Rujak Manis Apel & Jambu Air (Indonesian Fruit Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce)

by - Monday, October 31, 2011

 Rujak Manis Buah (Red & White Rose Apples and Rome Beauty Apples)
Last minute... Yes, I almost forgot to submit my entry for October’s Bloghop with the theme Applelove. Talking about apple in Indonesia (especially in Malang – a Regency of East Java Province I’m living in), *according to a tourism book that I read :D* apple tree was known about the year 1908 before Indonesia proclaimed its independence. The Dutch was the first people who brought it, and reached good areas for apple growing. Batu, a district of Malang Regency, is one of them, and above all it is the most suitable. The first apple variety grown in Batu was Rome Beauty. 

In my family, apples are ‘compulsory’ fruit. Mom and dad are big fans of them. They love to enjoy them freshly with the peel on or making them  into fresh apple-carrot juice. My brother and I love apples too, but we are not big fans. Our parents are never tired to “poison” us to the apple love that apple dices are our loyal “snackie” friend while we are watching tv (especially soccer match :D) or studying.

When I’m visiting my aunt and uncle, apples are also something that can be easily found on the dining room’s table or in a fridge. My uncle is a vegetarian, so apples are a must :D. Some months ago when I was in my aunt’s house, I made my own simple version of Rujak Manis Buah (Indonesian Fruit Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce). The common fruits used in Rujak Manis are green manggo, pineapple, starfruit, bengkoang (jicama), rose apple, (almost ripe) papaya, and cucumber. We sometimes love to add slices of fried tofu too and enjoy our rujak manis with kerupuk (Indonesian traditional crackers, yuuuuummm ^^). For my Rujak Manis, I only used Rome Beauty Apples and Red & White Rose Apples for the salad.

Tropical Fruits

For the peanut sauce, we have some variations here. Some love to add roasted peanut while some don’t. I’m included to the ones who love to use roasted peanut for the sauce :D. For me, the peanut-y flavor just adds the savory of the sauce. For the heat level of the sauce, I mostly choose for the medium one. But for my aunt, oh don’t ask, she’s famous for her “sauce from the hell”. At many times she makes me wonder with her amazing ability to bear with super hot food. When many of us judge a sauce is already hot with 3 bird eye’s chilies; the one with 10 chilies is “ordinary” for her that she can bear for 15! Even when she goes for a food stall selling rujak manis, she will bring her own chilies to be given to the seller to make her sauce in order not to make the seller bankrupt, LOL!

Rome Beauty Apple

When I make or cook my own food, I often get difficulty to give or tell the exact measurement. I tell you, I love to use my feeling-o-meter :D. For me, cooking is not like baking. Baking needs exact measurement for the ingredients to get perfect result, while in cooking, we can add or lessen the ingredients until we get the taste that we want ;p. Here for the recipe, I don’t give the exact measurement since I only made the sauce and salad just for me hehehe.

Rujak Manis Buah

Your preference fruits

Spicy Peanut Sauce:
A hand of roasted/fried peanut
Carved Javanese sugar/coconut sugar (adjust to meet your sweetness level ;p)
Bird eye’s chilies (as you like :D)
Tamarind juice (3/4 teaspoon)
A pinch of salt
A pinch of roasted Terasi/dried shrimp paste (In Malaysia it’s called “Belacan”)
Warm water

1.    Grind the bird eye’s chilies, a pinch of salt and roasted terasi, and roasted peanut in a mortar (not too smooth).
2.    Add carved coconut sugar, and then lighly pound until the ground peanut mix well with the coconut sugar.
3.    Add some warm water to the mixture until you get the desired sauce consistency (not too fluid and not too thick).
4.    Serve the fruit slices with the sauce, or you can dip the fruit into the sauce. Enjoy! :D

Happy day all! ^^
This is also my entry for idfb challenge chapter 2 by Indonesian Foodbloggerwith the theme Indonesian traditional snack ^^.
October is #applelove month!
Please join in on the #applelove fun by linking up any apple recipe from the month of October 2011. Don't forget to link back to this post, so that your readers know to come stop by the #applelove event! The twitter hashtag is #applelove :). 

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  1. To get fresh tropical fruits closer to the source is your benefit, Tabong! I myself have to be accept what I can get. Those tropical fruits taste different when they ship long before ripe :)

  2. hi tatabonita, do you mean you call the red fruit in your photo as apple also? we call it water apples as in wiki ha ha..
    we eat this with rojak sauce or like your sauce above . mmmm delicious

  3. @tika nilmada hapsari: bikiiiiiiiiiinnnn.... Ini aku bikinnya bener2 yang versi rumahan hehehe :D

  4. @Indonesia Eats: Yes, then it is your benefit to easily get fancy berries that at many times I always crave for T_____T. Win win! :D

  5. @cookingvarieties: hahaha, I call them ROSE apples darl ;D. Yeah, some call them water apples too ^^. Yes yes yes, sweet rojak is always delicious :D. Thanks a lot!

  6. I miss those jambu air...! So yummy! I didn't eat rujak when I was in Jakarta a few months back - I guess I focused too much on eating sushi at Sushi Tei ;)!

  7. Breathtaking photo, love this, Ta!

  8. @CookingGallery: Haha, can't you find jambu air in Germany? :D. Hah, it's so fresh and watery with the spicy peanut sauce (heeemmmm.... enyaaaaakkkk hihihihihi *semoga ngiler ;D)

  9. @Bentobird: Thanks a lot dear friend :D. I wish I had more time to capture tropical fruits ^^


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