IFP February Round Up

by - Thursday, April 12, 2012

 IFP February 2012
I know I know.... Blame me... This IFP Round Up is way overdue ^^v. I have no doubt that fellas who had submitted their entries for February IFP have been waiting for this round up (may be with a kind of feeling that wants to pinch me while asking "Where is the Round Up, Tataaaa??????") Hehehehe ^^v. I know it's irresponsible but I kept it delayed as I wanted to make sure that my post (especially when it involves my friends' works just like this round up) is safe from being infringed by irresponsible blogs. Friends, when I let your works are infringed, that makes me feel so bad and more irresponsible as I can't protect your works here in my blog. With all the humbleness of my heart, I apologize for the delay, I really am sorry to make you waiting or even disappointed.... *begging your apologize with poppy eyes effect ^^*. Not to look for an excuse, but the previous undesired incident that all of my post contents were infringed by bukumasakonline.blogspot.com had totally ruined my mood to blog. But, I'm relieved now that finally that blog has been removed by Google :D. For the admin of bukumasakonline, believe me, I DO NOT want to laugh with great happiness at you as your blog has been removed by Google. Ignoring the contents at your blog which were the result of copy pasteing, you actually had done a work by posting them. But as your blog was removed, your work became nothing. This is what we, the victims of your bad deed, felt too. We felt like our hard work became nothing as you stole our hard work. You had DEVASTATED our hearts, even you created tears on us.... You really don't have any single idea about the struggle behind our food blogging. How could a person (or some people) be so mean to us. We just want to share, not to be hurt. Believe me, the beauty of sharing is when you can give respect to others' works. When you share with A WHITE HEART, the you'll be able to get the true beauty of sharing, without hurting others' feeling and without violating others' works :D. I am sure that everyone CAN do such kind of sharing. You'll get a meaningful reward more valuable than money - money is good but the true reward is way more special,  wonderful friends and a genuine happiness that can't be explained and that can give a sense of pride in your heart as you have done something useful for others :D.

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Well, I know you can't wait any longer :D. Here are the February IFP entries from my talented foodie fellas, enjoy! ^^

Grilled fish! Who can resist it? The Bumbum Family came across with grilled Silver Pomfret smeared with yellow spice. As the grilled fish companion, Sambal Terasi (Sambal Belacan) was there! Yum yum yum.... Heaven :D

Still from The Bumbum Family :D. Seems that the happy family was in love with grilled dishes hehehe ^^. The second entry came with Nasi Gurih (Fragrant Rice) and a more complete set of side dishes: Ayam Bakar Gurih (Savory Grilled Chicken),  Sambal Terasi, fresh vegetables as the condiments, and fried tofu.

Rendang.... This beefy dish is proudly entitled as the world's most delicious food by CNNGo - just couldn't agree more with that :D. Rendang originally comes from Minangkabau, West Sumatra. Not only in Indonesia, Rendang is also popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Southern Thailand and Philippines. For me personally, a plate of warm rice with Beef Rendang is already fantastic :D

Pepes is an Indonesian cooking method using banana leaf as food wrappings. The banana-leaf package containing food is secured with lidi seumat (a small nail made from central rib of coconut-leaf and sew upon banana-leaf), cooked on steam, in boiled water or grilled on charcoal. This cooking technique allowed the rich spices mixture to be compressed against the main ingredients inside the individual banana leaf package while being cooked, and also add distinct aroma of cooked or burned banana leaf (WIKIPEDIA). The main ingredients for Pepes can be versatile from meaty to veggie ones. For her entry, Tati went with  Ikan Kembung (Chubb Mackerel or Indian Mackerel).

Indonesian Spicy Chicken Liver with Diced Potato. Chicken liver, sometimes beef liver, sounds scary, eh? Heheheeh ;D. But, the taste of of this dish is really good. It is one of favorite dishes in many occasions. Best enjoyed with Nasi Gurih (Fragrant Rice) or Nasi Kuning (Fragrant Yellow Rice). Just make sure you don't enjoy it everyday to stay away from the "sin" ;D.

