Happy Bunny Bento & Creative Blogger Award

by - Friday, January 21, 2011

The Bunny Says Hi!
I did make a bunny-themed bento for CNY but I've managed to post it later since I found this Happy Bunny Bento in my jadul (old) bento folder :D. This bunny bento was made when I was still an undergraduate student (almost 2 years ago). I made two charabens at that time and brought them to campus to be enjoyed together with friends (yup, they were sooo happy with the charabens ^^). I tell you a secret: It's so easy to differentiate between my old and recent bentos - how? My old bentos have no cute and fancy food picks, LOL! (and I tended to do carving :D). I made the little oranges from boiled carrot decorated with boiled green bean and tooth pick to replace the use of leaf food pick that I didn't posses at that time hehehe ^^. And what's the character of the other bento in a green box? Was it bunny too? You'll see later ;D.

The bunny was made of steamed firm tofu and tomato. To make the view, I used two slices of fried chicken ball as the stones, boiled broccoli as trees, white steamed rice as the sky, a combination of white rice and black sticky rice for the ground, and those little seeds were basil seeds :D. The side dishes were rolled egg sheet with boiled green bean and carrot (I wished I knew how to make good egg sheet at that time :D), bunny-shaped fried tempeh (Indonesian fermented soy bean cake), carrot oranges, and boiled sweet corn. The fruits were Balinese grapes and peeled orange.

Oya, I have a happy news too. I got a Creative Blogger Award from my sweet friend and my cooking guru, Mbak Deethong of Mlebu Pawon. Thanks a lot kamsiong for the awardonge Guruong ;D. I'm supposed to give this award to five creative bloggers according to me, but let me break the rule for this time hehehehe ^^. I give this award to my creative friends in facebook who are very creative in making bento. I hope this award make them more motivated and supported to make more super creative bento and spread the love for bento :D. And those six (yes six) lucky friends are..

Nely Eka Someilia Niken Pratiwi
Irene Tadius
Julia Wingantini
Yohana Salome
Ling Sien

CNY is just around the corner and the spirit of red and gold are in the air. The thing that I love is... Mini Mandarin oranges are everywhere!!! Hehehehe Orange is my most favorite fruit, so when there are lots of oranges, I'm HAPPY :D

Mini Mandarin Oranges

A Single Little Mandarin Orange

I DO LOVE to make fun with photography and oranges. Wanna know what I did with these little oranges? Stay tuned! ;D

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  1. I love your bunny bento!!! So cute!

  2. @Susan Yuen: Mahalo Susan :D. Hey, I'm in for the Mutual Publishing bento contest, so can't wait hehehe ^^

  3. Cute...cute..cute bunny.. :) tempenya menggoda bgt untuk dimakan, disini kaga ada tempe nih..hiks..

  4. Entah kenapa aku bisa nggak liat kalau mbak Tata udah update blog. Maaf!!! Huah, jadul bentonya aja udah bagus begitu...nggak heran bento yg sekarang lebih canggih ^^

  5. This is a happy bunny bento indeed! Love its sweet theme and the coloful balance of foods inside, Ta.

    The oranges are so beautiful...sigh, your photography always makes my head spin!

  6. lovely bunny bento. ya.. i love the mini sweet oranges too..

  7. @mama elaine: Hi, mama elaine! Thank you very much :D. Iya nih, aku kan penggemar berat tempe, apalagi mendol tempe khas Malang hehehe. Sekarang tinggalnya dimana mbak? Kok sampek gak ada tempe hehe, coba eksperimen bikin ndiri mbak, sapa tau berhasil ^^, semangat!

  8. @Sysyl: Hehehe, makasih Sysyl :D. Jadi begini Syl ceritanya, 3 hari yg lalu aku buka blog dan nulis post, eh belum selesai ada kerjakan lain yg harus segera dikerjakan, jadi tulisan postnya aku simpan di draft trus ku terusin lg kemaren, pas nonggol lakok pake tanggal yg kemaren, capek deehh....

  9. @Bentobird: Hahaha, you're so hilarious Jenn, thanks a lot :D. I couldn't resist to take photos of the little oranges since they were sooo cute ^^

  10. @Bobo: Thanks a lot Florence :D. Yes, who can't resist from a cute sweet little orange? ;D

  11. always love your shots, Ta
    the bunny surely looks happy!

  12. @Journal Mommy Yenny: Thanks a lot Mbak Yen :D


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