October's IFP Round Up

by - Monday, November 07, 2011

 IFP October ED
Yeayyyy!!!! Here you are the round up of October’s IFP (Indonesian Food Party). From 2 to 3, and now from 3 to 12 entries... It’s a great pleasure to see many of my Indonesian food blogger friends posting more about Indonesian food. I’m so excited! Gadzillion thanks to everyone who had participated in this foodie event :D *hugs. Momon and I really appreciate your participation and happily wait for your next participation for November’s entry ;D. Here, I also want to say really sorry for coming little bit late for the roundup since I had to go back home to celebrate Idul Adha with my family and attend a wedding; and when I just wanted to post the round up, the internet connection was just... Aaarrrggghhh, slower than a snail *Indonesians know well what I mean.

IFP Badge

Okay, let’s go back to IFP business. October’s round up is such a wonderful feast to my eyes. Sweet, savory, and spicy foods color the round up. The entries do add new insight to me; I now know some traditional snacks about that I didn’t know before. Besides, getting new friends  is a special sweet bonus :D. We do hope that there’ll be more participants and through this event more foodie bloggers will know each other better :D. Let’s explore the diversity of Indonesian culinary. This foodie event is open for everyone from every nook of the world. Yes, cooking unites us all! ^^

Keep reading and scroll down to see more details on the entries!

 IFP Sate Lapis Singkong
Sate Lapis Singkong by Ike Kartika Hermawan of Pawon Ike
This colorful cassava cake with grated coconut flesh on bamboo skewer does bring me to my chilhood memory where my grandma used to buy me this traditional snack from morning traditional market. Ah, I can remember well my happy facial expression when my grandma gave the snack to me; what a big smile added with a wow look :D. Thanks Teteh Ike for bringing me back to that sweet memory ^^

IFP Kue Lumpur
Kue Lumpur literally means “mud cake”. It is a common cake type served at many occassions. Different from many, I love to enjoy this smooth cake after being saved in fridge for some hours. The cold, smooth, and firm texture of the cake after being fridged just gives me a unique sensation of Kue Lumpur which is different from the usual one ;p. For her entry, Chizzy came up with two different colors of Kue Lumpur, yellow and green.
 IFP Soto Kudus
Indonesia has numerous kinds of Soto (kind of soup). Different places have their own Soto specialty. With her beautiful food styling and photography, Tika came across with Soto Kudus. Kudus is a town of Central Java province. Soto Kudus is a part of Tika’s sweet childhood memory; she used to enjoy it with her family in a restaurant in Radio Dalam. Exploring the Indonesian Soto diversity is really fun. I hope we’ll have another kind of Soto for the next entry (Count me in! I’m raising my hand :D).
IFP Ayam Kremes
Ayam Goreng Kremes by Pepy Nasution of Indonesia Eats
IFP Sambal Bajak
What a perfect combination! Ayam goreng (fried chicken) and sambal (chili paste) :D. When I’m served this combo with warm fragrant steamed rice, I may not be able to stop eating eating before my tummy getting really, really full. Spicy and savory are something that just cannot be resisted ;p. When I’m home, my grandma often makes me Sambal Bajak, and I love to enjoy it simply with warm rice, blanced fresh amaranth, and fried tempeh. I also often buy Ayam Goreng Kremes in a food stall near my boardinghouse. Thanks a lot Mbak Pepy for your entries. It’s an honor to have the entries from #1 Indonesian food blogger :D. We wait for your next entries! ^^