Fiddleheads Curry ^^.  Fiddleheads always remind me of my father. He is a great cook especially for spicy Fiddleheads stir fry hehe. I also once read another great post on Gulai Paku (Minang Fiddleheads Curry) on Indonesia Eats :D. I never try Fiddleheads curry before; should give it a try when I can find the fiddleheads in the market ^^

Another yummy entry from Au Coin de ma Cuisine :D. Nasi Bakar (grilled stuffed rice wrapped in Banana leaves) is popular cuisine in the country. It has so many variations as the stuffing. For her entry, Nicke JJ chose Tumis Tongkol Bunga Pepaya (Albacore Tuna and Papaya Flower Stir Fry) to give flavor for her Nasi Bakar :D. Yummy..................

Ayam Goreng! Siapa tak suka ayam goreeeenngggg??? Fried chicken! Who doesn't love fried chicken? :D. This dish is specialty to Central Java cuisine and is quite popular in the country. As its name, this fried chicken must originate from Kalasan, a district of Sleman Regency, Central Java. This fried chicken is aromatic and typical to Central Java cuisine, sweet :D.

One of popular Indonesian dishes is Gado-Gado, especially Gado-Gado Jakarta. Actually, there are many kinds of Gado-Gado according to the province/region the Gado-Gado comes from. This time is for Gado-Gado Surabaya. Surabaya is the capital of East Java Province. Please visit another Gado-Gado Surabaya recipe by Indonesia Eats, a guest post on Rasa Malaysia :D

Fried Shrimp Rice with "Devil" Sambal :D. Creative name, eh? Hehehe. This dish is extraordinarily famous in Surabaya (now is also in some cities outside Surabaya). Bu Rudi (Mrs. Rudi) is the creator and the one who popularizes this phenomenal dish. This dish is actually simple, rice with fried shrimp and SUPER kicking sambal namely Sambal Setan (Devil Sambal). Many Sambal maniacs will be willing to queue for hours just to enjoy Bu Rudi's famous dish :D. I once made Sambal Setan for my workmates that they commented "crazy" for the sambal :D. This "kicking" dish is perfect for spicy food and sambal lovers ^^.

This dish is a favorite of Elsasmita's family. Asam Padeh means Asam Pedas (Sour and Spicy). Asam Padeh is a Minangkabau and Malay sour and spicy stew dish popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. The main ingredients (usually seafoods or freshwater fishes) were cooked in asam (tamarind) fruit juice with chilli and many other spices. The cooking process involves soaking the pulp of the fruit until it is soft and then squeezing out the juice for cooking the fish. Asam paste may be substituted for convenience. Various vegetables such as terong or brinjals (Indian eggplants), okra and tomatoes are added. Fishes and seafoods (such as mackerel, red snapper, tuna, gourami, pangasius or cuttlefish) either whole body or only fish heads are added to make a spicy and tart fish stew. It is important that the fish remain intact for serving so generally the fish is added last (WIKIPEDIA).

Gethuk Lindri is one popular traditional snacks made of cassava and grated coconut. To give the modern touch on the traditional snack, now it has some attractive colors and shapes and is added with today's flavor twist such as cheese and chocolate :D. You can see the common shape of Gethuk Lindri here. To make her Gethuk Lindri special and different, Dita shaped hers into a heart shape with full of love :D

Angsle (aka wedang angsle) is a hot soupy dessert of sago pearls, pre-cooked glutinous rice and mung beans, putu mayang (brightly-colored, noodle-shaped flour cakes), fried peanuts all drowned in hot, sweet coconut milk (WIKIPEDIA). One of the best late early evening treats for the cold rainy season :D

Rempeyek or peyek is a deep-fried savoury Indonesian peanut cracker made from flour (usually rice flour), peanuts, dried anchovies or shrimp, coconut milk, salt and spices. Some people also add a chopped citrus leaf to add the "fresh" taste to it. They are popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Netherlands, through its historical connection with Indonesia (WIKIPEDIA). For her Rempeyek, Emmy used Udang Rebon/Trasi Shrimp (small dried shrimps, and little bit salty). Rempeyek Rebon is sooo good to be enjoyed with Pecel or as a snack cracker :D. As snack crackers, Rempeyek will mostly not stay longer in the cracker container :D.

