French-Themed Bentos: Hello France and Eiffel Tower Postage Stamp Bentos

by - Monday, August 20, 2012

It was a hot afternoon and I was just back from a short trip from the capital of Central Java, Semarang. As the hot weather filled the air plus I was so tired from a ten-hour trip by car plus I was fasting, I couldn’t help myself to lay on a clean-and-looked-cool floor of my room. It was soooo refreshing... A definite luxury for a “luxurious” boardinghouse without air conditioner, LOL :D.

I just fell asleep when a friend in boardinghouse knocked my door and handed me a nice package shipped from Hong Kong. It was from ModeS4u!!! Yeayyy!!! I suddenly felt that I were being waved by  cool breeze from hundred big fans. I quickly opened it that I didn’t need more than a second to grin ear to ear looking at a set of very pretty French-themed bento boxes :D. The sleepiness I suffered from was suddenly and mysteriously gone, LOL!


To let you know, ModeS4u is a Hong Kong based online shop selling cute bento boxes, accessories, stationery, and other kawaii stuffs such as fabrics, bags, and DIY clay sets. It ships worldwide and you’ll get free shipping when you purchase over €60/US$78/£54. For you big fans of anything kawaii, San-X lovers, or lovers of anything cute, do visit ModeS4u and do be careful with it haha. It provides you with kawaii things that you love and adore (>.<). For you bento lovers, ModeS4u is not only providing you with many collections of cute bento boxes and bento box bags, if you want to go serious with photographing your bento and need cute fabrics for the background or props, ModeS4u has great and super cute fabric collection. I especially love the dot, stripe, and checker ones (you know.... I love polkadots :D). As another good news, I also got an extra cute stuff inside my package. Yup, ModeS4u gave me a cute Rilakkuma tape, thank you ModeS4u! ^^


I love everything Eiffel and French theme. I don’t know, it’s just so pretty and cute ^^. Or may be because I really want to go to France; visiting Eiffel Tower and other beautiful places in France :D. So, the very first time I hopped on ModeS4u and browsed it’s bento boxes collection, I knew that I had already fallen in love with this set of France Eiffel Tower Bento Boxes. Knowing that two of the boxes come with polkadots on the lids, it makes me even happier! Yes, I’m a polkadot-y lover :D. The French and polkadot-y combination on the lids is just killing me ;D. But, I have to say that my most favorites are the one with big red polkadots and red Eiffel Tower, and the white one with France flag and blue Eiffel Tower on the lids :D. The bento box set comes in four different sizes (600ml, 450ml, 300ml, and 200ml) and three colors (red, blue, and white). The boxes are imported from Japan and made by Prime Nakamura. The high quality boxes are also stackable into one another, can be used in microwave, and dishwasher safe. While for the lids, they can be washed up to 60 degrees Celsius.

As the bento box set comes in four pieces and different sizes, it’s very versatile to use any boxes from the set as combination. The two red biggest boxes are perfect for bento or sandwich. While for fruits or your lunch desserts, you can use the smaller ones. But, if the bento is for your lil kiddos or you are on a diet and need smaller portion, sure you can go with the blue and white ones – just like I do hahah, yeah I need smaller boxes for my bento as I need to reduce my carb intake ;D. Now let’s see what I’ve made with the great bento boxes... Yes! I made two cute bentos, all are French-themed :D. The two were made during fasting month, just two days before Eid ul-Fitr. I made them for my friend and me, for fasting breaker :D

The first is this Hello France bento with a cute lil girl holding a France flag. The lil cute girl brings my heart that I really want visiting France and saying Hello to it :D. This one was for my friend, Dita. She loved it very very much that she said it had already made her wanted to go to France too ^^. I made the cute girl from cheddar and smoked cheddar cheese and put it on a hand-molded rice sprinkled with pan-toasted black sesame seeds. The bento goes yummy with minced beef-cayenne pepper-spring onion tamagoyaki, pan-seared salmon seasoned with curry paste, flowers from sausage and carrot, sweet and sour pineapple, blanched broccoli floret, and skewered grape tomatoes. I hope this cheerful bento brightens up your day :D

