MasBar - Saté Ayam (Chicken Saté)

by - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sate Ayam 1
Vote "saté" for "satay"! Hehehe. Saté is one of Indonesian family favorite menus - and my family is no exception :D. Not to mention, it's one of favorite Indonesian foods of present US President, Barrack Obama, when he spent his childhood in Indonesia :D. We have many types of saté, but the most popular one is saté ayam (chicken saté), especially Madurese chicken saté. Although my family are chicken saté big lovers, but oddly, my mom never makes it by herself - my family love to buy chicken saté from a saté vendor who usually passes in front of our house with distinctive unique sound to attract the buyers while shouting té satéééé... satéééé ...... té saté... satééne dek! :D.

Sate Ayam 2

I made this grilled menu with my brother in the previous Eid Ul-Fitr in our Grandma's kitchen. It's our debut making chicken saté, the appearance wasn't pretty but the taste was pretty :D. Since the August theme of MasBar is grilled/roasted food, I submit this post as my entry. When my brother and I were kids, we loved to make egg omelet saté. We cut the egg omelet into squares, stuck them on bamboo skewers, then grilled them on coals and finally enjoyed them with kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce). So was with this chicken saté, we grilled it on coals from grandma's pawon (a traditional Indonesian stove made from bricks and whose main fuels are dry wood or figs). Grandma does not have a grill, so we had to grill the saté by that way :D. Therefore, please be advised with that blacky-burning-appearance LOL :D.

(Chicken Saté)

500 gram chicken fillet, cut into small chunks
bamboo skewers, soak in water

4 tbsp kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
2 tbsp vegetable oil
Salt to taste

Peanut Sauce:
450 gram roasted peanut, grind
5 roasted candle nuts, grind
3 roasted cloves garlic, grind
3-5 paddy chilies, grind or slice
4 tbsp kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soya sauce) --> I like to add more :D
2 tbsp shaved Javanese sugar/palm sugar
1-2 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp vegetable oil
Salt to taste
3-4 cloves of shallot, thinly slice
warm water

1. Make the peanut sauce first: mix everything :D. Put aside.
2. Marinate the chicken chunks for about 1 hour then arrange them on bamboo skewers - around 5-6 pieces in a skewer.
3. Grill and occasionally brush them with rest of marinade.
4. Serve the chicken saté with the peanut sauce.

Sate Ayam 3

The following day, we tried to make chicken saté again, but the appearance was still burning!

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  1. Grilled it on coals are the best! I just love it ... I just remembered the old days when we were still single, I could eat 30 skewers by myself bwahahaha :b:

  2. @Mbak Lia: I'm with you! 30? I can eat more! Huehehehehehe *geleng2 deh :D*

  3. OMG!!!! Your sate looked soooooooooooooo delicious!!! Now I want to have some sate!!! In fact I have been eating almost every weekend but it tasted so good that now I am craving for it again!

    In Penang (M'sia) we have another type of sate which do not have the peanut sauce... they are very tasty too as it is marinated with chili and sugar.

  4. I love Sate kambing the best, with kecap manis + shallots + cabe rawit condiments ;-). But I wouldn't refuse some of your sate ayam skewers :D!

  5. nyam nyam nyam!! aku mau satenya taaa.. :k:

  6. Oh, this looks so gooooood!! Beautiful, professional photo really displays all the yummy textures and savor of this dish. Now I want to make some--thanks for sharing, Ta!!

  7. Satay ayam is my favourite and yours looks so delicious!! Oh dear, you reminded me on how long I didn't treat myself on that! :f:

  8. Tabong...
    aku datang ki...
    weleh tapi kok wes pas imsak, yo :k:
    g sio ngicipi sate :l:
    bungkus ae yo, nggo buko.. hiahahahah :d:

  9. @Angeleyes: Haha, yeah there's no end for saté craving, we'll always want more and more, right? Oh ya, I've heard about that Malay saté, hemmm... can't wait to give it a go :D

  10. @Cooking Gallery: Hmmm... tell me about it, I love that perfect combination too :D

  11. @Momon: Ayo Momon canteeeekkk :D makan saté jama'ah hehehehe :D

  12. @bentobird: Thanks Jenn, and you're welcome :D. Now you can have a plate of chicken saté for your sweet comment :D

