Tofu & Tempeh Steak

by - Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tofu & Tempeh Steak 1

Quick post after my previous bento post :D. Let's stay away from bento for a while hehe. For today's post is Tofu and Tempeh Steak. Tofu and Tempeh/Tempe (Indonesian fermented soybeans cake) are Indonesian people's staple food and our source of protein. I like tempe so much and it's a way cheap here :D. For further information about tempe you can read here. I love almost every kind of food product made from tempe such as keripik tempe, mendol, kering tempe, etc etc etceteraaaa :D. I like it to be fried, cooked in coconut milk, stir fried or sautéed with kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce). But actually my most favorite ones are tempe goreng (fried tempe) and mendol enjoyed with my favorite nasi pecel (it will also taste even better when the nasi pecel is enjoyed in daun pisang (banana leaves) as the "plate" or food wrapper. Hemmmm.... yum! yum! It's so Indonesian :D). For this time, I come across with another variation of food made from tempe. But for the steak, i used not only tempe but also tofu and minced chicken meat :D. I love this steak! It's sauce makes it tastes even better :D. I made my brown bear bento with tempe steak too, but I coated it with spiced coating flour to get the brown color :D. For Mbak M3noq, here you are the recipe :D

Tofu & Tempeh Steak

1 small block tempeh
1 small block white tofu
50 gram minced chicken meat
3 cloves of garlic, ground
1 tbsp chopped celery
½ tsp chicken powder
2 eggs, beaten
7 bird eye chilies, ground (you can pass them)
Salt to taste

1 medium yellow onion, slice or chop
1 tbsp all purpose flour
150 ml cooked water
½ tsp ground white pepper
1 tbsp Indonesian sweet soy sauce/kecap manis
1 ½ tbsp tomato sauce
Salt and sugar to season

Your Steak’s Friends :D
Potato, fried
Cauli flower, boiled
Carrot, boiled
Green beans, boiled

1. Steak: Boil some water in a saucepan. Add tempeh and white tofu. Cook them until done, drain. Mash tempeh and tofu, add with minced chicken meat, chopped celery, chicken powder, sugar, and salt. Add the dough with beaten eggs, mix well until all ingredients are incorporated. Form it into some round flat steak shapes. Heat some margarine, fry the steaks.
2. Sauce: Sauté yellow onion and all purpose flour until fragrant. Add water, Indonesian sweet soy sauce, tomato sauce, ground white pepper, sugar, and salt. Cook until thickening.
3. Place the steak and the veggies on a plate. Pour the steak with the sauce.

Tofu & Tempeh Steak 2

Here is the Indonesian recipe :D

Steak Tahu Tempe

1 blok tempe (saya pake ukuran blok kecil)
1 blok tahu putih (blok kecil)
50 gram daging ayam cincang
3 siung bawang putih, haluskan
1 sdm seledri cincang
½ sdt penyedap
2 telur, kocok
7 cabai rawit, haluskan atau iris halus (kalo yg makan anak krucil juga mending gak usah ya :D)
Garam secukupnya

1 bawang Bombay ukuran sedang, iris tipis atau cincang
1 sdm tepung terigu
150 ml air matang
½ sdt merica bubuk
1 sdm kecap manis
1 ½ sdm saus tomat
Garam dan gula secukupnya

Sayur Pelengkap:
Kentang, goreng
Bunga kol, rebus
Wortel, rebus
Buncis, rebus

Cara Memasak:
1. Steak: Rebus tempe dan tahu di dalam air mendidih. Biarkan sampai matang, angkat dan tiriskan. Haluskan tempe dan tahu, tambahkan daging ayam cincang, seledri cincang, penyedap, gula, dan garam, aduk rata. Tambahkan kocokan telur, aduk kembali sampai tercampur rata. Ambil beberapa adonan lalu bentuk bundar rata seperti gambar. Panaskan margarine, goreng steak.
2. Saus: Tumis bawang Bombay dan tepung terigu sampai bawang harum. Tambahkan air, kecap manis, saus tomat, merica bubuk, gula dan garam. Masak sampai matang dan mengental.
3. Letakkan steak dan sayuran pelengkap di atas piring. Siram dengan sausnya.