And.... This is the second bento! Eiffel Tower Postage Stamp Bento, just for me :D. I’ve been wanting to make a postage stamp bento for a very long time since I saw one at akinoichigo’s blog. At first, I’ve designed to make one with flower on my bento design book. But, since I got bento boxes with French theme, it had inspired me to make one with Eiffel Tower :D. The Eiffel design on my stamp is not that complicated, but cutting it with my plump fingers and a very small scissors did take time and patience :D. I also needed to compete with the sunlight for the sake of taking photos, so I cut it quickly. As for the small dots, I cut the nori with my happy face Carla Craft puncher. While for the stamp’s edges, I cut the pattern with a small drinking straw. I was inspired by France flag that I colored my rice into blue and red. To make the blue color, I dyed the rice grains in blue liquid resulted from boiling purple cabbage and then steamed the rice and the blue liquid with a rice cooker. I resulted intense blue liquid by adding more thinly sliced purple cabbage and boiling it longer. Purple cabbage is magic! When you boil it with water, you’ll get a pepsi-like blue color. Once, when I mixed the blue liquid with coconut milk, I got purple liquid! Whoaa... As for the red color, I used Secang Wood (Caesalpinia sappan) for Wedang Uwuh (a kind of traditional beverage). I also had angkak (red yeast rice) actually, but I didn’t use it as I was afraid to come up with bloody red steamed rice LOL. I arranged my colored rice into France flag (inspired from the white box’s lid) and put my Eiffel postage stamp on it. For the side dishes, it’s the same with the previous bento plus sweet and sour shrimp and pineapple (yes, Dita didn’t want the shrimp) but minus the pan-seared salmon.

Taking photos of this lovely bento box set was just a bundle of fun. The stack was just beautiful from any angles. I even got confused sorting the photos to be posted, I thought that they were all beautiful :D. Fall in love with this gorgeous bento box set too? Go click this link or if you want to see other beautiful French-themed bento boxes (or other kawaii bento boxes and cute stuffs) do visit ModeS4u. Let’s get drooled (and mad haha)! Oh, prepare more tissues ;D

I am now celebrating Ied with my beloved family in a happy home, at the foot of Mount Kawi. So, in this great opportunity, let me say Happy Ied ul-Fitr 1433H to all my dear friends all around the world who celebrate it. May Allah bless us with many Ramadhans ahead, aamiin :D

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  1. Selamat Idul Fitri yah.. maaf lahir batin :)
    kangen ketupat & opor ayam ! :):)

  2. Hi Tata! A warm greeting from France!

    Those are lovely bentos! I really love your creations and your cute blog. Hope you can visit France someday :)



  3. @msperfectday: Hi Mbak! Really sorry for the late reply... Keasyikan liburan nih hiihihihi. Plus males buka inet, karena the internet connection is as slow as a snail *you know lah heheheh. Sama-sama........ Happy Eid Mohon Maaf Lahir Bathin *cipika cipiki :D. Ayo mbaaak bikiiiinnn..... Kalo aku di rumah menu wajib tiap taon ya Soto Ayam Malangan :D

  4. @Monique: Hi Monique! Thank you very much for the warm greeting and your appreciation :D. Yes, I do hope that I can visit France someday... It's indeed a beautiful country :D. Have a great day!

  5. aku makan yang hello france bento......nom nom banget dah

    ditut ayu banget

  6. cute cute cute :h:
    mau resep merahin nasi pake angkak dooonnng >.<

  7. @Ditut: Buat eloh apa sih yang enggak hahahahah... Kecuali tahu dan sambel pedes dowank :D

  8. @Sysyl: Tengkiyuuuuu Sysyl ^^
    Itu aku pake kayu secang Syl, tak ambil dari wedang uwuhku. Tak masak sama air yang agak lama jadi merahnya mayan intense. Setelah itu beras aku masak di rice cooker pake air secang tadi, jadinya merah deh. Karena aku masak buat sendiri dan rice cooker nya yang kecil, makanya bisa merah gt... Soalnya airnya gak banyak, jd warna merahnya juga bisa pekat. Kalo pake angkak cara masaknya sama kali yaaa, cuman gak perlu panasin air pake angkak dulu. Langsung aja campur air buat masak nasi di rice cooker. Tapi jangan banyak2 yaaa, soalnya angkak merah bgt :D

  9. lovely colors of blue and red, Ta
    until now I've never tried to have blue rice.
    Guess that I need to cook it one day..
    Thanks for the tips, Ta :)

  10. @Mbak Yenny: Thank you Mbak :D
    Have with purple cabbage, it's magic! :D

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