Sunny Side Up Quail Egg Bento

by - Thursday, June 14, 2012

These past two years have been the busy ones for me. I hardly had much free time for vacations and doing what I like. I mostly “stole” my weekends for cooking and bentoing instead of having a good rest and relaxing from the busy week days. I also stole little time during my lunch time to open my blog and reply the comments. I spent nights after correcting my students’ works for dating with Mr. Photoshop to edit and to watermark my photos. And… after I had lots of ready-to-post photos, I forget or had no time to post ‘em *pheeewwww. So, some days ago when a sweet opportunity for a vacation to Jogja greeted me, I didn’t need to think twice to widely open my arms, hug it, smile ear to ear, and tell it “YES YES YES! I’M IN! I DO NEED A VACATION! THANK YOU DEAR :D”.

I know, I’ve been to Jogja for a pretty good times as my father is from Jogja, and I’ve been anticipated that I’ll meet again with Jogja that I’m used to know. I don’t expect too much for new surprises from the city, but now, I just miss it, so much :D. Malioboro and its road at night, always remind me to the sweet childhood memory when my father took my brother and I on uncle’s old scooter passing through the Malioboro’s night road just to look for Gudeg and Sate Printil as our night meal. We enjoyed our meals served on a piece of folded banana leaf as the plate. As we were enjoying the meals, we would have a good time and laughter while seeing so many local and foreign tourists walking here and there on the road side. I remember when I saw a handsome tourist with blue eyes and blonde hair I would be extremely happy and innocently shout, “Wow! He is very handsome! I want to have a handsome husband just like him in the future, daddy! Just like him! A man with a handsome face, blue eyes, and blonde hair….”, LOL LOL ;D. Then, my father and brother would tease me severely hehehehe ;p. Oh… I miss Jogja, much much much!

I know… I’m so excited! :D. Besides, I’ll spend my birthday in Jogja. So far, I never celebrated my birthdays outside my hometown, Malang. So Jogja… It’ll be the first time ever! So can’t wait! o(>.<)o. Before I’m off to Jogja, I present you one of my old bento creations – Sunny Side Up Quail Egg Bento. Hope you like it and its simple idea :D. And oh ya, don’t forget to click this link to see the beautiful IFP round up by Momon of Mari Bermain di Dapur. Lovely round up, dear! Thank you soooo much for helping me to host the round up. Greatly appreciate it, but yes, I need to have a vacation first, hehehehe ^^v. And thank you so much for friends who had submitted your IFP entries ^3^

   Ahey, it’s my brother, Handri. I took this picture almost two years ago at Parangtritis Beach, Jogja :D

Wish me a fun vacation and safe trip. 
See you all my dearest friends!
Have a very happy day – kisses and hugs ^^

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  1. Happy happy birthday Tata chan! Have a lot of fun over there. I'm looking forward to pictures you'll take in Jogia!

  2. tataaaaaaaaa.. km kapan ultahnya siih? hahaha. iyaah, camaa2 taa :) round up berikutnya ak lg kaan? hehehe. have a nice holiday yaa! ayoo2, km jg pasti lama2 bs juggling antara krjaan2 dan bento dan blog :D aku sudah mulai menemukan celahnya Ta, hihihihi

  3. @babykins: Thank a lot my dear friend Izumi... Big hugs! :D. Yup yup yup... I can't wait to post the photos too :D.

  4. @Nurain Hasan: Thanks a lot, dear! Wishing you a very happy day :D

  5. @Momon: Aaaaahhhh... Momon lupaaaaaaaaa *banting ember! Tgl 17 Momon.... Kan suit sepentin ihihihihihi, iyaaaa dulu katanya mau dibikinin kue ya sama Momon... *menagih janji ehehehe, becanda ;D

    Iyaaa.... Nanti Momon lagi yaaaaa, ihihihhi... Aku msh kejar2an nih sm jdwal yg padet :D


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