didn’t have any good camera to take photos of my cooking. I only used my mobile phone camera, and at many times, I had to wait my boardinghousemate back from campus to borrow her mobile phone camera to get better images :D. Day by day, my fond of food photography grew stronger. I saved little by little, even saved some of my scholarship, to buy a new better camera ha ha. I closed my eyes to new clothes and shoes; a better camera was all that I want. So, everytime I found someone steals my picts without permissions, yes I feel so sad... If they just knew the struggle behind it. But, above all, I’m so happy and blessed to have so many kind and supportive friends from around the globe. Although we only know virtually, at many times I feel that we are like a real sister *shed a tear ^^. Love you all my dear friends *hugs :D. I learned a lot from blogging, and of course, am blessed with sweet friendship ^^

Big congratulation
also goes to my dear food blogger friends Julia of Chef by Accident, Yulyan of Cooking with Love, Tika of Cemplang Cemplung, and Ika Rahma of Dapur Hangus. Yes, we, five food bloggers, occupied five places as the finalists *hugs, viva food blogging! ^^

 Let's Vote

I know it’s late since the voting will be closed at October 31, 2012. But, if you like my blog as it’s useful, entertaining or give you inspiration, you can give your vote to Bonita’s Cooking and Bento Wonderland by clicking Yunita Rahmasari (me :D) then clicking “pilih blog”. Happy voting with love! ^^

Happy Eid Al-Adha for my friends around the globe 
who celebrate it! ^^

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  1. Such beautiful work with you lovely new set! Amazing! I happily put in my vote for your most gorgeous's definitely one of my favorite things ever! I am forever cheering that you win any contest you enter! :b:

  2. @mommy kiki: *hugging mommy kiki :D :D :D
    Thank you..... It's also one of the sweetest things to have as my friends :D. Big love from Indonesia :D


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