Zoo Buddies Bento

by - Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zoo Buddies Bento

Choo choo choo!!! Everybody get out of the way please.... The Zoo Buddies' bread train is coming! Honk honk! :D. I made this super simple bento a long time ago. Yes, the lil' kitchen in my boardinghouse has been clean for some weeks and for the next couple months. But as you had already known that I had losts of bento picts have not been posted yet, I don't need to worry about what to post LOL *the only problems are I often got confused about which one I have to post first and the spare time to post it hehehe.

Zoo Buddies Bento 2

The bento was from some slices of sweet baguette my friend bought me that I simply enjoyed with preserved blackberry (placed in another container, not photographed), a big red strawberry, some orange slices, and a blanched broccoli floret. I heavily relied on my zoo animal food picks to add lots of cuteness for my simple bento ^^. Yup, I love to call them my "great rescuers" :D.

Green Flowers

To enhance the green theme of today's post, I present you all with a pict of green flowers :D
jours heureux, tout le monde! ^^

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  1. Hi there,
    I already fell in love with your blog. I love you creativity of preparing food for kids. Really, I would love to learn it too for my son. I know how important it is to keep food as fun as possible for them. Great job. Keep it up! :)


  2. @blogresipi: Thanks a lot Farizan! I've fallen in love with your blog too :D. You'll get a bundle of joy when you start to learn making bento. Believe me, it's really fun! Hehehe. And be careful too, it's addictive LOL :D


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