Fish Bento, Bakso Cak Kar & MTD

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm back! Hopefully I can blog normally again; marked with this post :D. Here it is a quick bento post and some pictures of 2012 Malang Tempo Doeloe (MTD) Festival taken last week. Previously, I had posted about MTD here.

This bento belongs to my old bento collection. It was inspired by akinoichigo. Do you have the idea of the fish's name? The little red fish were made from beef sausage placed on round molded rice adorned with marjoram leaves. I used black sesame seeds to make the eyes. For the side dishes, I put mendol tempe, tuna telur puyuh masak kecap (tuna and quail egg cooked in sweet soy sauce), blanched broccoli floret. For the fruits, I went with strawberry and kumquat.

Before going to see the festival, I went to Singosari (Malang) just to enjoy Bakso Cak Kar (Mr. Kar's Baso). I really wanted to try his famous Bakso Mercon (Firecracker Baso/Beefball) and Bakso Granat (Grenade Baso). The two types have sambal and a big fresh bird eye chili inside the ball. They are favorite baso for chili lovers. The names are very funny, right? Yeah, Indonesians are hot and spicy maniacs that the food sellers use unique name to attract consumer's curiosity :D. Just like "sugar means ants", Indonesians will be willing to stand in a long queue to get their favorite hot and spicy food. Yup, the "kicking" food is in trend right now. Some other examples are Nasi Goreng Kaplok (Slapping Fried Rice), Mie Setan (Satan Noodle), and Ayam Neraka (Hell's Chicken) :D. Those foods offer super high-level heat to the taste buds :D

And... My journey in MTD begins :D. As I'm a food blogger, I'm only attracted to shoot food and food props pictures for this time :D.
Hope you enjoy this post, see you ^^

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  1. hai tata.i am ur blog fan from malaysia!! anyway may i know what camera/dslr that are you using for grab all the pictures?? it just so nice and sharp! :)

  2. Mantaaapppp...jadulnya tetep keren mbak :h:

  3. @Nurain Hasan: Hi Nurain, thank you so much, how sweet you are ^^. I use both pocket camera and dslr for photos in this blog. For the first photo (in this post) I used my pocket camera (Canon IXUS 980 IS). While for the rest photos, I used my Nikon D7000. To get clear and sharp images, it's not about the camera body, it's all about the "glass" that you use and the right camera setting. Hope it helps ^^

  4. @Sysyl: Tengkiyuuuuuu Sysyl ^^. Welcome back to you and me in the bloggingsphere again :D

  5. Tata...miss you, Ta..
    cute red fish bento..
    at glance, I thot they were crabs

  6. @Mbak Yenny: Thanks a lot mbak Yenny... Miss you too ^^. Hope I will have more time to do blogwalking and babbling everywhere LOL ;D

  7. Purple peppers? I would love to know what variety those are, they look awesome.

  8. ur pics... :d:
    Cakeps2.... itu jeruk peras warnanya seger banget dan...pengen es gandul... :h:
    Jadi pengen ke Malang...terakhir 3 tahun lalu :i:

  9. @Hidden_Relic: Hi friend, really sorry for the late reply ^^v. Do you mean Rukem? They are not puppers. I think it is a kind of berry family. Maybe I just have no idea about it's name in English :D

  10. @mymansionofpassion: Hi Mbak, thanks a lot dah mampir disini :D. Hayuk2 main2 ke Malang... Enaknya kalo pas lg ada festival, jd banyak jajanan tradisional :D

  11. it helps alot.i used Nikon D3000 but yeah of course im just know the basic of taking pictures.dont know the setting.thanks for sharing the info!! :))

  12. @Nurain Hasan: Do have more datings with the manual book, it will help a lot :D. Nikon D3K is great camera indeed. I saw a lot of beautiful photos in flickr taken with it :D


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