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  1. High protein indeed and very nice to put on diet menu too! You always have a bright and sharp picture to show us how lovely your cooking is :)

  2. oh tata this tempeh steak has been making my mouth water ever since i saw it in your cute bear garden bento... now i'm dying! the recipe is very straightforward and helpful, and lia is right, your photography is beautiful. you've also arranged the veggies so nicely!


  3. What a delicious recipe Bon:)
    u make me feel so hungry haha
    By the way...LC-ers was in wonderland this afternoon, but u didn't join us:(
    Well Can't wait to see u bring ur bento to our office..:)
    would be great that u will bring ur delicious and cutest Bento(s) for each member of us hahaha (^.<)

  4. Oh my, this is mouthwatering. You always come out with bright idea.^^

  5. I can't wait to try these. There are so many flavors going on with this! It looks wonderful and very satisfying!

  6. oh god, this looks so yummy!!! It's on my cooking-wishlist now!! <3 Thank you for sharing! And Lia is right, your photos are absolutely beautiful! Luv! <3

  7. I know about tempeh but didn't know how to cook and eat until read this post. It's SO interesting to learn about Indonesian foods and tempeh cooking.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Not to mention, looks and sounds yummiest steak!!

  8. You are amazing! Looks fantastic!! Recipe and photography both. Kudos :D

  9. hihihihhi, di posting juga resepnya ;p

    makasih banyak ya buuuu...

    di tunggu resep2 lainnya


  10. really nice... later on you must make a special sauce for this kind of food! Because I really like eating this food with original sauce (sambal bajak). try it... May be you can find a combination among Bento and indonesian traditional food...

  11. @Mbak Lia: You are done right Mbak Lia - it's healthy and of course... so cheap! Hehehe. Thanks for your compliment :D Awwww.... *blushing :D*

  12. @Megan: Oh, I'm so sorry to make you drooling Megan, I didn't mean it hehehehe :D. Thanks Megan, hope the recipe helps :D

  13. @BungaTanjun9: Glad to know that LC-ers had a great time in wonderland. You should tell me in advance if you plan to invite me to go to the movie :D. Uhm uhm, it'll be better if every LC-ers have a bento class with me by someday and create their own bentos hehehe :D

  14. @Rachel Hei: Aww! Thanks a lot Rachel for that sweet comment :D

  15. @Lyndsey: Hi Lyndsey, thanks a lot :D. Yup, give it a try and let me know how it will turn out to be :D

  16. @Token: Danke Token :D. Yeayy!! Happy to know you're willing to give it a go. Let me know then :D

  17. @babykins: Arigatou Izumi :D. Happy to share it with you :D. Aww your comments make my chicks blushing :D

  18. @Sherimiya: Now your comments really make me fly Sheri - can't bear it! Hehehehe. Still need to learn a lot and... Happy to share!!! :D

  19. @mbak m3noq: Hehehe, sama-sama mbak. Emang udah niat mau diposting juga resepnya :D

  20. @Fyan: Agree with you Fyan. I'm a big fan of Sambel Bajak too. Love to make it and tempeh into Tempe Penyet (crushed fried tempeh with sambal) - yum! they taste heaven! But I think you should try this new variation by using BBQ sauce. It's not that hard to make the sauce - so simple yet yummy :D. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion :D

  21. Fab tempeh recipe and as usual totally mouth-watering professional style photos. You have serious talent, Tata!

  22. @Dinna: Haha, ayo Din... Masak-masak latian jadi ibu RT teladan hehehe :D

  23. @Bentobird/Jenn: Thanks a bunch Jenn :D. Very appreciate your encouragement :D

  24. Oh sorry I'm late for this. My internet line was down last week.
    Very nice picture and the recipe sounds great.

  25. @Anncoo: You are absolutely not Ann :D. Yeayy!! Thanks a lot, very appreciate it :D

  26. @鍾FeR_Quade0426: Thanks a lot ! :D Thanks for dropping by here.

  27. kayanya yummy baanget niy...
    cobain ah...

  28. @Riesta: Mari buuuukkk.... Hehehehe :D


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