Pink & White Usagi Bento and Heart Locket Award!

by - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

 Pink & White Usagi Bento
A quick bento post before I come across with my entry for October's IFP :D. For you who do not know about IFP you can check this post and for you who have declared about your participation but haven't posted the entry yet, you have better been prepared (so can't wait to see your entries ;D). Well, it is a super quick bento that I didn't make manually any characters on it. My cute pink and white usagi (bunny) food picks had given me a big full-of-cuteness rescue ^^. I had blanched broccoli, tamagoyaki, little red tomato, and ikan Patin bumbu Bali (Patin fish in red spice; I don't know the English of Patin fish ;p). I arranged vertically-half-sliced chikuwa with hot and sweet sauce and white sesame seeds sprinkle and put my cute food picks for the final touch.

Heart Locket Award

I'm also happy to tell you that I got a sweet award, Heart Locket Award, from a new sweet friend of mine, cookingvarieties. Thanks a lot for the award, so happy ^^. This is what I love from blogging; I can get many sweet and kind friends from all around the world. Yeah.... that's blogging power :D. 
These are some rules for the award receiver:
1. If you get this award, pass it on to other 7 blogs
2. Put in the award picture in your post
3. Don't pass the award back to the award giver
4. Answer the questions below and post them in your blog

Only 2 questions, it's good to know you better :D
1. What makes you feel great about yourself?
2. Who inspires you most? Also be more specific, which qualities inspire you, in each person? You can list as many people you like.

My answers:
1. The things that me feel great about myself at many times are my creativity ;p  (please pardon me for this)  and my fidelity for something that I love :D
2. Ehm... Quite difficult to answer this. Many people have inspired me. But, the one who always inspires me is my beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW :D. But recently..... I let you know the ones who inspire me are Indonesian motivator Ippho "Right" Santosa and Oh Ha Ni (a character in Korean Drama, Playful Kiss ;p). For a stubborn girl like me, the reason why I like Oh Ha Ni character is clear hehehehe :D.

Okay okay... I pass this award to 7 lucky beautiful blogs in random:

Have a great day all! :D

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  1. Hi Tata! Thank you for being so sweet! You really brighten my day babe! I have just passed the sweetness forward :d:

  2. The cute picks for the win! The sauce looks amazing Ta! Laperrrr nih ... :m:

  3. I love your bunny picks and I'm still doubting to get it! Hee.. ;P
    Congrats on your award, Tata! Thank you very much for passing this very special award to me too. I feel so honored and so happy! I really appreciate it very much and receiving this beautiful Heart Locket Award from you, one of my most admiring bentoist, makes me feel so truly special! Thank you for putting me in your list and it really makes my day, a very special day! Thank you, my dear friend. :f:

  4. @Bento Cat: You're very welcome dear :D. Really sorry not to be able to tell you directly about it yesterday since I had only limited time to blog hehehe, but really glad that you noticed it first ^^. Thanks a lot for the forward, that's so quick! :D

  5. @Lia Chen: Sure they are the winner :D. Ahahaha, that's my experimental sauce, but it's quite good (for me ;p). Thanks a lot Mbak Lia ^^

  6. @Lyn: Love those pink and white buddies too a lot; a bundle of cuteness :D. Thanks Lyn, you deserve too to get the award. You have filled your cute blog with a bunch of love, effort, and thought. You are also one of my nicest friends. You really deserve it :D

  7. sweet
    thanks so much for the award, Ta...:b

  8. Your bentos are always so simple and pretty :a:
    Always inspired by you!

  9. Great that you use your food picks again :-) ! I need to use mine more often...Thank you so much for the award....:-) ! I'll try to answer those questions as soon as possible.

  10. @Journal Mommy Yenny: You're truly welcome mommy ^^. This award is nothing compared to your passion, love, and effort to make your kids cute lunches :D.

  11. @Anncoo: Many thanks Ann... Yes, I tend to do simple bento right now. You know, limited in the morning hehehe :D

  12. @Cookinggallery: It's my great pleasure to pass the award CG... Your work with bentoing and cooking is just awesome! Now you're my inspiring bentoist ;D

  13. Alhamdulillah. Thanks for the award, dear Tata :)
    Now I have to find 7 blogs before passing the award to the next 7 blogs.
    I'm asking your permission to add the link of your blog on my inspiring blog list. Thanks in advance and keep inspiring.

  14. @tika hapsari nilmada: You're surely welcome mbak ^^. Your blog with great photography is a real inspiration. I'm very happy and honored to have my blog linked in yours :D


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