Chicks on Spaghetti Bento for Fimela Family

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello again! About a month ago, I received an e-mail from Fimela Family to write a bento guest post. I'm so happy and honored with the offer :D. I then searched for my bento stock that has step-by-step pictures and I found this Chicks on Spaghetti Bento. My bento guest post featured a simple spaghetti recipe and step-by-step pictures. The recipe and description were written in Bahasa Indonesia. I also presented a simple egg bento idea. You can make the bento eventhough you don't have many bento tools. I gave the tips and alternatives for the tools. Want to peep my guest post and the recipe? Do visit this link ;D

Thank you Fimela Family for featuring my bento post! :D

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  1. miss, mau tanya dong
    kalo bikin spagetti tapi nggak pake oregano itu kira-kira mengubah rasanya atau tidak
    terus oregano itu bisa kita dapetin di supermarket atau toko khusus

  2. @Endah: Endak sayaaang :D. Kalo gak ada gak pakek juga gak papa, tapi bubuk oregano kering bisa bikin spaghetti beraroma wangi dan khas. Bisa dibeli Hypermart, tapi agak mahal disana hehehe. Di lai2 yang deket pizza hut juga ada, happy shopping! :D

  3. Thanks for the idea! I used it when I made my chicks on spaghetti bento yesterday...

  4. @slovakiasteph: Hi dear! (What am I supposed to call you? :D). You are totally welcome... Wow, directly jump over to your blog :D

  5. @putriwarok: Thank you mbak.... Hahahaha, kalo gak biasa emang sayang :D

  6. oh gitu, jadi pengen praktek deh. makasih atas infonya miss :)

  7. Hi Tata, can you advise me on how to boil such nice hard boiled egg?

  8. @Ai Wei: Hi Ai Wei, really sorry for a late reply. Boiling egg depends on your purpose. If you want to result like one in this post, you need to hard-boil it well so that its yolk won't be runny when you slice the egg. I don't have a precise timing for boiling the egg. To come up with one like this, I just have to make sure that I boil the egg more than 15 minutes. Sometimes, the size of the egg makes a difference in boiling time too :D


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