  13. @Kids Dream Work: Many thanks Ai Ping! So... Go and spoil yourself from your saté craving then :D

  14. @deeTha H: wkwkwkwk... lepine tangine telat yooo... Kerinan sampek wes imsak hihihihihi. Satene wes entek, garek bungkuse je? Piye? Hehehehe :D

  15. I grew up with satay too! In fact, the used to be small town I lived in is famous for satay. Heard of satay kajang? It's been brought to Singapore n china! When I first saw your chicken recipe, I thot to myself that I can make this, but when I read the long list ingredients for the peanut sauce, I changed my mind!! Hehe...

  16. sate enak tuh Ta... ngileeer....

  17. Wooo...Tata, you're a great cook beside making bentos. Your Sate Ayam makes me hungry... :c:

  18. Love how you pronounce it! Proud of you, Tabong!!!! You know what I meant.

    I was about to make sate ayam madura, but let's see. I'm too lazy to thread the meats.

    Your sate ayam picture is totally the one that I used to see in East Java with slices of fresh shallot. Awesome

  19. @anna2003: Haha, there are hundred ways to make the peanut sauce and mine is one of them with my own modification :D. Sure you can simplify it Karen. Peanut butter, kecap manis, chili, garlic, palm sugar and salt combination is already good :D. Sate Kajang? Ya, but never tried it before. It sounds tasty with it's scent-y spices, really love to give it a try. Thanks for remind me about it :D

  20. @Vierly: Hehehe, untung si kecil dah lahir mbak... Kalo enggak aku bakal merasa bersalah seumur hidupku karena membuatnya jd ileran hihihihihi ^^v

  21. @Anncoo: Thanks for your kind comments Ann :D. I was so into cooking before I fell in love with bentoing. Now, I really love both of them :D

  22. @Indonesia Eats: Thanks a lot Mbak Peppih :D. The word "saté" belongs to our sense of identity as Indonesians :D. The word aside from it will have different level of intensity of that-sense-of-identity hehehe. Don't be hesitate, I'll help you to thread the meats ^__^

  23. @elly.s: hehehehe, maapkan daku mbaaaak... Sungguh daku tak bermaksud hihihi ^__^

  24. Your sate look and sound delicious. I wouldn't worry about the charring. It really is unavoidable when food is grilled. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  25. CAkeppp ta :) fotonya bagus n pastinya si sate rasanya mantap

    bangga bgt liat blog kmu, smg bisa menduniakan masakan indo mlalui blog kreatifmu ini.. Amin

  26. @Mary: Yup, you're done right... Thanks a lot Mary, have a wonderful day too :D

  27. @Bumbum's Fam: Makasiiiiiiih Mbak :D. Bangga juga dengan teman2 foodie blogger lainya buat perjuangan mereka :D. Amiiin, tengs bgt buat do'anya :D

  28. lovin your blog! Drop by at for some uber cool recipes and updates on kitchen gadgets :)

  29. Dear Tata,

    By recommendation from Pepy I'm including you in the list I build on Indonesian Food Blog List here:

    Glad to have you on board! Should you have any recommendations kindly please inform me and I would include it in my list along with some comments.

    The criteria is simple; it must contains writings on Indonesian food, and is done in English.

    Best regards,

    Bayu Amus
    Epicurina - Epicurean Indonesia

  30. @Michelle coates: Thanks a lot Michelle :D, hope you have a good time here. Have visited your link, it's a really nice blog :D

  31. @bayuamus: dear Mas Bayu, soooo happy to read what you've written in comment box. Thanks a lot for including my blog *and Mbak Pepy too for her recommendation :D*, I feel so honored to take a part in the list :D. Many many many thanks :D

  32. Oh nooo. Don't make me drooling, tatachan! I haven't had breakfast yet. You are a fantastic cook. Won't you live with me?!? :):)

  33. @babykins: Ahaha, that's funny of you Izumi, thanks a lot. Surely would really love to be your neighbor hehe, I also can learn so many yummy Japanese food recipes you put in your bentos, what a great barter! Haha :D


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