Butterflies Bento for My Birthday :)

by - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

 "So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?" Ar-Rahmaan (The Beneficent)

Alhamdulillah.... Thank you Allah for my first blessed quarter century. May You bless me with the second quarter, third quarter, even the fourth quarter, aamiin :D. Thank you for Your love for me, my fantastic family and wonderful friends. Thank you for always hearing my prayers, embracing them, and then granting them in a very wonderful and surprising way. I love You, I love You, I love You, and always love You. Thank you for everything. I know that I'm truly blessed and am always loved by You :D

Yup, there's nothing better to do first in celebrating birthday except expressing  deep gratitude to the Creator of Life, and then..... Yeah, making birthday bento! Aha, the second one is a special case for a bentoer ;D. Before I went to Jogja on the last weekend, I took some time to make two birthday bentos; yes, two :D. The first is this Butterflies Bento. Why butterflies? Because I adore them. They are my favorite after the ants :D. For you who know the philosophy (or I will say the insight) behind their creation, you will know my reasons for liking them. And if you are the loyal readers of my blog, you will notice that I love to create twin-themed bentos for my birthday as you can see here and here; yes, it's because my zodiac is Gemini :D. How many twins that you can find in this bento? :D. Oya, that's my new wooden box. Totally happy when I found it in ACE Hardware. It only cost me 40,000IDR, yippeee!!!! Why was I sooooo happy? Because... to buy one from Japan will cost me around 350,000IDR for only single wooden box :D. I was lucky, lucky, and lucky! I cut smoked cheese with my pretty butterfly cutter and adorned it with small round nori cutouts. The yummy side dishes were carrot and cheese flowers, blanched broccoli florets, tamagoyaki, potato perkedel, cherry tomato, and spicy grilled boneless chicken. So pretty and yummy! :D

On my birthday two years ago, I said that I really wanted to have Nikon D90 as my birthday present. The Lord heard my prayer, now in 2012 - in my 25th birthday, I bought myself Nikon D7K :D. I named it Nick, as the big little brother of my beloved Bleki. I always wanted to have a DSLR, but never have thought to have it this year. I bought it about two months ago for a definite reason. What reason? Oops... It's a surprise, you'll know later, just wait :D. Although I have Nick, I still love to use Bleki. There will be still so many posts in this blog whose photos taken with Bleki :D. I also have something that made me really happy eventhough I didn't get them right on my birthday. Before visiting her home country, Indonesia, Mbak Pepy of Indonesia Eats super kindly offered Indonesian foodie blogger fellows if there was something we entrusted her to buy for us. Gazillion thanks to Mbak Pepy for bringing me those lovely food photography books by Helene Dujardin and Nicole S. Young *xoxo. They are SUPER lovely presents for me :D. And.... Gazillion sorry for not being able to meet you, even for only saying THANK YOU VERY MUCH directly T____T; bad bad bad me *sungkem. Besides FP books, I was also lucky to win a great bread recipe book from a fun giveaway conducted by Mlebu Pawon. Yuhuuuuuuuuu!!!! This was my first time ever winning a giveaway :D. Thanks a lot Guruong ^3^. Hey, I have edited some photos taken during my trip in Jojga. Stay tune for the post! :D

Thank you all my friends for your wonderful birthday wishes... Love you all dearly ^^
Have a super wonderful day! Gimme you BIG SMILE! :D :D :D

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATABONBONNNNN!!! aku mau kasi kado juga donk! minta alamat lengkap mu Ta di email sajoo.. :) semoga km makin hebat dlm segala hal ya Ta, terutama bento making dan semua pekerjaan lainmu.. panjang umur sehat terus dan bahagia selaluuu..
    enjoy jogja my dearest food blogger friend :D *hugs*

  2. @Momon: Tengkiyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Momon tayaaaank :D *muach muach :D. Aamiin, terimakasih do'anya Momon :D. Huwaaaah mau dikirimi apa ya? Jangan2 pretzel segebok ahahaah ;p. Tunggu juga nanti kejutan darikuh just for you hihihihi ^^. HUGS HUGS HUGS ^3^

  3. Aaahh..Kakang Nick nya keren bgt... udah ada Kakang, janjimu dulu kalo udah punya kamera gede lekas laksanakan, wkwkwk...

  4. @mamah: Huaaaaa.... Janji yang mana mah? Tolong ingatkah saiya? Heheu...

  5. happy b'daaaaaayyyyyy!!! :e:

    semoga semakin diberkati lahir batin, enteng jodoh, making sering posting, sering kasih tips n trik biar hasil foto caem... :f: daaaannn makin sabar jawabin petanyaan2 aku... :b:

  6. @Sysyl: Thanks a lot Sysyl!!!! *peyuk :D. Aamiin... Makasih do'anya ya Sysyl cantiiiik ^^. Selama bisa berbagi pasti akan dengan senang hati berbagi ilmu Sysyl :D

  7. :c: Hallo Tata ,, wish you Happy Birthday ,, your blog so good and inspiring ,, (^^,)

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  9. @Cute Little Bento: Hi Mbak, thank you very much for the kind birthday wish and really sorry for the late reply ^^v

  10. @sae takauchi: Thank you for the info, hope it can also be useful for the readers here :)


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