BCBW's 2nd Anniversary and a Giveaway!

by - Sunday, December 05, 2010

Twin Blonde Girls Bento
Hello again! December is the b’day of my blog – yes, BCBW is 2 yo now :D. It actually falls on December 16, but I’m sure everyone will be so busy preparing for the big Xmas holiday, so I celebrate it in advance :D. I had no better idea about what to come for the b’day bento, and this Twin Blonde Girls Bento was the best I could come across with in my limited time in the morning :D. Why twin girls? Twin is always identical with two *and 2 is the number of my blog’s b’day for this year :D*. The bento was SO simple: twin blonde girls, twin boneless fried chicken with spicy coating flour, and twin boiled broccoli – everything was twin except for the orange note pick and little flag hehehe, and the girly theme was brought since I always love a girly and cute atmosphere :D.

Lovely Purple Little Flowers

This two-year blogging feels so amazing… Got so lots joy and happiness since I got the world’s most wonderful and supportive blogging buddies ever! Sometimes in the night before I fall asleep, I often look at my room’s ceiling and wonder how magical bloggingsphere is... I’m often amazed by the fact that I got so lots of sweet friends from all around the world that always support and encourage me :D. Many thanks dear friends, I’m so honored to be blessed to have you all to cheer up my days, yeayyy!!! XOXO.


To celebrate my blog’s 2nd b’day, I conduct a little giveaway *yeah, maybe many of you have already had these items as your bento gadget collections :D*. It’s very easy and everyone can join this giveaway. Only one person will be lucky to get all of the prizes :D. Here are the rules of the giveaway:
  1. Leave a comment on this post and write down your name and where you come from. From example: Hi, it’s Tata from Malang, Indonesia! *very easy, right? :D* I always love to know from where my readers are :D
  2. If you are my blog’s follower, just tell me about it and you’ll have a double chance to win!
  3. If you don’t have a blog, you can send your participation through my e-mail at bcw_blog@yahoo.com *no worry, I won’t let the others know your complete e-mail addresses :D*, or if you are my facebook buddies you can participate through facebook. I will copy paste your participation via e-mail or facebook to this post.
  4. Only one comment for one person :D
  5. You can participate until December 31, 2010. I will announce the lucky winner on January 1, 2011 :D

Halo semuanya! Dalam rangka memeriahkan ultah ke-2 blognya Tata, Tata mau bagi-bagi hadiah :D. Hadiahnya gak heboh sih, mungkin dah banyak yang pada punya, tapi gak ada ruginya dapet lagi kan? Hehehehe. Hanya bakal ada satu pemenang beruntung. Untuk ngikutin acara bagi-bagi hadiah ini caranya guampang banget dan semua orang bisa ikutan *kecuali aye ndiri lah haha*. Nih caranya, guampang deh, mohon disimak dengan seksama hehehe:
  1. Tinggalkan sebuah komen untuk post kali ini trus kasih tau Tata siapa nama dikau-dikau sekalian trus darimana asalnya. Gini contohnya: Disini ada Tata, dari Malang! *super guampang kan? :D*
  2. Kalau temen2 ini adalah pengikut blognya Tata, kasih tau yaaaa… Bakalan dapet 2 kali kesempatan untuk menang, asyeeek kan? ^^
  3. Kalo gak punya blog, bisa berpartisipasi lewat e-mail atau facebook *kalo untuk facebook tentunya yang udah jadi temennya Tata di facebook :D*. Buat yang mau berpartisipasi lewat e-mail, bisa dikirim dimari: bcw_blog@yahoo.com *gak perlu khawatir, Tata gak bakal kasih tau yang lain alamat lengkap e-mail temen2, rahasia dijamin aman :D*. Ntar Tata bakalan memindahkan komen temen2 yang via e-mail atau facebook dimari :D
  4. Satu orang satu komen aja ya :D
  5. Temen2 semuanya bisa berpartisipasi sampai tanggal 31 Desember 2010. Ntar tanggal 1 Januari 2011 bakal Tata umumin sapa pemenang yang beruntung.

And these are the giveaway items that you can get:

Two Tiers Bento Box
Two tiers blue bento box complete with chopsticks, cutlery, and a belt from Arniss. Maybe you still remember about this Sweet Bento? Mine has green lid – if you win you can get with the blue one :D

Sandwich Cutter
A cute pink sandwich cutter. This is the cutter that I used to shape rice to make Chococat and Hello Kitty on the previous bento. Isn’t this cutter great? You can use it to make cute sandwich and also to shape steamed rice!

