A Piece of Story from the Previous Eid

by - Sunday, September 19, 2010

I’m back! Back from the shortest Eid holiday in my life :D. Hey, life is so miserable without the internet, right? Heeheehee, I did experience it! A week without blogging. Just opened my room’s door and directly open my laptop, take a breath first, Ta. Well, I have no idea with Indonesia’s current weather status, it seems that this year we only have rainy season – where are you dry season? I miss your scorcher :)). I hate to say that the sky becomes so whine this year – what’s going on with you? Wanna some lollipops? LOL. It’s almost everyday when the morning day steps its feet to the afternoon, the sky suddenly turns out to be gloomy then unreasonably pouring down its heavy cries. But thanks God, the heavy cries fell down just in time I already got in my boardinghouse :D.

Okay, let’s start blogging. How’s life buddies? Miss you all badly :D. I’m so happy when I logged in then read so many happy posts from dear blogger pals. As the highlights, I’m happy since Gamene aka Megan and Babykins are on board again, so proud to read Bentolicious’ guest post introducing bento at a fabulous blog - pigpig’s corner, happy to wait Angeleyes’ #200 bento celebration, and happy to see Bentobird’s bento featured on Just Bento’s post. And the one that makes me even happier, all of your very good jobs *all of you ladies :D* have introduced bento worldwide that bento communities nowadays are blooming “wildly” heeheehee :D *all of you get a standing applause from me for your passion and determination spreading the love to the world through bento :D*. All of you are bento ambassadors that come with love and joy! Thanks to make bento viruses become uncured and unstoppable, LOL!

Well, now goes to Eid holiday business. As I told you in the previous post, I spent my first Lebaran day in Yogyakarta with family and relatives from my father’s side. Only one day was spent there and that single day was totally a tiring one – we spent two nights sleeping in the running hotel, in the car! Ha ha ha :p. Late night before the Eid day we went to Yogyakarta and arrived there in the very early morning. The rest of the day was spent to visit all of the relatives, but luckily we had few hours visiting Yogyakarta’s famous beach, Parangtritis Beach. On this first Lebaran day, we did have Ketupat (rice cake), Opor Ayam (braised chicken in coconut milk), and well-known Yogyakarta’s dish: Gudeg. But I didn’t have a chance to take the photos since my dad would always show me his bulged out eyes everytime I held my camera. Don’t get him wrong, he wanted me to have a quality time with the whole family as we had a very limited time and was not busy with my camera :D. On our way to Parangtritis Beach, I noticed that the area lied along the way to the spot was pretty much different from the one I used to know - now the area has so many new buildings. May be you remember about a devastating earthquake that struck Yogyakarta few years ago. All of my relatives’ houses suffered from the earthquake but fortunately all of them were safe, no one was injured. Here are some photos I took from Parangtritis. Since that day was the first Lebaran day, the beach was not as crowded as the normal day, and I loved it! :D

Flying Kite on Parangtritis Sky


Parangtritis Beach

Have finished the trip in Yogyakarta, we went back to our beloved home, Malang! :D. As we spent the first Lebaran day in Yogya, we didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy Grandma’s legendary Soto Ayam *legendary only among our family ;p*. In my family, the first Lebaran day’s menu is different from the next days’ menus. Talking about Lebaran cookies, there will be pages to talk about them. So, I only share you my most favorite ones: Lamington, Orange Truffles, and my all time favorite, Nastar! :D

Eid's Delicacies

And here’s my fave newcomer: Kacang Thailand aka Thai Spicy Peanut. It is very tasty and spicy; I love the generous addition of seared Kaffir Lime leaves to this treat!

Thai Spicy Peanut

Grandma also cooked black sticky rice that I made it into Ketan Kelapa (Black Sticky Rice with Grated Coconut Flesh, note: the grated coconut is mixed with a pinch of salt). That round shape with the grated coconut on top was my own style. This treat is deadly easy to make and everyone loved it :D.

Ketan Kelapa

Being unlucky not to be able to enjoy Grandma’s Soto Ayam, these Lebaran dishes are also darling. On the second day, we were spoiled by the delicacy of Rawon. I love Rawon very much and Grandma never fails to make delicious Rawon for us.


If Grandma is popular for her Soto Ayam, my aunt is more even popular for her Bakso (beef balls soup). She got so many fans for her bakso :D. Lots of relatives will happily come in the morning and patiently waiting until the bakso is ready to be served. From all her loyal fans, Lil’ Sophia aka Pia aka Bakpia is her biggest fan. Bakpia will cry hysterically if she comes to house but can’t get my aunt’s bakso :D.