Garang Asem originates from Demak, a regency in Central Java. This dish is spicy and fresh as it uses Bilimbi. Genuinely, this dish is wrapped in Banana leaves and then steamed. The common main ingredients are chicken gizzard and liver. But for the healthier version, chicken meat and fish meat are used :D.

Ayam Sioh is chicken with tamarind and soy bean sauce. Frankly, this is the first time I hear about this chicken dish; I never knew about it before hehehe :D. Reading its name, I'm not sure it's purely Indonesian. It must have some influence from Chinese may be? Anyone? I just found this blog, may be it can help hehehe :D

Another Rempeyek entry and another great buddy for Pecel :D. Among the other Rempeyek variants, Rempeyek Kacang (Peanuts Rempeyek) is the most popular one. I love this Rempeyek but I have to control myself not to eat it too much as I will suffer from face pimples hehehe :D

One of my soul foods :D. I love to make my own version; with a plate of warm rice, it will be heaven for me :D. Some love to let the Sambal ingredients (bird's eye chili, garlic and kencur/kaempferia galanga; except the Tempe) freshly ground, and some other will love to have the ingredients pan-fried until wilted before grinding them into Sambal. For me, I love to pan-fry only the garlic until wilted and let the bird's eye chilies and kencur freshly ground. The fresh bird's eye chilies will make the sambal "kicking" :D. Besides, I love to add thinly sliced kaffir lime leaf in my Sambal Tempe since it gives the sambal fresh, aromatic and citrusy flavor.

NOTE: As my blog is now disabled for right click and copy paste, click THIS LINK to get the IFP badge :D. Happy cooking everyone! Thank you sooooo much for the lovely entries ^^ *kisses and hugs*

We miss you Momon, can't wait you dear friend to host the next round up hehehe ;D.

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    yuhuu, halo2.. sy kembali membantu Tata Bonita tercinta ini, jadii yg mau setor IFP bln april-mei silakan email yaa :) alamatnya sama seprti biasa..
    round up nya mudah2an bisa ak publish tepat waktu yaitu akhir mei. mari kita pesta2.. :D

  2. Great and very nice round up Tata :). Yuhuuuu....party. Semoga tidak terjadi lagi copy paste yg merugikan kita. Buat menghasilkan foto makanan, banyak pekerjaan yg harus dilakukan di balik itu, tidak hanya sekedar belanja, mengolah, memasak, menata, memotret...yg nggak cukup sekali jepret, sampe dapet foto yg sesuai dg keinginan, tapi itu juga merupakan hasil karya yg harus dihargai. Rasanya sediiiih banget klo hasil kerja kita di copy paste tanpa izin.

  3. @Momon: Siiippp.... Mbak Momon is back! HIhiihihi :D. Siap meng-hosting IFP buat April dan Mei ^^. Yuk mariiii ikut2 :D

  4. @Mbak Retno: Thank you Mbak Retno... And thanks a bunch for your lovely entries :D. Couldn't agree more... Bahkan untuk satu makanan bisa ngejepret di atas 50 biji, dipilih mana yang paling bagus :D. Usahanya benar2 tidak main2...

  5. Thanks Tata :) Semakin rame aja tiap bulannya.
    Semangat terus yaaa....

  6. @Mbak Tika: Sama2 Mbak Tika... Saya yang thanks a lot karena dirimu benar2 kontributor setia :D. Samaaaaa.... Semangat terus yaaa!!! :D


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