Nasi Kuning Manado a la Bento for IDFB Challenge #6

by - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Indonesian Food Blogger Community (IDFB) celebrates its first anniversary this month. This community now has more than 1,400 members uniting Indonesian foodbloggers and foodies living around the globe :D. IDFB is a big bowl for us to mingle and share our passion in food, cooking, baking, and food photography. As this time is for a big “party”, the members are challenged to come up with a set of festive rice for the celebration. The prizes of the recent challenge are crazy; one of them is a 2-night voucher staying in the five-star Novotel Nusa Dua Bali Hotel & Residences. A big wow!

In Java, the most-often-made festive rice for celebration is Nasi Tumpeng (a set of beautifully decorated cone-shaped fragrant rice coming up with some side dishes). At first, I was so pessimistic with the challenge. It’s a big cooking job! I live in a boardinghouse and who will help me cooking and eating up the festive rice set? Finally, my dear friend Ditut encouraged me to join the challenge. As she is also living in a boardinghouse and experienced the same way as I do, we came to a decision that we would submit this entry as ours. I think it’s the first time for a duet entry on IDFB challenge :D. We chose to come across with a set of Manado style fragrant yellow rice. Why did we choose it? Because we were so curious trying the side dishes accompanying the yellow fragrant rice. We never tried them before and they sounded so delicious :D

Copyright Yunita Rahmasari 2012 - NKM (2 kls) 092012 DO NOT STEAL THE IMAGE

Manado style yellow fragrant rice is different from the Javanese one. The Manado style is added with granulated sugar but doesn’t require Salam leaves (Indonesian Bay leaves) and bruised galangal like the latter does. For the side dishes, it comes with Dadar Jagung Manado (Manado Style Sweet Corn Fritters), Sambal Bubuk Cakalang (Spicy and Aromatic Skipjack Tuna Floss), Ayam Paniki (Paniki Chicken), hard-boiled egg, cucumber slices, and Kemangi (Lemon Basil) to add freshness. We took the yellow fragrant rice recipe from Primarasa :D

Nasi Kuning Manado
(Manado Style Yellow Fragrant Rice)
Source: Seri Masak Femina, Primarasa

400 gram rice grains, cleanly wash
10 cm turmeric root (peel, grate, and squish for the extract)
2 tablespoons lime juice
1-2 teaspoons salt
2 Pandan leaves (Screwpine leaves), knotted
6-8 Kaffir Lime leaves
2 lemongrass, bruised
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
500 ml coconut milk

1.    Steam the rice grains until half-cooked.
2.    In a big wok or pan, mix together turmeric extract, salt, sugar, Pandan leaves, Kaffir Lime leaves, lemongrasses, and coconut milk.
3.    Transfer the half-cooked rice grains to the wok, add lime juice, and stir well.
4.    Cook over medium heat until the liquid evaporates. Turn off the heat.
5.    Transfer the rice into a steamer and cooked until done (about 30 minutes). Remove from heat.

As I am a bentoist, it’s so hard not to food style our festive rice set into a bento look haha :D. Ditut was totally with me to style it in a bento box. She said, “Style it whatever you want. I believe in you.” LOL. We consider that cooking, food-styling, and taking food photo are an activity to express. My passion is making bento, so I came up with my staple cooking characteristic. But, I still showed the authentic presentation by letting the yellow fragrant rice molded in a sharp-coned shape and wrapped in banana leaves :D. We also gave a staple traditional decoration, a cayenne pepper flower :D


This is the entry from Ditut and me. Happy first birthday IDFB! Thank you for being our big kind home for sharing our passion in food blogging, and of course… friendship! :D. We love you ^^. Sukses selalu….


Tata & Ditut ^^

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  1. asikkk udah terbit.... #asahCAKARRRR

  2. OOOH Wow!! You two have to win... (or there is nothing right in the universe!!!) I've never seen more beautiful food ever!You're Amazing, Bonita and Ditut!!

  3. @mommy kiki can!: Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ^^. There are many amazing entries too for the contest, yes wish us luck :D *hugs

  4. FYI Ta, the nasi kuning Manado does not require sugar. Just like Batak, Manado cooking is a bit allergic to sugar compare to the Javanese cooking :)

    Manado kering kentang is also less sweeter than Javanese version.

  5. @Mbak Pepy: Hoho.... Why didn't I realize about it? Just took all info as the book tells me hehehe. Thank you mbak Pepy for the correction ^^

  6. @positivego: Walaaah telaaat sudah habiiiisss :D

  7. @putriwarok: Maturtengkiyu Mbak :D. Salam warok hehehehe

  8. I hope I can join for Indonesian Food Blogger Community too :)

    Really love your blog :3

  9. @Andrea: Thank you so much Andrea :D
    Iya nih... Tapi lagi pada cuti adminnya hihihihihi, jadwalnya pada sibuk ^^


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