Sambal Bubuk Cakalang

by - Saturday, October 06, 2012

Hachoo! Woooaaa… I know, I left this blog for quite a while. Dust is everywhere :D. Oh well, how are you dear friends? I wish your days are filled with a big bundle of joy and happiness ^^.

In my previous post (Nasi Kuning a la Bento), it seems that one of the side dishes, Sambal Bubuk Cakalang, becomes a hit for some friends when I posted it in IDFB Group. They keep asking me to post the recipe. Oh here I am :D. Sambal Bubuk Cakalang is spicy and aromatic homemade Skipjack Tuna floss. It tastes really good that I crave for more and more after I had my first trial. It’s already perfect to be enjoyed merely with a plate of warm steamed rice. You can also use it to stuff your onigiris. Yum… Yummy, spicy, and aromatic onigiris *drool

Sambal Bubuk Cakalang
Spicy and Aromatic Skipjack Tuna Floss
Source: Primarasa

250 gram broiled Skipjack Tuna
2 tablespoons cooking oil/vegetable oil
3 lemongrasses (white part only), thinly slice
15 Kaffir Lime leaves (discard the middle part), thinly slice
100 ml thick coconut milk (or 100 ml coconut milk)

Spice to paste:
6 long Chayenne peppers
10 shallots
6 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar *optional (to adjust Javanese palate ;p)

1.    Shred the broiled Skipjack Tuna. Finely grind (or almost fine).
2.    Pan-toast the ground Skipjack Tuna. When it’s dry, remove from heat and set aside.
3.    Sautee the spice paste, sliced lemongrass and Kaffir Lime leaves until fragrant. Pour in coconut milk, continuously stir until boiling.
4.    Add in the pan-toasted Skipjack Tuna, reduce the heat. Continuously stir until the liquid is absorbed and the ground tuna is dry and changes in color, into golden brown. Turn of the heat.
5.    When the aromatic floss is cool, keep it in an airtight container.

Indonesian Recipe:

Sambal Bubuk Cakalang
Sumber: Primarasa

250 gram Cakalang asap (Cakalang fufu)*
2 sdm minyak goreng
3 serai (bagian putih), iris halus
15 lembar daun jeruk (buang tulangnya), iris halus
100 ml santan kental

Bumbu Halus:
6 cabai keriting
10 butir bawang merah
6 siung bawang putih
1 sdt garam
1 sdt gula *optional (yang lidah Jawa yang suka manis ;p)

Cara Membuat:
1.    Suwir-suwir daging Cakalang kemudian tumbuk sampai halus (atau hampir halus).
2.    Sangrai daging Cakalang bubuk sampai kering. Angkat, sisihkan.
3.    Tumis bumbu halus, serai dan daun jeruk yang telah diiris halus sampai harum. Masukkan santal, aduk terus dan masak samp`i mendidih.
4.    Masukkan bubuk Cakalang sangrai, kecilkan api. Aduk secara menerus sampai santan meresap dan bubuk Cakalang menjadi kering dan berwarna kuning kecoklatan. Matikan api.
5.    Setelah sambal bubuk Cakalang dingin, simpan dalam wadah kedap udara.

Catatan: Jika tidak ada Cakalang, bisa diganti dengan daging Tongkol yang mudah didapat di pasar :)


Cheers all! ^^

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  1. Mantab resepnyaaa...kapan2 aku coba ah...versi tidak pedas pastinya, karena aku anti pedasss...hahahaha :a:

  2. maukkk!! aku lg tergila2 sm cakalang nih Ta, nasi panas dipakein cakalang doang jg udh maknyuss rasanya.. *wink wink* gmn nih inlinkz kita Ta? huhuhu.

  3. @Sysyl: Yuuuk mariiiiiiii.... Hah btw, bikin sambal tidak pedas? Heuuuu... Hidup tanpa sambal itu bagai taman tak berbunga Syl.. Hihihiiih ;p.

  4. @Momon: Siniiiiiiiii.... Toss dulu ah, aku juga lagi seneng2nya ngolah bahan seafood, cakalang dan tongkol salah duanya :D. Bikin satu aja ntar bagi password kayak biasanya bisa? Jd pas sapa yg bisa yang tinggal masukin entry.. Piye piye non? *wink wink wink ;D

  5. Hai dear i do email u about the bonita bento books. But u didt reply how sad i am huhu. So wanna asking u again. How can i buy that book? ;)

  6. @Nurain Hasan: Hi dear, I've checked my e-mail for some times but couldn't find yours. Did you send to the right e-mail address: It's ymail not yahoo ^^. Anyway, my book is sold online. Meanwhile, you add "Kitty Bento" on facebook :D

  7. I like the recipe Tata, tp sayangnya di Bali gak ada yg jual ikan cakalang, jd penasaran pengen coba niy...

  8. Mbak Ira.... Walopun gak 100% persis, ikan tongkol menurutku udah mirip bgt rasanya sama cakalang.... Jd kalo gak ada cakalang, tongkol pun jadi lah :D

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