Malang Tempo Doeloe (MTD)

by - Saturday, May 29, 2010

Instead of bento, for today's post I'll show some pictures I had taken from Malang Tempo Doeloe (MTD) Festival last week. MTD is an annual festival held by Malang City Government as a series of anniversary of Malang City. This event is held along the Ijen Boulevard - one of Malang's historical iconic places. MTD has different theme for each year. The 2010 MTD promoted the theme "Rekonstruksi Budaya Panji" (Panji's Cultural Reconstruction), so the nuances presented carried the Malangan masks which tell the journey of Prince Panji (Inu Kertapati) in finding his wife, Candra Kirana Galuh (Oh, I love this name - A very beautiful name for Indonesians :D). This event presents a variety of cultural performances & exhibitions, public market, and workshops. The events held displayed the characteristics of Indonesian culture, especially the culture of Panji of East Java. Many of the visitors wore Baju Batik (Batik dress - as a dress code) to thicken the ancient atmosphere. It was an interesting scene. Okay, no babbling anymore! Here are the photos, hope you enjoy them :D

Wayang Kulit
These are Wayang Kulit, Indonesian traditional puppets made from goat's skin.
But the ones on the pict were not the original ones made from goat's skin, they made from thick paper. The original ones cost so expensive.
My friend, Z, is a big fan of Wayang Kulit, so Wayang Kulit seller was the first place we visited :D

Wayang Golek
And these are Wayang Golek. They are so popular in West Java. The red-faced one (which stands in the front line), Apot, is the most well-known character :D

Mini Wayang & Mini Gamelan Set
A set of mini Wayang Kulit & Gamelan. The set of mini Wayang Kulit itself was sold for 2 millions IDR.

Ukiran Tradisional
Scary creatures, eh? Hehe

Now, come to the fashion :D

Beautiful Shoes
I love these shoes....

Indonesian Batik is soooo beeeyoooteeefoool :D

And now we arrive to the antique stuffs :D

Beautiful Javanese Lantern
Javanese Beautiful Lantern

Old Bikes
Sepeda Tua = Old bikes

Indonesian Old Money
Uang Kuno = Indonesian Old Money

Kerajinan Tangan & Barang Kuno
Let's shop! :D

It's time to pamper my hungry tummy! :D

Koffie Huis & Resto
Koffie Huis = Coffee House

Ayo Njajan
Pomelo (We call it Jeruk Bali/Balinese Citrus), Keripik & Kerupuk (Indonesian traditional crisps & crackers), Traditional Snacks, and Mariam Bread

Cemal-Cemil Camilan
Love the colorful containers :D

Classic Candy

Kerupuk Miler
Kerupuk Miler!!! My childhood favorite snack :D

Tari Topeng Malangan
This is Tari Topeng Malang (Malangan Mask Dance), one activity of the central theme.
I toke the pict from a big wall paper, not from a live performance *sorry :D*

And when you are tired of walking, let's get on a Dokar!

Stary Stary Horse
Stary Stary Horse

Dokar =
Horse-drawn carriage

Have a great weekend, dear friends! :D

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  1. taa, ide watermark fotomu yg disamping bikin foto2nya jd tbh apik dehh.. keren jdnya! :)

  2. @Momon: Hihihihi, oke deh... Tengkiu Momon :D

  3. WOW Tata! This is a lovely post and thanks for sharing it. I love Indonesia Batik, I love the print and the color. So pretty!

  4. Wonderful pictures! The shoes are adorable, the hanging lamp is gorgeous and the Batik that is right up my

  5. @Anncoo: Thanks Ann, very glad that you like this post :D. Wow, you are a fan of Batik too? Love to know it :D

  6. @Mommyof2girlz: Haha, thanks a lot! Always love your sweet and fun comments :D

  7. This was an astonishing post, Tata! Your beautiful photographs took me right to this beautiful cultural in awe of the art, fabrics, foods, shoes...and your talent at capturing and sharing all of the above. Brava!!!

  8. @bentobird/Jenn: Thanks a lot Jenn! Now your comments make me fly without wings! Hehehe :D

  9. Beautiful photos! Thanks for taking us along. I love the Batik fabric and the shoes are gorgeous (looks like they might fit me):D I really want to try Kerupuk Miler. Everything looks so colorful and fun!

  10. Ta,
    aku syuka lampu teploknya....^_^

  11. @Lyndsey: Thanks a lot Lyndsey :D. Hope you can find Batik fabric, Kerupuk Miler and those gorgeous shoes sooner in America hehe LOL :D

  12. @Mbak Deby: He eh, apik ancene hehe. Aku seneng karo motif kembange plus kombinasi warnanya, sayang harganya agak mahal heheheh :D

  13. Sugoi!!! This post has so many things I'm craving for - the lantern, shoes, batik and snacks and more...
    I'm so happy to see the beautiful culture of your country. Thank you for sharing these great photos! Isn't your photo here!? hehe

  14. @Babykins: arigatou Izumi! :D. Could you tell what "Sugoi" means in English? Hehehe. I hope you can visit Indonesia sooner so that you can have a great time here :D

  15. blekkk kerupuk punya warna ijo lime dan biru. aku pengen teko jadoel'ee karo batik dan pernak pernik lainnya duhh cakeppp

  16. @Indonesia Eats: Iyooo, aku yo nyesel kenape pas ada acara ini kagak beli perabot2 itu T_T

  17. Uang Kuno nya dijual dimana itu gan?

  18. Di Festival Malang Tempoe Doeloe. Acara ini diadakan setiap tahun, dan kayaknya hampir setiap festival ini digelar, pasti ada yg jualan uang kuno.


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