2 Kinds of Hello Kitty Sandwich :)

by - Monday, May 16, 2011

So glad to be back in blogging again. Blogger was down for maintenance some days ago that I couldn't open my blogger account for two days. When Blogger went back to normal again on the weekend, it was me who went down for I was exhausting from busy teaching activity that I couldn't enjoy my weekend :) - weightless head often hits me in this kind of situation.

Well, for today's post I come across with a quite long tutorial post about how to make 2 types of Hello Kitty (HK) Sandwich with one tool - who doesn't love HK? Anyone of you who raises your hand I'll pinch you hehehe ^^v. Okay, the first sandwich type is the one I show you below here:

Cute Hello Kitty Sandwich

The HK tool that I used to make the sandwiches is...

HK Cutter & Stamper

To make that first type of HK sandwich, I only used the HK cutter without the facial stamper. I used the head one and used my pink food pick as the HK's ribbon. To fill the sandwich's layers, you can choose your favorite ingredients. I stuffed my sandwich with beef floss and hot tomato ketchup for the first layer, and chicken floss and mayo for the second layer. Even to make that lace-y nori, you can used egg sheet or your other favorite ingredients :D. No more babbling, let's make HK sandwich buddies! :D

Hw to HK Cute Sandwich

1. Prepare the tools and ingredients to make the sandwich. Tools: scissors (to cut the lace-y nori and HK's whiskers), pointy sharp knife (you can also your x-acto knife), paw puncher to cut the nori eyes, HK cutter, food pick for HK's ribbon, tweezers, and chopping board. Ingredients: cheese to make HK's head, slices of bread, nori for HK's eyes and whiskers and lace-y strip, yellow egg sheet/little corn/yellow cheese for HK's nose, mayo to glue, and your favorite ingredients to stuff your sandwich.

2. Before cutting the HK's head, put the lace-y nori on a slice of bread and "glue" the nori to the bread with mayo as seen on picture number 4. Cut the cheese with HK cutter to make HK's head then put it on top surface of bread with lace-y nori and also glue with mayo (as seen picture number 4 too).

3. Cut the nori with paw puncher to make the eyes. For HK's whiskers, cut them with scissors.

4. Put HK's facial details with tweezers.

5. Stuff and pile up your sandwiches and put them in your bento box. DO be careful in sticking the food pick as the ribbon. If not, you'll get cracking HK's head T_T

6. Voilaaa!!!! HK sandwich type 1 is done! :D


You can use grass baran to fill up the narrow empty space. Lettuce or grass baran are always useful when we run out of fresh lettuce stock. Not to mention, sometimes we only need a small amount of fresh lettuce to decor our bento box, but in fact, at many times we can only buy lettuce in a big bundle package :(. It's always be my big regret when I have to waste the faded leaves. So, green baran now is a must for me - as my rescuer :D.

HK Sandwich

And now we arrive on the second type of our HK sandwich today. I will only show you how to make the top of the sandwich. While for the filling; it's once again up to you :D. For the second type, I also used a heart shaped cutter from another tool (I'll show you it later on the next post). And for this type, the HK facial stamper is also used :D. Without telling you, I'm sure you have already known about what you will need to make this second type sandwich.

MR - How To HK Sandwich

1. Cut a slice of bread with a heart shaped cutter.

2. Make a HK head line by pressing HK cutter slightly. Don't put your big effort to press the bread, otherwise you'll get a real HK head shaped cutout LOL!

3. Now use the HK facial stamper on your bread.

4. Tadaaaa!!! The second type is also done! :D

You can see that this HK cutter set is so handy. Not only you can use it to cut veggies or cookies, you can also use it for other cute purposes. The only thing needed then is your imagination :D. I got these cute HK cutters and stampers from Mummy Raifan. You want to get 'em too? Here's the link of Mummy Raifan...

Mummy Raifan Badge on BCBW

Happy Bentoing everyone! ^^

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  1. Wah....
    Miss, beli alat-alatnya tu dimana sih
    Jadi pengen punya juga, sapa tau kalo da waktu luang iseng bikin resep-resepnya miss....

  2. @Endah: Thanks Endah ^^. Yang ini aku dapatnya dari Mummy Raifan, online shop di FB. Klik aja linknya trus tinggal di add :D

  3. asik! sekarang klo liat bcw ada tutorial step by step nya.. ahahaha. lumayan nih Ta buat yang oon bentoing kayak aku, hihihi. aku ketinggalan apa aja yaa di blog km.. :n:

  4. Love the way you used your pink food picks as the ribbons! NICE! :h:

  5. @Momon: Ehehe, maaci Momon :). Halaaahhh, bisa2 Mon, kamu belum coba aja bikin bento, sekali coba langsung jago deh, kayak si CG itu :D

  6. @Lyn: Thanks a lot Lyn! When I wanted to use my red ribbon pick I just realized that I only have one hehe :D

  7. I like the heart shape HK sandwich! Don't think any girls can resists that yeah :h:

  8. @Kids Dream Work: Many thanks Ai Ping! Aha, that's a good news that I don't need to pinch any girls :D

  9. HK nya cantik banget... biarpun simple tapi rapi dan pengambilan gambarnya juga OK ^^
    Suka banget liat foto2 bento kamu... seperti liat di majalah2... Kamu ada belajar photografi ya? Jadi pengen belajar juga :p

  10. @oeymom: Thanks a lot oeymom! ^^. Hehehehe, belajar otodidak, bahkan aku gak pakek DSLR, aku cuma pakek kamera poket kok :D.

  11. Love the step-by-step pics, Ta, you've done a great job :D)!! I want that HK mold too...! I am not such a huge fan of HK actually (yes, yes, do pinch me ;)!), but HK is indeed quite adorable and is a good bento model:).

  12. u're most welcome tata :)
    the pink ribbons look nice as well! :D

  13. I love this post! Full of adorable tips we can be inspired by...love the carefully crafted details in these fun and feminine HK sammies, Ta!

  14. @CG: Thanks a lot CG! Hehehe, I finally have someone to pinch, cubiiitttt!!!! Yeah, let's get yourself a new one CG ^^. I'm sure you can come up with lots of creations with the cutters instead of HK :D

  15. @Bentobird: So glad that you enjoy this post Jenn :D. I just want to show that cute thing can be made in a simple way ^^

  16. Love both ways of HK sandwiches! And great tutorial there with beautiful pictures :)

  17. @Lia Chen: Thanks a lot Mbak Lia! :D. Please don't be too long with your hiatus, we're gonna definitely miss you much :D

  18. aih...always fall in love with your photography. Sweet HK of yours, Ta :)

  19. Tata, thank you very much for the HK tutorials. Will try to make one when I'm free :a:

  20. @Journal Mommy Yenny: Aiiihhh... Many thanks Mbak Yen, you make me blushing ^^

  21. @Anncoo: You're very welcome Ann :D. Yes yes yes please, hope it can be a pleasurable activity for your free time ^^

  22. Ta, thank you so much for the play by play on how you make the HK sandwiches. It is so helpful, I love it. I know how to do it in some ways, but them coming down to it it sometimes just falls short and I am afraid to post it.(hope that makes sense) I like how you show all the details! :d:

  23. @Lyndsey: You're very welcome dear friend :D. Glad to know that this post helpful for the readers. Oh yeah, I get what you mean. So can't wait to see your cute sandwich creation ^^


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