Little Mouse Sandwich

by - Sunday, July 29, 2012

 Eek! That's a cutie mousy little buddy ^3^

Back to the town, yeayyy!!!! Back to normal life and back to blogging :D. Today's post is simple and cute sandwich with little mousy cutie made from quail egg and two slices of beef sausage. I got a very special present for my birthday last June; it was Yum-Yum Bento Box by Pikko and Maki ^^. Thank you sooooo much little k , mamam k, and papap k :D. I really really really love it; it's a great bento book and one of the sweetest b'day presents that I ever received ^^.

I started to have fun with the book by choosing this mouse character and placed it on the top of my quick sandwich. I made this sandwich some weeks ago. A friend brought me a baguette and I checked the fridge that I found tofu, smoked cheddar cheese, lettuce, kyuri cucumber, and big red sweet tomato. This sandwich was the best idea that I could come up with. I enjoyed my sandwich with hot tomato ketchup and blue cheese salad dressing - yes, I ran out of mayonnaise. I made the tofu into a patty by seasoning it with some aromatic spices; so this sandwich is a healthier one :D. I did enjoy my sandwich with that melting look of the sauce eventhough the taste was little bit sour due to the use of blue cheese salad dressing :D. 

This is for today... See you soon my dear friends :D

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  1. this is super cute ! lucu banget.. salam kenal yah :)

  2. happy birthday mbak tata :) what a very cute and yummy liitle mouse sandwich :)

  3. @msperfectday: Hello Mbak Finna! Salam kenal juga... Thanks a lot mbak... Makasih juga dah mampir nih :D

  4. @MamaDhinar: Tengkiyuuuuuuuuuu Mbak Ika :D. Bikin yuuuuuuuukkkk.... Gampang banget, bahannya gak neko-neko :D

  5. happy belated birthday, Tata...:)
    It is always a pleasure for me to view your beautiful bento and photography

  6. @Mbak Yenny: Thank you Mbaaaaakkk *hugs :D
    And it's always my great pleasure too to receive your encouraging and sweet comments :D

  7. wah unyu-unyu banget eaa , kreatif banget mba.

  8. @idzulia: Terimakasiiiiihhh.... idzulia :D. Komen kamu juga unyu-unyuuuuuuuuu hihihihi. Maaf yah balesnya telat banget ^^v


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