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Saturday, December 31, 2011

 Tipat Cantok
I had to delay to post this IFP entry as I was in a really bad mood yesterday due to a foodieblogger’s classic problem – photo stealing with watermark cropping and omitting :(. I’m not included as one of the victims of this newest copyright crime, but I DO feel the anger of my friends whose pictures were stolen and their watermarks were cropped and omitted (what a disgraceful thing those irresponsible people did! If they knew the struggle behind our food photo making; it’s not easy!). Well….. Let’s just forget it for awhile *taking a deep breath then releasing it slowly.

Wanna know other surprises in this post? Scroll down to keep reading :))
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My IFP entry today is Tipat Cantok / Gado-Gado Ketupat Bali / Balinese Gado-Gado with Rice Cake. When we and many Indonesians hear the phrase “Gado-Gado”, many of us will be straightly directed to think of “Gado-Gado Jakarta”. Yes, Gado-Gado Jakarta is the most popular type of Gado-Gado in Indonesia. I only know a few types of Gado-Gado: Gado-Gado Jakarta, Gado-Gado Surabaya, and this one; Gado-Gado Ketupat Bali. Gado-Gado is basically vegetable salad with peanut sauce. Is there a type of Gado-Gado without peanut sauce? If you have information about it, just let me know :). I made this Balinese Gado-Gado from a recipe book of Balinese Food by Linda Carolina Brotodjojo. Yup, the same book of this Balinese Pisang Rai recipe. I really love when I’m home, I can try many recipes. Today’s post was even made further before I made that Pisang Rai recipe when I was home. LOL, not a quite satisfactory angle I took for this pict, and the food styling is little bit messy hehe. Something special about the pict is that blue fabric as the background. My mother bought it in Bali in 1970s when she was still a university student (far away before I was delivered to this world LOL). I remember when I was a kinder I wore it to perform a Balinese dance in a national art and cultural performance night for celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day :)) *ah, so funny to remember that :D. The fabric’s condition is still good until now; it has a lot of beautiful memories to us that we treasure it ^^.


As its name, Gado-Gado ketupat, it uses ketupat as one of the main ingredients. Ketupat (Javanese call it “Kupat”) is a stamped rice cake wrapped in young coconut leaves. The recipe in the book calls for bean sprouts as one of the veggies, but I just omitted it as we didn’t have bean sprouts at that time ;p. The recipe also gives practical idea to use peanut butter to make the sauce. It’s energy saving that we don’t need to pan-roast the peanut and grind it, right? *lazy heheheeh.

Tipat Cantok / Gado-Gado Ketupat Bali

2 ketupat (rice cake), diced or cut as you desire
200 g bean curd/tofu, diced and fried (or you can fry first then dice it)
200 g long green beans, cut 3-4cm in length (blanched or boiled for about 3 minutes)
200 g bean sprouts, blanched
2 cucumbers, sliced or diced
Crispy fried shallot to sprinkle
Kerupuk/Crackers (I had shrimp crackers) or Emping (A variant of Kerupuk made of Melinjo aka Gnetum gnemon)

Peanut Sauce:
200 g peanut butter
10 red bird eye chilies
6 cloves garlic
2 cm kencur (kaempferia galangal)
2 teaspoons petis udang (shrimp paste)
2 tablespoons carved Javanese palm sugar
1 lime for the zest
2 tablespoons kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
Salt to taste
Some cooked water

1.    Peanut Sauce: Grind to paste bird eye chilies, garlic, and kencur. Sautee the paste until fragrant. Add in peanut butter, carved palm sugar, petis udang (shrimp paste), kecap manis, salt, and some cooked water. Stir well until you get thick sauce consistency, add suitable drizzles of lime zest.
2.    In a big mix bowl, mix well the diced rice cake and veggies with the peanut sauce. Transfer on plates. Sprinkle it with crispy fried shallot and don’t forget to enjoy your Gado-Gado Ketupat with crackers :)).

 I won!
2nd prize set photo courtesy: Cooking Gallery and Casabento
I have a happy news for you ^^. Do you still remember my Blooming Pink Flowers Bento for this fabulous  bento contest by Cooking Gallery? Yeayyy, it won the 2nd prize that I really, really want to win ^^. So grateful.... Alhamdulillah... Thanks a lot CG Cooking Gallery, CasaBento, Nami of Just One Cook Book, and Bentolicious :D. Now I'm happily waiting for that wonderful prize set from CasaBento ^^. Ah, CasaBento is such a mouthwatering site for bento lover hohohoho. I drool a lot to see their beautiful bento boxes collection. But, to see their price in Euro just makes me dizzy LOL ;D

 Happy New Year 2012
Well, that’s my post for today; the last day of 2011. 
I wish you all my dear friends a wonderful*New Year :))

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  1. Congrats mbak Tata...turut senang mbak masuk juara 2. Semoga karya karya berikutnya tambah oke. Hadiahnya cantik banget...

  2. Bonita lama gak post cerita, kangen...

  3. @Mbak Hesti: Thanks a lot Mbak Hesti ^^. Bersyukur bgt jd yang kedua hehehehe, soalnya mupeng abis hadiah kedua ;))

  4. @Kelley: OMG, tiba2 Tata jadi terharu baca komennya Kelley.... I miss babbling too... Pasti kalo tidak sibuk dan tidak in rush Tata senang sekali bercerita :D. Thanks Kelley for reminding me about that *hugs :))

  5. Congratulations for winning the second price. It's a really nice price and you really deserved to win.

  6. Congrats Tabong!

    Btw itu tipat catok kalo diliat resepnya lebih mirip tahu tek yang bercampur pecel :) tahu tek krn petisnya pecel karena kencurnya xixixixix

  7. Ini Mis Tata ESP bukan?
    (Lukyanto Dwi Sandi)

  8. @einfachbento: Thanks a lot sweet friend :D. It's the best new year present ever! ^^ <3 <3 <3

  9. @Indonesia Eats: Maturtengkiu sing katah2 Mbak Pepong :D. Hahahaha, iya... Emang lumayan praktislah ini Gado2, bumbunya gak macem2 ^^. Cukup berbeZa dari Gado2 yang lainnya hihhihihihi ;D

  10. @Lucky: Yes, this is Miss Tata my good student :D. How do you know about my blog?

  11. Hahaha... I know because I am good student :D
    BTW, makananya sepertinya enak-enak mis jadi laper :)

  12. @Lucky: Okay, give a try to one of 'em then :)


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