Froggie Bag
Green froggie folded bag. This is a bag! Curious with how this little froggie turns out to be a cute bag? Win this giveaway first :D

Snoopy Cutlery
Snoopy cutlery. Who doesn’t love Snoopy? Blue pretty chopsticks, spoon, fork, and a cute case! :D

Jungle Animals Foodpicks
Cute jungle animals foodpicks. These little jungle guys will help you to make your bento box looks cuter and fun!

Feel free to take a participation and wish you all wonderful days ahead!
Cheers, Tata ^^

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  1. :e: ♫♪ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Tata, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!! ♫♪
    :a: Lovely blonde girls bento. My eldest son's birthday in Dec too...hehe. Your giveway items are so cute and I wish I can win them back..hahaha. I want to participate in your giveaway...hehe.
    I am Emily Ng from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
    I am your follower now!! Yee har...
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!! :h:

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! cute bento and awesome give away ...

  3. Hello, love your bento. I'm Lim from Malaysia!


  5. Happy Blog Birthday to you~
    Happy Blog Birthday to you~
    Happy Blog Birthday dear Tata,
    Happy Blog Birthday to you~

    Hey! Here is Jacqueline (Lil'chan) from Germany!
    I wish you all the best.
    I follow your Blog thanks to feeds, so I know everytime you show us something new :d:

    Your bento looks so cute aw... love it^^

  6. assalamualaikum tata, ak mamanya kevan, dari singapur...

    smg blogmu tambah berkah n jd inspirasi yg baik buat org banyak :) ... mumuachhh

    btw ak nge-follow blog mu ;p

  7. Hello my Name is Token I am from Bavaria, Germany! :a:

    Happy Birthday Tatabonita!!! ^__^ Your blog is such a huge inspiration for me! I am watching it since half a year I think! <3 Please keep up your great work! :b:

  8. Happy 2nd Blogoversary! Always love to read your blog. Hope to see more great posts in the future! All the best for you Ta :) Cute bento as always and excellent photography too!

  9. Tataa...ikutan absen dimari yak.. hihihi aku nely dari Bekasi..
    Happy B'day moga tetep jadi inspirasi banyak orang terutama ibu2 yang udah kehabisan ide buat bekel sehat anaknya contohnya aku hehehe..

  10. Hi.. Julia from Berau

    Happy B'day ... Happy anniversary....Tata Bonita...

    May another masterpiece born from your hand to inspire every mother in d'world.....

  11. Jenk Niniek (via facebook)

    halo saya jengnieniek nih dari KL,,

  12. Yani Soegandi (via facebook)

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Bentoing Tata.... I'm Yani from Melbourne, Australia. Your bento always be my inspiration :)

  13. Yohanna Salome (via facebook)

    Happy anniversary mba tata.... Aku yohanna dari denpasar... *sambil komat kamit semoga menang* hahahaaa

  14. hai tata, aku kathy dari bandung sobatnya pepy (penting, hahah), tau blog ini dari pepy dan langsung jadi follower, soalnya baru mulai belajar ngebento 3 bulan ini, udah nekat mau bikin bento rada banyak bulan depan buat ultah anakku pas taun baru *eh jadi curcol*

    aku intip intip lagi ya blognya, seneeeeng banget deh, bisa buat inspirasiku...

  15. Erlyna Abidasari (via facebook)

    Jenk Lyn saking Nggalek...

  16. Anita Tresiyana Dewi (via facebook)

    happy aniversary tata!!!!!
    I'm anita from papua,,,,,
    miss you,,,,,(wish I were the winner,xixixi!!!)

  17. Happy blog birthday Tata! Wishing you many more to come! Hi, I'm Lyndsey from Sarasota Florida!
    Yes I am already a happy folower of yours! Now I'm checking out facebook!

    I love the twin theme, the girls are cute and I adore the beautiful flowers!

