Smiley Blonde Girl Bento & Dainty Princess Mentrik

by - Wednesday, January 04, 2012

 Smiley Blonde Girl
Alô! Happy greeting from Indonesia :D. Sincere ear-to-ear smile for the first  post in 2012 is to bring more happiness, smiles, and joy for all of us. I do hope that there will be no more copyright piracy; let's enjoy  the true beauty of sharing by highly respecting and appreciating other's works ^^. This happy Smiley Blonde Girl Bento was inspired by one of Maki Ogawa's charabens. Yes, she's never failed to inspire me and many other bentoers. Never be tired of our gratitude to you, Maki, since we can't never stop to thank you ^^. The smiley girl was made of cheese and egg sheet; her nose was from pea pod and cheeks from blanched carrot. The yummy section was filled with pan-roasted salmon smeared with Indonesian curry paste, julienned chayotte and cayenne pepper stir fry, blanched broccoli floret, and carrot lacey flower.

Okay, let's continue babbling. Isn't it a great idea to share happy news on the first post? Oho, to make you smile, today I bring great news about fun giveaways. Our dear friends, Tika of Cemplang Cemplung and Nami of Just One Cook Book, are celebrating their blog anniversaries that they offer awesome prizes for the giveaways. Don't forget to click the links; who knows that you'll be one of the lucky winners, right? :D. For Tika's giveaway, it requires me, as the participant, to tell the reason behind my foodblogging. Well, I started my foodblogging in 2008 when I was still an undergraduate student. At that time, I was in my senior year and did enjoy blogging (yes, firstly I didn't blog food). As at that time I also learned cooking, so I posted what I had cooked as my posting variant in blog. And finally... Yup, foodblogging is addictive that I can't stop it! :D. Just like the other foodbloggers that call their blog as their second home, my blog is my home too - my magical home, my wonderland... Where it magically gives me sweet friends from all around the world... And my magical place to spread love through what I love - my passion in cooking, bentoing, and photography :D. For something that I forgot to mention in the previous post: Thanks a lot for all my supportive friends and readers for the wonderful 2011 ^^ (xoxo)

Dainty Princess Mentrik

I have another sweet little thing for you today; the cute photo of my Dainty Princess Mentrik ^^. When I'm home, I love to photograph Pak Poh's beautiful cats. It's always a bundle of fun to capture what those cats are doing in the morning with their brothers and sisters. Wish I can edit the photos soon ^^. For Princess Mentrik's photo today, I edited it with PS CS2. I always love to date with Mr. Photoshop LOL :D

Have a wonderful day my dear friends! ^^

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  1. Thanks for your participation on my blogiversary, Tata.
    Your bento creations has inspired others. Good luck !

  2. @Mbak Tika: The pleasure is mine Mbak Tika, thanks for a such fun giveaway ^^. Yes, through blogging we do hope that we can share inspiration :D

  3. hi Ta...happy and pretty girl....:) and great pics as usual, Ta

  4. I love the smiley girl bento! My daughter has been asking to have "yellow" (which she means blond) hair, and this post just make me smile. She'll be so confused if I make this for her. No, mama doesn't want your hair to be blond until 18 years old! I love this bento~~!

    Thanks for the shoutout - you are so sweet!

  5. Hi Nami, thanks a lot :D. Yup, I think a girly bento with blond hair theme will be the best "yellow" for her now hehehe :D. It's my pleasure to share the happy news for everyone ^^


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