Udang Goreng Sambel Pecel for IFP

by - Saturday, September 15, 2012

When it comes to my most favorite seafood ingredient that I’d be happy eating it again, again and again, even everyday if I could… Then it will be shrimp! :D. I love to have cooking experiments with it. Shrimp is a very versatile ingredient that I can cook it in many different spice bases. But, my most-often method is to deep fry it (crispy fried shrimp), then simply enjoy it with mayo and hot tomato ketchup (Oh no! I love mayo!).

For today’s post, I share my unique creation with shrimp. Do you still remember Sambel Pecel Kemangi that I posted here? Yep, I love shrimp and I love sambel pecel. So that time when I had a lot of sambel pecel, a bright bulb suddenly came out of my head and told me: “Hey, let’s make crispy deep-fried shrimps with sambel pecel! It sounds really good, Ta!”. I really loved the idea and didn’t forget to wink to that smart bulb before I went to the kitchen. Thank you, buddy! :D

When I opened the fridge, I was happier since I found some fresh Kemangi (Lemon Basil). I got a great idea to thinly slice them and added the slices to the coating flour. Yes, the sliced Kemangi was to enhance the aromatic smell of the deep-fried shrimps. Having fried shrimps with sambel pecel is just like once in a blue moon; one of the odd local ways to enjoy shrimps :D. So when I was enjoying my deep-fried shrimps coated with sambel pecel batter, I got a new sensation that they tasted good but unique at the same time as the flavor sensation was new to me. But I convincingly say that they are really good to be enjoyed when they are still warm, of course with a bowl of warm fluffy rice, oh My… But, deep-frying the shrimps coated with sambel pecel batter was little bit tricky. We know that sambel pecel bontains of coconut sugar in the dough, if we are not careful during frying, we’ll get easily-burned shrimps. So, do give extra attention during the frying process and make sure to have low-medium heat :D

IFP Badge

I submit this as my entry for Indonesian Food Party (IFP). For you who want to join me, don’t be hesitate to submit yours to merry the party up. Momon and I definitely will be happy to have your participation :D. Here are the ingredients to make my deep-fried shrimps coated with sambel pecel. Do forgive me as I don’t write the exact measurement. I only had those shrimps at that time, I even had no idea how to gram them nor to gram the cornstarch and the sambel pecel that I used. It’s time to use our feeling-o-meter ^^v

Udang Goreng Sambel Pecel
(Deep-Fried Shrimps Coated with Sambel Pecel)

Shrimps, remove the head and skin (leave the tail), deveined
Lime juice to drizzle the shrimps
Sambel Pecel (I used Sambel Pecel Kemangi), dissolve with some warm water
Some Kemangi leaves
Vegetable/Olive/Cooking Oil to deep fry

1.    Drizzle shrimps with lime juice. Set aside for about 10 minutes.
2.    In a bowl, dissolve some table spoons of Sambel Pecel with some warm water. Don’t be too runny or too thick.
3.    Mix cornstarch and thinly sliced Kemangi in a mixing bowl.
4.    Dip a shrimp into the bowl of Sambel Pecel, then coat it with corn starch mix. Apply to the rest of the shrimps.
5.    Deep fry the coated shrimps until golden brown on a low-medium heat.
6.    Don’t forget to reduce the oil excess by putting the deep-fried shrimps on paper towels. Enjoy when they are still warm :D

Have a nice day dear friends!
Show me your beautiful smiles! :D

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  1. @ERIKA SARI: Yes, they surely are :D. Thank you Mbak Erika :D

  2. @Aditya Susilo: Count me in! Always crave for shrimps, more and more :D

  3. Yum yummmm.... Siapin rantang ah kl maen ke Malang :)

  4. @Dapur Hangus: Siyaaaaaaaaaapppp Mbak Ika :D. *siyap nerima oleh2 serantang makanan enak dari Dapur Hangus maksud saya heheheh ^^V

  5. this one is really delicious. I love it. enakkkk

  6. @Amallia: Couldn't agree more, especially when they're still warm. Have you tried it? :D


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