 IFP Browkus
Brownies Kukus (Steamed Brownies) by Diah Raki of Dapur Pemula 3D
Yes, brownies is absolutely not originated from Indonesian culinary. We enjoy lots of foreign cuisine that Indonesians adjusted and modified some of the ingredients, flavors, and the making method according to the local taste and cooking style. Brownies is one of them. Here, we do enjoy steamed brownies. Steaming is Indonesian popular and common cooking and baking method. I personally prefer to steamed brownies than the baked ones. The soft and moist texture of steamed brownies is just delectable :D. The most popular combination of original brownies with local taste is Brownies Pandan/Pandan Brownies (two layers: chocolate and pandan).
 IFP Kolak Pisang
It’s a must treat for fasting breaker when Indonesians are celebrating Ramadan. It is banana cooked in sweet and savory coconut milk soup. Besides banana, the other common ingredients include cassava, pumpkin, sweet potato, mung bean, sago pearl, kolang-kaling (I don’t know the English name ;p), and tape (fermented cassava). The Pandan leaf (Screwpine leaf) and carved javanese sugar/coconut sugar add the fragrant sweet for the coconut milk soup. To result clean white soup, some usually use white sugar ^^
 IFP Beef Balado
A simple and spicy culinary specialty from West Sumatra. Indonesian food based on Balado spice is numerous since Balado spice is quite fertile to be combined with any ingredients. For daily home cooking for example, we love to have eggplant Balado, chicken Balado, sunny side up fried egg Balado, fried oyster mushroom Balado, fish Balado, tofu/tempeh Balado, potato Balado, anchovies Balado, shrimp Balado, and many more (we love to Balado-ize everything :D).
IFP Dadar Unti
Dadar unti or rolled crepes with coconut stuffing is an entry from IFP’s co-founder, Monica Adriana :D. It is one of Monica’s favorite traditional kue/kuih. This traditional snack is made of rolled Pandan crepes stuffed with sweet grated coconut filling. I often buy this at a canteen in my campus as my afternoon snack ^^. When I’m home, I love to make the Pandan crepe then stuffed it with steamed banana and chocolate sprinkle or chocolate jam. Of course when I do that way, the name is not Dadar Unti anymore LOL :D
IFP Onde-Onde
Say O for Onde-Onde! :D. It’s a fried ball made of white sticky rice flour dough filled with Mung Bean paste and coated with sesame seeds. It’s a popular traditional snack sold from traditional market to supermarket. Other types of Onde-Onde are the one uses black sticky rice flour and the one uses white sticky rice flour but with the addition of green food coloring and Pandan flavor for the dough. Yum.... the photo is so georgeous! It makes me crave for Onde-Onde :D
 IFP Cireng Pedas
Super easy homey snackie. To be honest, from the all entries, this is that I want to give a try LOL. The reasons are crystal clear: the ingredients are simple and easy to get, the method is also simple, and the sauce is super hot! :D. Definitely I’m gonna make it and I bet this will be a great snack for me and my housemates when we watch tv or our favorite Korean Drama :D. Thanks for the great simple recipe Mak Jul! ;D
IFP Lapek Bugis
A unique cone-shaped traditional snack from Sumatra. It reminds me of Javanese Iwel-Iwel, but Lapek Bugis has coconut milk sauce as the addition. The sticky and chewy skin made of black sticky rice flour combined with sweet and savory grated coconut flesh filling and then enjoyed with coconut sauce sounds little bit heavy yet it has made my mouth water :D

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha bagi teman-teman yang merayakan ^^. Are you missing my bento post? Yes, me too LOL. Wait my bento for the next post and we wait for your next IFP participation, ciao! :D

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  1. hi tatabonita, wow! the dishes here look so appetizing, very interesting varieties.
    congrats you made it..more will come insyaallah

  2. @cookingvarieties: Thanks a lot dear ^^. Btw, how am I supposed to call you? hehe. Yes, I do hope. We also do hope that the participants will be not only Indonesian bloggers. This event is open to everyone who wants to explore Indonesian culinary :D

  3. Whoa....thanks for the round up, Ta ! Beautiful entries and we have more and more Indonesian recipes to try every month.

  4. @Indonesia Eats: Thanks a lot Mbak Pep! I tried my best hehe :D

  5. @tika hapsari nilmada: The pleasure is mine Mbak Tika :D. Yes, so can't wait to see more beautiful entries and am waiting for your next entry ;D

  6. @Puw: ayo mbaaaak, ikutan ajaaaaaa, nunggu apa lagiii? :D


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