[IFP] Daging Balado - Beef Balado

by - Thursday, October 13, 2011

 Daging Balado (Beef Balado)
Tadaaaa!!! Here I come with my entry for October’s IFP (Indonesian Food Party). I’m a huge fan of simple recipe and… spicy recipe of course :D. Indonesians love spicy food, right? ;D. The recipe of Daging Balado (Beef Balado) I come across with today brings me the best of both worlds ^^. As my surprise, when I was exploring a host of folders of my food creation pictures, I found out that I made this Daging Balado (Beef Balado) on September 9, 2009 *oh My… More than 2 years ago*. I got the recipe from here, thanks Sexy Chef for the easy yummy recipe; love it a lot :D.

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Balado is a specialty of West Sumatran culinary. Balado spice is actually like sambal (chili paste); it greatly depends on the use of chili to kick your taste buds ;p. I remember one of foodie friends says that Sumatran food, particularly the West Sumatran, is greatly based on chili and shallot for the spices ^^. Indonesian food based on Balado spice is numerous since Balado spice is quite fertile to be combined with any ingredients. For daily home cooking for example, we love to have eggplant Balado, chicken Balado, sunny side up fried egg Balado, fried oyster mushroom Balado, fish Balado, tofu/tempeh Balado, potato Balado, anchovies Balado, shrimp Balado, and many more (we love to Balado-ize everything :D). Shrimp and fried oyster mushroom Balado are my most favorites ^^. But, the most popular one in Indonesia is actually 'Dendeng Balado'. Dendeng is thinly sliced dried meat. It is preserved through mixture of sugar and spices and drying through frying process (Wikipedia). Dendeng Balado is a combination of Dendeng and Balado spice, of course ^^; it originates from Padang, West Sumatra.

Talking about the level of spiciness, this Beef Balado is not that hot for me actually. Those torn pieces of red chili on the photo were actually not as hot as they might seem. I used only cabai merah besar (In Bahasa Indonesia it’s loosely translated: big red chili). Indonesian cabai merah besar is less hot than bird eye chili. So, next time when I manage to make another Beef Balado, I have to make sure that I add a good amount of bird eye chilies LOL!

Daging Balado (Beef Balado)

500 gram top side beef
600 ml water to boil
½ tablespoon of tamarind
Lime juice
Salt to season
10 shallots
8 cayenne peppers, seeded
Cooking/vegetable oil to fry

1.    Slice the meat approximately 2cm thick.
2.    Bring to boil water, the sliced meat, tamarind, and salt.
3.    After the meat slices are done and tender, turn off the heat and cool them down.
4.    Pound the meat with pestle ‘til get bruised. For a cleanliness purpose, put in the beef into a plastic bag before pounding it.
5.    Fry the bruised meat (not too crispy), set aside.
6.    Coarsely pound cayenne peppers and shallots then sauté them by adding a pinch of salt. When it is done, remove from heat. Sprinkle it with adequate amount of lime juice and add in the fried meat. Mix well.

Now talking about West Sumatra, it's one of provinces in Sumatra that I really want to visit besides Nias and Toba Lake of North Sumatra. Those places are just AWESOME!!!! West Sumatra is not only popular for its rich culinary, its dazzling traditional house architecture and natural beauty are also a heart winner. I REALLY REALLY WANT to go there, but I wish when I have that chance I have already had a DSLR to take photos of those beautiful places hehehehehe ;D

Rumah Gadang
Photo credit: Google + Key Word "Rumah Gadang"

Ngarai Sianok
Photo credit: Google + Key Word "Ngarai Sianok"

Well buddies, we got 3 IFP entries so far in our e-mail (now is 4 including mine :D). Thanks a lot for you who have submitted your entries. We wait for the others! Fighting! q^o^p

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  1. Although, I have been 3 times to North Sumatra, I only passed by the Ngarai sianok with the kelok sembilan. I really enjoyed the scenery of West Sumatra as I took a bus at that time. Could you imagine going to North Sumatra from East Java with ALS? :)

  2. @Indonesia Eats: Hah, I know about 'kelok sembilan'; it's cool! Wait wait wait... East Java to North Sumatra by bus + ALS? *Can't imagine that %-[

  3. Wooo!! This dish looks very spicy! I used to eat a lot of chilli (the more the better!) before having my two gals but now I can't take too spicy food bcoz of my youngest gal. She always wants to share food with me every time=no chilli for me too and this cause me to 'dislike' chilli in certain food. Funny right!? lol ;P

  4. @Lyn: It's actually not as spicy as it looks, Lyn (for me hehehhehe). Yeah I know, staying away from chili is a difficult thing, but if you do it for your dear girl I think it's alright ;D. When I'm home, I can be crazier in consuming spicy food; my family is a huge fan of sambal and spicy food, we can't live without spicy food LOL :D

  5. Yeah, initially wasn't easy bcoz everything was like 'tasteless' but now certain food are way too much spicy for me sometimes! lol

  6. hi tatabonita... like i said your blog is very merry. everytime i want to put comment, those smileys are dancing away with funny faces...
    i have eaten daging dendeng balado at minang restaurants in k lumpur, now i can learn how to make this delicious recipe from you ..thanks dear

  7. @cookingvarieties: Thanks a lot! I added them so that the comment giver will feel happy and fun with the commenting system hehehe. Mine here is the simple version, the spices that I used are way much simpler than the original version :D


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