  18. waw happy anniversary buat blognya...
    btw ini lia dari fb :D (eh maksudnya asalnya dari sukabumi.. kenal lewat fb)..selamat yaaa

  19. Happy birthday!!!otanjoubi omedetou!!!

    Hai!aku Sysyl dari jakarta (hihihi, kayaknya udah tau yah). Lupa kapan pertama kali lihat blognya mbak, tapi yang jelas senang banget bisa nemu bento blogger di Indonesia. Your blog always give me inspiration! I hope i can win this as a present of my graduation, hahahaha :h:

    *menulis di sela2 ngerjain skripsi :m:

  20. oh wow! those are cute bento tools! I'm Rio from the Philippines and I'm a follower of your blog. Happy Birthday to it! :D

  21. Hello Tata, Happy Blog 2nd Anniversary!

    I'm Anncoo from Singapore...hehee..

  22. Congratulations on two years of bento blogging! I agree, it really is amazing the friends and support there is in the bento world. I am from Sonoma County, California, and I am a follower of your blog. :c:

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BCBW!! long last and keep inspiring us! :b:
    ihiiiiy, senangnya bday bday.. traktiran! haha. eke partisipasi lomba dpt giveaway ya ta.. hoho. as u know,
    nama: Monica Adriana
    hometown: Jakarta
    i am your loyal follower.. yihaa!

  24. Happy Blogiversary!!! I am Stephanie from San Diego, CA and I am already a follower :) Wishing you many more years of blogging and bentoing fun :)

  25. Hi, its phoebe from Bath, England =]

  26. Hi Ta!! Happy birthday to one of the prettiest and happiest bento blogs anywhere...love the girly and carefully detailed bentos you create with such skill, so inspiring!

    Awesome and generous giveaway!

    Jenn from New York, now in VA, a delighted follower of your blog!

  27. I'm Sam from Pennsylvania, USA. I've been following your blog for about a year now, I always look forward to your updates. :)

  28. I'm Kelly from CT, US. Congrats on the two years! I am an avid follower! Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Mufarocha Siti (via facebook)

    Faroh from Lemenjen aka Lamongan :D... bsok q menang,hadiahe dianter kermh lo yah!! :)

  30. Yulita Arizona (via facebook)

    Assalamualaikum ww
    Saya Yulita dari Muntok-Bangka Belitung
    Selamat ulang tahun utk blognya mbak Tata.. Semoga barokah bagi semua. Amin
    *Berharap bisa dpt hadiahnya, agar bisa membuat bento :-)

  31. Ting Ling Sien (via facebook)

    Happy Anniversary, mba Tata. Saya Ling Sien dari Tangerang.Your bento is so inspiring. dari bento jadul sampeyang mantap, Semoga aku juga bisa kayak mba Tata. Keep bentoing and keep inspiring. Salam bento mania.

  32. Nanik Lestari (via facebook)

    Nan from Pontianak!
    sandwich cutter!!!!!, kau pasti jadi milikku ^_*

  33. Ayin Goendarsono (via facebook)

    Mbak Ayin dari Vennesla, Norway...
    melu jg ahhh :D

  34. Lidia Ratnawati (via facebook)

    Mbak Lid from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    aku boleh ikut ndak? ongkos kirime piye nek menang?

  35. Hello Tata,

    I'm Eva from Piliscsaba, Hungary.
    Happy 2nd blog birthday! I adore your bentos, and especially like these blonde girls. :d:

  36. hi aku dita dari Tangerang.
    senengnya lihat blog mbak, aq belum finish nie baca blog mbak (pengen lihat semua isinya) .
    selamat ya mbak udah Ulatah yg ke 2.
    bisa belajar nie dr blognya u bikin bento.

  37. Widiastuty (via e-mail: mama_afiqXXX@XXX.co.id)

    Hai Tata

    Saya Ibu dari dua orang putra, saya suka sekali sama blognya tata bentonya lucu2 kebetulan anaku yang pertama dari sekolah TK sampai sekarang kelas 6 SD selalu aku bawain bekal karena memang dia tidak bisa makan sembarangan, mudah alergi dan sakit. Saya coba browsing dan nemu blognya Tata saya suka sekekali dengan blognya suka niru ide2nya makasih ya.....
    aku pengen baget punya sandwich cutternya kapanya bisa punya disini aku belum pernah nemu.