Here are the photos of Pia with Little Ico. Pia attends a modeling class and she loved it a lot when I photographed her :D. I love her curly hair very much, she’s so pretty :D. For Ico, this little guy has made my nights so miserable since I often miss him. He loves to approach his face on mine and kisses my nose. I really like to see him when he’s smiling and trying to show us his growing teeth. Ico oh Ico… I miss you, I miss you, I miss you…. (^3^)

Pia Ico

Ico oh Ico

I think these all I can tell you for today’s post. Tomorrow the new academic year classes will be started. So excited and can’t wait to see new faces of new students! Wish me luck with the new classes! Oh little bit nervous :D

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. Glad that you're back...! The foods look delicious as usual...:)! Are you a teacher? I assume so because of the last paragraph in your post...;)

  2. tabong..............
    selamat kembalong dari mudikong di jogjong....

  3. TA!!!! you're making my mouth water gallons with this feast of pictures! fabulous dishes *and* photography. fun beach pictures too, glad you had a safe and happy holiday! <3

  4. @Cooking Gallery: Many thanks :D. Yes, I am hehehe. Bu Guru yang doyan masak2 kekekeke

  5. @supjagungmanis: trimsong Mbak Deethong, oleh2ong teko mudikong bagi2ong dong :D

  6. @megan: Ha ha ha, really sorry but please don't water my blog LOL! Thanks Megan, but yes a single day was absolutely not enough to enjoy the beach and Yogyakarta :D

  7. Oh my Ta! Next time 'pulang kampung' ajak2 yah LOL :D I don't mind to put on weight with all those yummy foods especially Bakwan Malang is my favorit. Hope you have fun with your students! I think they all love you Ta. Ibu guruku pandai memasak ;)

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Glad you're back. :)

  9. Lovely photos and yummy food!!!!
    Now you are making me very hungry!!! :k:

  10. @Mbak Lia: Ahaha, lha hayok mareee maen ke Malang, ntar ku traktir bakwan Malang sampek mblenger heheheh. Btw, foto2 bento di laptop pernah ketahuan sama mahasiswaku trus mereka minta dibikinin bento kalo nilai bagus hehehe :D

  11. @Kuusou: Yes, I did! Thanks a lot Kuusou :D

  12. @Angeleyes: Hahaha, thanks and sorry to you Alice :D. I feel so guilty to make you hungry with the photos ^^v

  13. tabonnnnnn! aku rindu sekali padamu.. cup cup muah! haha.

    pertama2, aku setuju dengan cuaca indonesia. akhir2 ini makin menjadi2 ujan dan gledek2nya. hehe. jadi susah sekali keluar rumah ya..

    kedua, this year's Eid holiday might be your shortest tp tetep aja dr cerita dan liputanmu terdengar menarik bukan main ta.. makanan yg dimakan uenak2. ak psti lgs gendut klo jd km.. hihi.

    ketiga, fotomu taaa.. ampun deh, cantik2 banget sihhh.. aku beneran loh ta, cantik banget! hebat kamu..

  14. Ta, these are such a celebration of life!! I love them all, buddy!

  15. Wow, seems like you are having a real great holiday surrounding my nice scenery, delicious food and great people! :b:

  16. @Momon: Hahahah, ae mis yu tuuuuu Momon... muach muach muaaaach.... :D
    Iya nih, sering ujan ngledekan sering bikin BeTeK apalagi sore2 masih di kampus T_T
    Aaaaa... Makasih Momon, senang sekali kalo ceritanya dan futunya membuat senang si pembaca heheheh :D

  17. @bentobird: Thanks a lot, Jenn! Very glad that you like it :D

  18. @Kids Dream Work: Many thanks Ai Ping! Yes, I DID have a great time :D. Glad can share this little story with you all :))

  19. Tata, you took beautiful photos! Pls give us a tutorial on bento photography too!!! Hehe ! Good to hear from you.

  20. Ta, I'd love to have your aunt's bakso.

  21. @anna2003: Thanks a lot Karen! I'd very love to, but I think I need a lil' bit long time to write about it due to my busy teaching schedule hehehe. Hope you don't mind with that :D

  22. @Indonesia Eats: Lha hayuk ikut ngantri pisan Mbak Pep, mau berapa mangkok? :D

  23. Btw, ijolan orange truflemu karo duri duriangku yoo

  24. @Indonesia Eats: La ayoooookk!!! Sapa takut, aku penggemar berat durian :))


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