Jadul Bentos Parade #4: I'm a Noodle Girl!

by - Sunday, September 05, 2010

Really sorry for really late replies ^^v, can’t wait for a new internet modem for easier and faster internet activities (Have to be patient, after Raya \(^o^)/). I actually do love to set my comment system to be without prior author’s approval, but it seems that spam comments can’t compromise with that. It’s my great pleasure to receive and reply all the encouraging comments you’ve written in my comment box, but for spam comments? I really hate them! Hate, hate, hate, and more hates! Not to mention for spam comment of porn sites – aaaarrrgghhh!!!! Don’t they know the right places to promote their sites? Have some respect, please! I’m really sick of deleting spam comments so that I deleted my shout mix box on the right bar and set my comment system with my prior approval. Thanks Blogger for featuring a new spam detector and filter, you have helped me deleting more than 50 spam comments in a single click, BYE! *sigh*

Okay, it’s the #4 round of my Jadul Bentos (old bentos) Parades that brings “Noodle” as the theme. I’m a Noodle Girl, I have to satisfy my noodle craving at least once in a week :D – are you a noodle girl too? Can’t live without N-O-O-D-L-E? Tell me that you are in! Hehehe ^^. These noodle bentos are dedicated especially to bento beginners with *may be* still limited bento tools *just like I was when I made these bentos as a beginner :D). So here we go…

Spaghetti Bento

#1 Spaghetti Bento
It was actually not really Spaghetti. I used egg noodle instead of pasta and then spice it up with Bolognese sauce ^^. The two little cuties were made from hard-boiled egg slices decorated with beef sausage and facial expression from Nori cut by scissor and paper puncher.

Carrot Flower Garden 1

Carrot Flower Garden 2

#2 Carrot Flower Garden Bento
Just an ordinary veggie fried noodle with rolled egg omelet. I didn’t have flower cutter at that time, so I “carved” the carrot flowers by knife :D

Sweet Seafood Fried Noodle Bento

#3 Sweet Seafood Fried Noodle Bento
A yummy tasty fried noodle bento instead of a cute charaben ^^. This fried noodle employed a perfect combination of western and eastern prominent seasonings - outside the other spices used, it has Oregano flakes and Ngo Hiong powder (Chinese Five Spices) in it! As for the steamed tofu, I really loved to have it when I had a bad mood with steamed rice :D

Have a wonderful day, buddies!

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  1. Very cute...!! I know what you mean with slow internet connection in Indo. I always hated waiting in front of my computer everytime I went back to Indo. By the way, do you use adobe photoshop as well to write the texts on your pictures or you use a different software? Just curious because they look so pretty!

  2. @Cooking Gallery: Oh thank you, it's so releasing that you can understand that internet connection in Indonesia is sometimes slower than a snail hehehe :D. Yes, Adobe Photoshop is always my sweetheart :D. I use it to edit my photos all the time, can't live without it ^^

  3. Beautiful bento parades! Always love your bento and how pretty you capture it with your camera ... You are very amazing with your talent :)

  4. @Mbak Lia: Thanks a lot Mbak Lia. Big thanks to Adobe Photoshop to make my photos look beautiful, instead they will look ugly :D

  5. tabong..
    bentongmu kok paradong terusong.. gkesel tah? biasane paradong nek 17 agustusanong ae loh.. hihihihi :k:

  6. @deeTha H: Hahahahahong, iyoooong. Ngentekne poto2 bento gawean jaman jaran goyang timbang ngebek2i lepiku hehehe.

  7. gee... you are soooo talented & creative. i am sooo impress. will share this with my sis, i bet she will be so excited.

    keep on doing it. utmost respect.

  8. Wow! Such nice bentos parade!
    Saw that little packet of 'asam boi' sweet on your #2 bento. Been a looong time since I have one of those! :j:

    Love the way you wrapped the prawns in #3!

  9. @Lily Riani: Haha, many thanks - so flattered with your comments :D. Hope she'll like it. Yup, the comments such yours surely will always encourage me to keep bentoing :D

  10. @Angeleyes: Thanks Alice ^3^. Oh, I just knew that it's called asam boi. Love it's flavor sensation when we reach the core: sweet, sour, salt, and slightly hot :D

  11. Oh dear, your noodle bento parade made me really hungry now! Yet to have my breakfast! :f:

  12. Me too I love your bento parades! You make me so excited about bento whenever I see them and read your happy posts! Sign me up for noodle girl club; I LOVE ramen, which is not exactly bento friendly but has to be mentioned, and cold soba, somen udon! Yummy!!

  13. @Kids Dream Work: Ehehehe, so sorry Ai Ping, don't have any intention to do so :D. So, you can grab one of those boxes for breakfast then ^^

  14. @sherimiya: Great mahalo, Sheri :D. Ha ha, welcome you with wide open hands as the member of noodle girl club. Yum yum! I fond of enjoying the noodles you've mentioned too ^^

  15. still can't believe sometimes that these bentos are jadul - some of these techniques are still the same ones i'm using after a full year making bentos, and your jadul boxes look better, aaaahhh! oh well, glad to be friends with such a talented bento master like you :-)

  16. @megan: Thanks a lot Megan for your always supportive comments :D. It's my GREAT pleasure too have such a sweet and talented bento pal just like you :D


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