    Salam Kenal ya ...Tata and Happy birthday to you sukses selalu


    Nama saya Widiastuty/ Mama Afiq
    Saya berasal dari Samarinda - Kalimantan Timur

  38. Tabong Cutie..
    Happy bday BCW :b:
    menangin gue yah Bong... hahaha :a:

  39. Niken Pratiwi Sumanjaya (via facebook)

    Hi Mbak Tata ... Ini MJ dan Ibunya dari Jakarta Selatan :)

    Happy Anniversary for Mbak Tata's joyfull and inspiring Bento ...

    semoga blognya semakin banyak bento2 nya yang ngacai-i dan nginspirasi hehehe + makin nambah koleksi alat bentonya (b...uat dibagi2in :-P) ....

    really..thank for inspiring me...... for makes a healthy food looks cute on my baby plate :)

    Yayyy Bentooo tools...semoga jadi milik kami (berdua ama Mj komat kamit angkat tangan) .... -^ . ^-

  40. Irene Tadius (via facebook)

    haiiiiiii..... ini irene di jakarta... happy anniv yaaaa mbak tata... design bentonya ciaaaamiiiik bgt deh.... very very inspiring me.

    semoga semakin canggih yaaaa dalam bikin design bento :)

  41. Rulliantini Marthadiningtyas (via facebook)

    tata, ini rully dari depok.. met 2nd anniversary yaa.. sejak awal ngebento dan googling cari ide buat belajar, aku langsung nemu blogmu dan jatuh cinta *jiahhhh hahaha*. sejak itu langsung jadi pengikut setia dan berharap bisa bikin bento secantik dan seinspiring dirimu. sekali lagi selamat yaaa.. mudah2an bentonya tambah keren, tambah kreatif dan jadi inspirasi buat kita semua... oiya, ditunggu juga kiriman hadiahnya hahahahahaa *pede jaya*

  42. Happy 2nd Birthday BCBW!! Your bento are always my inspiration Tata! Keep up the good job yeah!

  43. Happy Birthday TaTa!!!
    I am from Malaysia ,Penang
    I like to read your blog because they are really very cute1

  44. Happy 2nd birthday!!!
    I'm from Orem, Utah.
    I read your blog because it's usually easy ideas for cute bentos! Now if only finals weren't coming up I'd have more time in the mornings to make them.

    I believe I'm a follower on your blog...

  45. Happy blogiversary!

    I'm Steph from Indiana, USA, and I'm now a blog follower!

  46. Ah...! the blonde girls look so pretty!
    happy blog anniversary, Ta..
    My eyes always enjoy seeing the fabulous pictures in your blog.
    Yenny di Jakarta :h:

  47. Sari Widiarti (via facebook)

    niy sari.. di malng.. hehehehe betul g c?
    oc dech.. harus semangat bwt dapat lunch box yang mana ja dech... SEMANGAT MEMBARA MODE ON... *FIREEEE*

  48. Hi Tata,
    I love yourblog, it is very inspirational. If I ever manage to create bentos only half as pretty I already would be very happy.
    Greetings from Germany,

  49. forgot to say that I am a foolwer of your blog:-)

  50. Hello Tata!

    I just became a follower of your blog recently, when I was googling for ideas for chick bento! Since then, I've been secretly stalking your blog on my RSS :) I'm Janine from Malaysia, and I hope to make as pretty bentos as you have one day!

  51. Tauresia Ancy Leaua (via facebook)

    Asslm. bu tata, saya Tauresia dari Malang,Jatim loh. Happy Anniversary buat blognya mbak tata. semoga tampilan blognya semakin tmbh menarik, tmbh lucu2, terus maju, tmbh bnyak pnggemarnya dan smoga blognya dpt memberikn kontribusi makanan yang sehat dan praktis ok deh,,,,,,,

  52. Happy Anniversary!
    Thanks for all the cute bento ideas!
    Monee from Germany.

  53. Pipaw (via e-mail: paulineXX@XXX.fr)

    Hi Tata!

    I hope you are enjoying a good holidays season. I wish you a happy blog anniversary.

    And to enter your giveaway: I am Pipaw from the French Atlantic Coast!




  54. @Tiffany Yang: Haha, yes you're, Tiff :D. I'm so sorry ^^

  55. Ta, Judith from Jakarta
    I'm crazy about your bento, gile benerrrrrr....

    Happy aanniversary.,,

  56. hai tata, i'm judith from Jakarta
    i'm falling in love to your bento, so beautifulll...

    Happy anniversary...

  57. @Mbak Judith: Hai Mbak... Thanks a lot buat ucapannya. Semoga Tata bisa terus berkarya :D. Waduuh... Sayangnya udah telat, udah ditutup ^^v


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