Saté Telur Puyuh (Quail Egg Saté/Satay)

by - Friday, August 12, 2011

 Homey and Humble Tumpeng Mini with Saté Telur Puyuh (Quail Egg Saté/Satay)
Hello everyone! How are you? It’s so great to see you all again :D. Through this post, I want to tell you about a special monthly foodie program that my friend, Momon of Mari Bermain di Dapur, and I have arranged. What foodie program? Well, it is a foodie program where Momon and I will regularly post an Indonesian recipe once in a month (on the first week of the month). For Momon, I’m really sorry for coming way late. This week was pretty crazy for me (main issue deadline and taking care of my mom who had been hospitalized *gadzillions thanks to Allah, she’s fine now :D).

Quail Eggs 1

As Indonesian, both Momon and I are certainly always in love with our national food. We are always curious about them. That’s the reason why two of us make this event, we want to make our monthly foodie event as our media to know and learn more about our food. As I’m a baking dumb-dumb while Momon is really good at baking, my task is to post something “cooking” while Momon’s will be something “baking” hehehe :D.  But it doesn’t mean that I will always post something cooking and Momon’s will be something baking; we can come up with any Indonesian food recipes that we have cooked or baked ^^. As this program is totally new that the participants are only Momon and me, we widely open the door for everyone who wants to join us and to introduce our Indonesian food that is so rich in variety from Sabang to Merauke :D. No worry about what to cook or bake, we don’t have any special theme every month - just go with your favorite recipes as long as they are Indonesian :D. As for the language, you can use English, Bahasa Indonesia, or other languages that you master ^^. I want to name this foodie program --> “Indonesian Food Party” (IFP); but I need to ask Momon about it first since we have not discussed ‘bout it yet ;p (hope she’ll like it ^^). I think I also want to make a logo for this foodie event LOL! We have a great expectation that many of you, especially Indonesian food bloggers, would like to join us in this foodie event :D.

As the maiden recipe post for our Indonesian food program, I come across with simple Saté Telur Puyuh (Quail Egg Saté/Satay) recipe. In Indonesia, Saté is not only about grilled meat on a bamboo skewer. We love to call every food arranged on bamboo skewers (from meat to vegetables) as Saté ^^. Saté Telur Puyuh is one of popular side dishes in Indonesia that we can easily find them sold by street food hawkers to big restaurants. Saté Telur Puyuh is also traditional accompaniment to Soto Ayam (Javanese Chicken Soup). The kind of spice bases used for Saté Telur Puyuh itself are many - from the more complicated yellow/red spice bases to the super simple one just like the one I come up with today :D.

I also submit this post for another foodie event by Indonesian food bloggers, Masak Bareng Yuuk!!! (Let’s Cook Together!!!) with the theme “Food for Birthday Celebration”. As you can see from the pict above, I enjoy my Saté Telur Puyuh with a mini set of Tumpeng Rice with some other side dishes. The set I come up with is my very own humble and homey version, not like the common Indonesian festive one for celebrations. Tumpeng rice set is one of common traditional dishes prepared for celebrating birthday in Indonesia. For the Tumpeng (the cone-molded steamed rice) is mostly made of Nasi Kuning (Indonesian Yellow Fragrant Rice) or sometimes Nasi Gurih (Savory and Fragrant Rice). In my post case, I come up with the latter :D. I made this mini Tumpeng set for celebrating my aunt’s birthday some months ago. She loved what I made for her and enjoyed my very humble gift of simple everyday cooking for her birthday :D. For the quail egg saté/satay, I used the basic spice for Semur (Indonesian sweet soy sauce based stew).

