Lorenzo's Land Bento (Jorge's B'day Bento :D) and Award!

by - Monday, May 03, 2010

Lorenzo's Land Bento 1

Yoo hoo! I'm soooo happy with the result of this season MotoGP's second round - Jorge won!!! Yeayy!!! :D. Jorge Lorenzo is my most favorite MotoGP rider. He's so (hehehe) cool and of course talented young rider. But, I like Valentino Rossi too :D. Jorge's victory was awesome, he took the leading position from Dani Pedrosa on the last lap. Even, he had some slight crushes with Dani when he was trying to get the first position. The race made me screaming lots hehehe, but the result did make me HAPPY :D. Today, May 4th, is his birthday - I think that victory is a big present for him. I want to celebrate his birthday and victory by making this bento. It is inspired from Jorge's typical celebration every time he finishes the race in the first position. He will always stick a long pole with his black Lorenzo's Land flag whose picture just like the one I present in my bento on ground. What he does means that he has conquered the circuit - so the circuit now is his "land" :D.

My friend made me flattered by saying Jorge would be the luckiest guy in the world if he were my boyfriend hahahaha LOL! To make Jorge's black "flag", I covered the rice with nori sheet, then added it with round white "circuit" and red cross made from egg sheet on the top. I cut the round shape by the help of a glass' bottom and tip. The flag's "friends" were pink and red flowers from egg sheet, carrot stars, beef sausage and shrimp skewer, green beans leaves, tamago, and sate ayam wijen.

Jorge Lorenzo
Muy bonito hehehe ;D

Lorenzo's Land Bento 2
Happy B'day, Jorge!
¡feliz cumpleaños!
Hope you can do the best for MotoGP this season :D

O ya, I got an award from my dearest blogger friend Mbak Deethong. Merci beaucoup for this lovely award. I looooove it! :D. The award needs me to list these:

5 names that people call you:
  • Tata
  • BonBon
  • Bon
  • TataBon
  • Tabong (hehe)

5 important dates in my life:
  • June 17
  • June 6
  • July 7
  • May 5
  • August 17 (Indonesian Independence Day hehe :D)

5 things that I've done yesterday:
  • Teaching
  • Cooking my favorite noodles :D
  • Washing my clothes
  • Watching my favorite TV drama
  • Watching OVJ (Opera van Java :D)

5 ways to be happy:
  • Blogging
  • Cooking and bentoing
  • Having fun with photography and PS CS
  • Reading good books
  • Going to the movie with my friends :D

5 favorite movies:
  • All Disney's movies :D

5 favorite hobbies:
  • Cooking and bentoing
  • Traveling and enjoying good scrumptious food
  • Singing (I'm a great singer! Hahaha LOL)
  • Daydreaming ;p
  • Blogging

5 favorite people (5 is not enough actually):
  • Mom & Dad
  • Brother
  • Aunt & Grandma
  • Ancy & Tiu
  • My dearest blogger friends :D

5 favorite places for vacation:
  • Bandung (West Java, Indonesia)
  • Bali
  • Santorini (Greece)
  • Edensor
  • Dubai hehehe

5 reasons you answer the survey (only one reason ;p):
  • As the award's requirement hehehe

5 persons to be tagged:

I'd love to give this award for all my blogger buddies. So, just feel free to pick it up, dear! :D

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  1. What a beautiful bento as a tribute for your favorite MotoGP rider :) Excellent photos as usual ... so clear and bright!

  2. @Mbak Lia: Thanks sooo much Mbak Lia :D. It's with my great pleasure to make it hehe. Yup, I was lucky when I was taking photos since the weather was great! :D

  3. kagak kenal ama si jorge..tapi oh boy,hensem yah??
    coba dia tau kamu bikin bento untuk merayakannya...:))
    Dia pasti mau ketemuan ama kamu..hahaha..
    Lovely as usual...
    Tata...kamu pandai banget pake PS dan CS ya...aku kog gak iso ya? hoaaaa

  4. I agree with your friend. He will be the luckiest guy if he have you as his gf.. ^0*..
    This a great bento to celebrate..^^

  5. wow...hebaatttt...emang kesukaan kita terhadap sesuatu sering jadi inspirasi untuk masak yah... :D

  6. WOW! Jorge really looks handsome. Great pictures!

  7. ongratulation on your award! I'm really impressed by your bento! It looks great! I love those flowers. How did you made them?

  8. You are so cute! He would be lucky to have you as his girlfriend! Hehe!

    The bento is perfect, and has so much going on! I love it!

    Nice award, and you deserve it!

  9. Gorgeous bento for gorgeous dude! Stunning in every detail, and so happy for your happiness too :D

  10. @Mbak Deby: Setujuuuuuu.... hensem gila pokoknya hehehehe... Mbak Deby dilarang naksir loh! Hahaha. Thanks Mbak, kalo PS CS aku belajarnya otodidak, gak suka baca bukunya, langsung diutek2 aja PS CSnya hehe.

  11. @Rachel: Wow! Thanks Rachel, you made my chicks blushing (It's red blushing instead of pink! Hehehe) :D

  12. @purpleangel: he eh, bener banget Syl... Semoga aja Jorge sempat liat ya walo cuman bentar hehehe ngarep.com :D

  13. @Anncoo: Thanks Ann. YES!!! Completely agree with you, he's muy bonito! Hehehe :D

  14. @Lil'chan: Thanks a lot Lil'chan for your sweet comments :D. Okay, what you have to do is only to cut egg sheet into some strips (about 2cm width), then cut one of its long edges by zigzag pattern using sharp tip of a knife, then roll up the strip and pin it with tooth pick. Hope it can help :D

  15. @Lyndsey: Mochas gracias Lyndsey, your comments have made my day :D

  16. @Sheri: Thanks Sheri :D. Gorgeous dude! Totally agree with you *faint* hahaha LOL!

  17. ta, this bento is awesome!

    wish we could get together sometime to watch the race and cheer for our moto-boyfriends, tee hee :-)

    great job with the nori and egg sheets -- looks masculine and sporty, but still cute and yummy too!!

  18. @Megan:Haha! Thanks a lot Megan. Yes, it's really fun to be imagined hehe. How fun it would be if both of us watching motogp race together and yelling our moto-boyfriends hehehe :D

  19. Wooo your boyfriend is so cool, hehe! I can understand why you love him (so nice dude!) I learned that you're a big fan of motor racing, sounds so fun.
    This bento is also cool. Your eggsheet cutouts are perfect! I love the roses especially ^^

  20. @Babykins: Aww!!! Haha, thanks a lot Izumi. Your comments make me feel that he's my real boyfriend hehehe :D


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