Paella Rice ala Me (Need to Post Something Spanish)

by - Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paella Rice 1

I have a huge pile of stories I wanna share with you all but I don’t know where to start :D. Should I post the continuity of my jadul bentos first? My little story from home? Or the world’s euphoria of Spain’s victory as the FIFA World Cup 2010 Champion? Okay, the last one is the best choice I think – it’s still warm in our mind :D. Though I’m rooting for Germany’s team, I must put my hat off and give a big applause for La Furia Roja for their amazing performance. Congrats Spain for the first champeon del mundo! :D. World Cup is over and I surely will miss the games a lot :D. Spain is over the moon - the Champion of Europe, the Champion of the World, and now I can’t wait to welcome the Spanish MotoGP World Champion, Jorge Lorenzo >.<, go go go the 99! I’ll always be your biggest supporter ^^

about world cup, what a poor Paul the Octopus to be judged as the scapegoat by most of the supporters of the losing teams. Who’s predict actually? Paul or the people? I have a silly thought about Paul. Well, it goes like this: I have two big glasses filled with water to be chosen by Paul, the first one has Jorge Lorenzo’s picture on it and the second one has Lee Min Ho’s picture on it. Which one will be chosen by Paul as my future boyfriend (or husband maybe hehehe)? (LOL!). If Paul chooses one of the glasses, it means that Paul is “normal”. But, if Paul refuses to choose both of the glasses --> there must be something wrong with Paul since he knows to be the girlfriend of one of those cool dudes is something impossible for me to be happened! (LOL!). And I think the best action to be done then is to make “takoyaki”, hahahaha (No worry Paul, am just kidding ^^v).

Paella Rice 2

let’s stop joking :D. As has been suggested by the title: something Spanish, for today’s post I pop up with one of Spanish well-known dishes, Paella Rice. This one is A la me and A la Indonesia hehehe (the ingredients are adjusted to the ones that are available in Indonesia, so are the methods used :D). It looks different from the reddish and tasty ones you usually see on the internet :D. I cooked my Paella Rice by steaming it instead of cooking it by using a special Paella pan (paellera)– I did this way just as has been suggested by the recipe book that is so Indonesian way :D. My mom commented on my Paella that it looked like special Nasi Kuning with seafood friends hehehehe. Although my Paella doesn’t look like the original ones, I’m happy since everyone in the family loves it :D

Paella Rice ala Me

2 glasses of rice, rinse and drain
2 glasses of water
2 tbsp sweet tomato sauce (I used the hot one)
2 tbsp margarine
2 ounces of mussel, rinse well (I used cockle without the shells)
2 ounces of squid rings
1 tbsp turmeric powder
1 ounce of big shrimp, rinse well (discard the dirties)
1 green bell pepper, vertically and thinly sliced
1 red bell pepper, vertically and thinly sliced
4 cloves of garlic, grind
Salt to taste

1. Heat margarine then sauté garlic ‘til fragrant. Add in squid rings, shrimp, and mussel. Season with salt and sweet tomato sauce, stir evenly.
2. Bring in the rice, stir again, and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Remove from heat.
3. Bring to boil 2 glasses of water in a non-stick pan or wok then add in the rice.
4. Turn off the heat after the rice absorbs all the liquid.
5. Transfer the rice into steamer and add the bell pepper slices. Cook until done.

Paella Rice 3

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  1. Ta, you are so cute! I love the way your Spanish Piella Indonesian way looks, it's gorgeous! Your family likes it...that's the best thing! Cheers! Lyndsey~

  2. Tabong gasong....
    walah.. si paul iku enak disate ae :d:
    salam yo, gawe iker casillas.. ai lop him laaah.... :h:

  3. Love this dish! Very nice cooking and beautiful photography as always. Making me so hungry lah Ta :d:

  4. @Lyndsey: Yes, you're done right Lyndsey. Thanks :D

  5. @Mbak DeeThong: Aku pingine takoyaki aeeee hehehe. Gak titip salam nang mas torres karo cak pabregas pisan ta? Wah, kate nyaingi mbak Sara spaghetti saos Carbonara iki hihihihihi :D

  6. @Mbak Lia: Awww, makasiiiiih Mbak Lia :D. Hahahahah, ayok makan... :D

  7. What great color in the paella! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

  8. @Kuusou: Thanks Kuusou :D. You're surely welcome :D

  9. i am so hungry looking at your photos. they look so delicious, so yummy... :f: ok, i must go and cook instant noodles now! =)

  10. Gorgeous paella, Ta! Looks incredible, I LOVE your photos!

  11. taa.. ak udah dari berbulan2 lalu mo bikin ini tertahan2. ahahaha. ak males cari seafood, males gosok kerang, :k: hebat loh km rajin sekali.. hihi. libur jg ta?
    anyway, i love lee min ho too! :e: dah ntn dy di personal taste blm ta? cuakeeeppp tenann! hahahaha

  12. The paella is gorgeous. Your photos are really amazing. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  13. I love the way you cook the paella. Look so delicious, must bookmark it. Thanks! :)

  14. Wow! Please come and cook this for me! :)

  15. wah mbak...selain makanannya bikin laper...emoticonnya gak nahan banget deh...mauuuu dong ajarin... :k:

  16. ta this looks SUPER delicious, thank you (as always) for your detailed and clear instructions for making it. i will have to re-adjust the ingredients a bit for what i can get in brooklyn, so then it will be spanish-indonesian-new york rice, haha!

  17. @anna2003: Thanks Karen :D. Oh, I'm sorry to make you hungry. Yes, go make a bowl of instant noodle :D

  18. @bentobird: Always as sweet as candy... Thanks a lot Jenn :D

  19. @Momon: Wkwkwkwk, ah kagak percaye aye lo bisa males geto. Kalo males gosok kerang, pake cara gue aje: gak usah pake shellsnya hahaha (dasar orang males :D). Wah, aku belom Momooooon... pengen nonton jadinya, kurang apdet aku ini orangnya hihihihihi

  20. @Mary: Thanks a lot Mary. Have a great day too! :D

  21. @Anncoo: Hehehe, thanks a lot Ann :D

  22. @susanyuen: wuokey, just wait for me! And I'll mess up your kitchen hehehe :D

  23. @purple angel: Makasih Sysyl.... Wah linknya ada di lepi ku yang satunya lagi nih. Kamu kirim imel ke dulu aja yaaaa, ntar tak kirim linknya plus wejangannya wuehehehehe ^^

  24. @Megan: Ahahaha, your spanish-indonesian-new york rice paella sounds so interesting, can't wait to see it! :D

  25. I first felt as if I was in an Indonesian restaurant! Maybe, because of that herb. Yea your paella really looks and sounds delicious!

    I was actually rooting for Spain, but Germany's also amazing :) I'm still kinda missing the World Cup.

    BTW you used squid for the paella but... Isn't octopus in it!? LOL
    And I ate some takoyaki yesterday haha!

  26. @babykins: Thanks a lot Izumi. Wow, you must have been very happy for Spain's victory, congrats! :D
    Yup, I used squid rings. Wish I had Paul the Octopus in my Paella, hahaha LOL! Ah, share me some takoyaki :D


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