Yummy Curry-ized Bento :)

by - Friday, December 16, 2011

 Yummy Curry-ized Bento
A very quick bento post for today :)). Yes, tomorrow is Saturday; I've planned to go for grocery shopping. Then.... having a great time cooking and bentoing on Sunday, yeayy!!! Yup, now I can only do bentoing on Sunday. Today's bento is not a charaben. My favorite recent trend of making bento is non-charaben; one of the reasons is because I don't have much time to make charaben ;D

This bento features boiled broccoli-beef sausage-quail egg, sauteed julienned carrot in curry seasoning, buna shimeji-wood ear fungus-boneless chicken curry, and tamogoyaki with chopped wood ear fungus and broccoli seasoned with curry paste. Yes, almost everything is curry-ized :D. 

 Yummy Bento

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

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