They Finally Arrived!!! ^^

by - Monday, January 30, 2012

 Merci Beaucoup!
Happily smiling is the first thing that I can do to start this happy post :D. Yeaaayyyy!!!! They finally arrived! Lovely bento lunch boxes with a matching bento bag and a chopstick case (also with the chopsticks :D). Do you still remeber my Blooming Pink Flowers Bento for this bento contest by Cooking Gallery? Yes, I won one of the prize sets :D. The prize set that I won is just LOVELY ^^. My boardinghouse mate gave me the package at night when I just got back from working. I was (and is still) so happy that I even hugged the package when I was sleeping at that night LOL :D. You can laugh at me but at that time I just couldn't believe that I was holding a package from France hehehehe; I was totally thrilled hahah. Thank you so much Casa Bento, CG Cooking Gallery, Bentolicious, and Nami of Just One Cook Book :D. When I see them I sometimes still can't believe that they are mine ^^.

Pink Blooming Bento

Bienvenue a l'Indonesia!
I called my mom right after I got the package. And here's a funny conversation that my Mom and I had :D
Me: Mom, the bento prize has finally arrived!
Mom: Really? The one you said from Germany?
Me: Yes, the contest is conducted by my friend in Germany. But, the prize is shipped from France.
Mom: France? How cool it is. How is the prize?
Me: Totally adorable! All of the items are matching with each other. Every item comes with flowery pattern and the pattern is so Japanese. Really really beautiful!
Mom: Bring them all home! Give them all to me!
Me: What? Nooooo!!!!! You can take another box of mine but not this one.
Mom: Hey, listen to me, I have to save them. Bring them all home and I'll put them in our display cupboard, only to be seen. They are from France, it means we have to treasure them. You are not supposed to use them. You get it?
Me: *LOL :D :D :D

Jolies in Red
Of course, I won't bring them home soon :D. I actually managed not to make any bentos this month (and next month) as I go to work early that I have no time for bentoing. Since there will be a farewell party in February 20th, I think I'll use the bigger bento box to make a farewell bento and will enjoy it with my friends :D. 

CG, you don't need to worry anymore :D. All of them came in good condition. And for Casa Bento, merci beaucoup for sending them safe and sound. I have no doubt that you packaged them with a lot of carefulness and love ^^. 

Casa Bento

Terimakasih ^^

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  1. A great price won for a great bento - I'm so jealous of both! I had to laugh about your dialog with your mum. The world of the internet generation is become small and near to everybodies place. What is already distance in the web? We do not bother how far is France from your place or Inonesia from mine - as long as we have a look onto the flight duration ;-)
    Have a lot of fun with your new bento set.

  2. @einfachbento: Thanks a lot einfachbento ^^. I feel guilty everytime I got someone jealous of me because of this prize hehehehehe :D. I wish every contestant got the same great prize, but it would be a poor Casa Bento ^^v. Yes, internet makes distance meaningless. Now I'm still thinking for a bento idea that I will make with these boxes :D

  3. Ooohhhh congrats! Your bento was also among my favourites, I'm glad you won! :3

  4. WOW Tata! I'm sooo jealous too! Can't stop admiring your lovely bento prize. They are really very pretty. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  5. @tabonita: You really deserve that prize. I am always amazed to see your stunning bentos and professional food photography.
    I wish my bento and pics were half as good as yours.

  6. What a pretty set! And your entry bento totally deserved it!! Can't wait to see the bento you make with it :)

  7. @mehblog: Thank you so much sweet friend ^^. I'm so grateful to have them :D

  8. @Saffron and Coriander: Bundle of thanks for your kind comment ^^. I learned a lot about bento and food photography from my friends too. Everything needs process, believe me, with a lot of practices you will be able to take good photos ^^. Fighting! :D

  9. @Anncoo: Thank a lot Ann :D. Haha, I got one more person jealous of me too ^^v

  10. @sherI: Many many thanks Sheri ^^. Yes, me too, can't wait for February 20th :D

  11. They are really so cute... i wouldn't mind bringing those to my workplace for lunch. hihi :D

  12. @blogresipi: Haha, yes they are Kak :D. Who can't resist such beautiful bento boxes ^^


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