Pucca Bento, Happy New Year 2011 & Announcement of BCBW's 2nd Blogiversary Winner

by - Saturday, January 01, 2011

Pucca Bento - Happy New Year 2011!
Selamat Tahun Baru 2011, semuanya! Happy New Year 2011, everyone! Woohoo, time flies by so fast, eh? Yup, it’s January 1st! Means the time to announce the lucky winner of BCBW’s 2nd blogiversary giveaway :D. But before I go to tell you who the winner is, let me babble first about today’s Pucca Bento. I haven’t made any bentos again since last November that I have no special New Year themed bento to come across with. So, I just looked for the bento pictures in the bento folder in my computer and then picked one of them randomly and edited it as a new year card :D. There’s a time when I have a bad relationship with rice that I don’t have any appetite at all to it. So, bento with bread, fruit, boiled veggies, and hard-boiled egg like this is my favorite :D. I made Pucca from hard-boiled egg and quail eggs (for her dango hair style) wrapped with nori and decorated with the red part of imitated crab stick and a love food pick. Pucca was so happy accompanied by slices of orange, strawberry, snow peas pod, boiled broccoli, and a cup of small enclosed chicken pizza.

Okay, now let’s move to the giveaway business :D. I didn’t reply all of your comments in the giveaway post, so now I want to say to:

Emily Ng, Just a MOM (Lina), Lim, Lil’chan, Bum2 Fam (Mama Kevan), Token (Bento-Lunch-Blog), Lia Chen, Nely Prasongko, Julia, Jenk Niniek, Yani Soegandi, Yohanna Salome, spatula online (Kathy), Erlyna Abidasari, Anita Tresiyana Dewi, Lyndsey, rustka (Lia), Sysyl, Rio, Anncoo, Sonoma Bento (Michelle), Monica Adriana, Mommyoftwogirlz (Stephanie), evilfrozenpeas (Phoebe), bentobird (Jenn), audiodisco (Sam), Kelly Polizzi, Mufarocha Siti, Yulita Arizona, Ting Ling Sien, Nanik Lestari, Ayin Goendarsono (Ayin Gundersen), Lidia Ratnawati, vicuska (Eva), honeysweety (Dita), Widiastuty (Mama Afiq), BungaTanjung, Niken Pratiwi Sumanjaya, Irene Tadius, Rulliantini Marthadiningtyas, Kids Dream Work (Ai Ping), Elaine, Hidden_Relic, slovakiasteph (Steph), Journal Mommy Yenny (Yenny), Sari Widiarti, A. (Anna), Janine, and Tauresia Ancy Leaua, charsiubau (Monee), and Pipaw

I THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind comments and participations for my blog’s 2nd anniversary, your comments have shown me that you have lots of encouragement, support, and love to me :D. TERIMAKASIH BANYAK (THANK YOU VERY MUCH), I love you all and am terribly blessed to have you all as my friends, hugs! :D.

And here’s the way we got the winner… I typed all the names of you whose comments have indicated that you joined the giveaway. As my previous word, I typed your name twice if you told me you are my follower :D. I cut the names and then rolled them (my friend, S, helped me).

Undian 1

After all of the name cutouts were rolled, I put them in a plastic jar to be shaked by S. S shaked the jar and then picked one of the rolled cutouts (no worry, she closed her eyes :D).

Undian 2

Undian 3

And here’s the winner… The winner is…. (drum roll please….. :D)

Undian 4

Widiastuty aka Mama Afiq from Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia!
Woohoo, congrats! Now you own these bentoing goodies ^^


Please e-mail me your mailing address to bcw_blog@yahoo.com so that I can send you the bento goodies right away :D

Once again, Happy New Year everyone! Wish the new 2011 year brings happiness, peace, prosperity, and better life :D

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  1. @honeysweety: Makasih juga ya Dita, udah berpartisipasi ^^

  2. Congratulations on the lucky winner!
    Happy New Year Tata!

  3. Wow, you did so much work just for choosing the lucky winner ;)! Thumbs up!! Met Tahun Baru 2011 ya!! Pucca nya lucu...!!

  4. Happy New Year!! Congrats to your winner. Pucca is so adorable and the enclosed pizza looks delish!! Did you make it and where can I get the recipe..lol

  5. Aaaawww I missed the giveaway...I suck! Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR tata!!
    Pucca's dango hair is super well done, so cute!
    I wish you a greatest and yummiest year! :D

  6. aku ga' dapet :m:
    Selamat buat pemenangnya..*tetep nangis guling2*

  7. @Anncoo: Happy New Year too, Ann! Wish you a great year ahead :D

  8. @Cooking Gallery: Yeaaaa, tell me about it! LOL. Thanks a lot, selamat tahun baru jugaaaa ^^

  9. @Mommyof2girlz: Thanks a lot, Steph! Happy new year too :D. No, I'm suck in baking LOL. I got it from my favorite bakery :D

  10. @babykins: Thanks a lot Izumi for your sweet wish for me :D. Haha, I love her dango style hair too ^^. So glad to have you here again hehe ^^

  11. @Adam & Bunda: Hahahaha, sorry dorry morry... Belum rejekinya bunda, jimatnya kurang mantep wkwkwkwk ^^v

  12. @Lily Riani: Makasih banyak Lily... I especially love her dango hair :D


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