Sate Telur Puyuh

Sate Telur Puyuh
(Quail Egg Sate/Satay)

24 quail eggs, hard-boiled and peeled
2 cloves garlic, ground
3 shallots, ground
¼ teaspoon ground white pepper
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
2-3 tablespoon sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)
250 ml water
Salt (and sugar) to taste
Cooking oil to saute

Some Bamboo skewers

1.    Saute ground shallot and garlic until fragrant.
2.    Add in water, ground white pepper and nutmeg, sweet soy sauce, salt and sugar. Stir well.
3.    When the water is heating, add in quail eggs and cook the eggs over low medium heat until you get brownish color on the eggs.
4.    When it’s done, turn off the heat and cool down the eggs.
5.    Arrange the eggs on bamboo skewers (3-4 eggs for each skewer).
6.    Enjoy! ^^

Quail Eggs 2
Please check out what Momon has for you on her sweet blog :D

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  1. This look certainly yummy!!! Can I have a set please? :f:

  2. teehee! tataaaaa.. i'm coming.. i totally can understand your late post taa.. in fact, i was late as well. aaah, thank God ibu km udh keluar rs ta, beliau sakit apa? salam yaa utk tante, semoga lekas sembuh total, pasti lbh cepet sembuh klo km masakin terus ta! haha.

    i love the IFP idea, that's great! :) can't wait for next month's post jdnya ta! hahaha. ayo bikin logooo! tereteretet... *bunyi terompet penyemangat* haha.

    aku sukaaaa banget makan sate telur puyuh ini, adikku lebih2 sukanya, haha. apalagi klo bareng soto makannya, hihi. aku copy resepnya ya taa..

  3. @Kids Dream Work: Hi Ai Ping, come over to my house, and I'll make you one ;D

  4. @Momon: Oke Mon, monggo saja di copy resepnya, tp itu td dah tak edit, lupa ngasih garam di methodnya hehehe.

    Si mamah kecapekan aja Mon, alhamdulillah dah sembuh sekarang ^^. Mon, ada ide kira2 logonya isinya apa aja? Gambar atau apanya gitu lah? :D

  5. Hi Tata! Congratulations on your new foodie program! It sounds very interesting and I so glad that you and your friend, Momon came up with it! This is a very good idea and it really can kill the curiosities for people who aren't Indonesian and would love to know more about your national cuisine! Well done, Tata and Momon! :b:
    I love your first pic of the quail eggs! It's really beautiful and cute laying them in a 'nest'! Nice cone rice too! Hope you're able to post a recipe of your Nasi Gurih and Nasi Kuning some day. I LOVE savory fragrant rice so much and I always choose them over plain boring white rice... lol

  6. @Lyn: Really love to get your appreciation and encouragement Lyn :D. You've filled us with more motivation to run our foodie program ^^

    Ah yeah, thanks for reminding me. I'd love to cook nasi kuning and nasi gurih when I'm home next time celebrating ied al-fitr (Raya). I'll take the photos and share the recipes with you all ^^

  7. Yummy! Looks great to celebrate your IFP program. It's a great idea Ta to introduce Indonesian foods to other bloggers :)

  8. @Lia Chen: Mbak Liaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... Would you love to join us? Plis plis plis plis plisss.... Only once in a month *begging you with puppy eyes effect* hehehe

  9. That's great Tata! You're a sweetie! Can't wait to see your recipes soon and thank you so much for agreeing to my request! :b:
    Btw, I just went over to Momon's and she has such an awesome and lovely blog with so many delicious goodies! Makes me even more excited about your new program! lol

  10. I am excited for this once a month treat of Indonesian foods. I am always interested on learning of regional cuisines.

    Love the quail egg photo, it's beautiful!

  11. @Lyn: I'll try my best :D
    Happy to know you gave a visit to her blog, it's not only her blog that is sweet, Momon is nice as a pie as well ^^

  12. @Lyndsey: Hola Lyndsey!!!! Miss your visit here ha ha :D. Glad to know that you like this post. I love to try and post simple recipes with the hope that it will be easy to be tried by you all :D. Indonesian food is not only about the one with hundred and alien ingredients; we have so many simple food recipes as well :)

  13. Hi kids love quail eggs...
    I will copy your recipe for them
    thanks, dear :)

  14. @Journal Mommy Yenny: Yes Mommy, thanks a lot! ^^
    The brown quail eggs are just perfect for bento :D


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