Brown Bear & Friends in the Garden Bento (Hapabento’s Japanistic Bento Box Contest's Entry)

by - Monday, April 19, 2010

Brown Bear & Friends in the Garden 1

Happy to see you all again :D. For today’s post I come across with Brown Bear & Friends in the Garden Bento as my entry for Hapabento’s Japanistic Bento Box Contest. Knowing my last post was about two weeks ago, I feel it’s lil’ bit ‘tragic’ actually – but what can I do? It’s Midterm test! So on last Saturday night when I was doing blog walking and noticed that there was a bento contest on Hapabento I felt so happy and excited to take a part. I spent my Sunday morning in the kitchen doing an activity that I like most since it gives me a genuine happiness – bentoing! :D

Okay, the contest’s theme is very interesting: in the garden. The flowers on my mini garden were inspired by one of my favorite flowers, Tulip. When I was about 8, I had ‘my own’ little garden on the front yard. My grandma gave it to me and she said that by gardening and taking care of all the plants and flowers in my little garden could train my responsibility to take care of the others and of course… it could make me strong and healthy. I could plant any flowers that I desired. Everyday, in the early morning before going to school and in the late afternoon I had to take care of and water my garden. What I like best was when I visited my garden in the early morning. I could find (as if) a bunch of fairy’s magical works through the beauty of the flowers’ blossoms and their fragrant smell, jewel of dews, the green leaves, and hard-working bugs on the morning ground. I also could inhale pure and fresh morning air – that’s what my grandma called good for kid’s health. My little garden was beautiful; it lied under a shady Starfruit tree. My garden was also my and my playmates’ secret place. We were great tree climbers that could climb many trees easily just like a monkey that we called ourselves “The Monkey Troops” hahaha LOL :D *Oh, I miss my childhood*. Our Starfruit tree had branches that served us the ‘benches’ when we were discussing or were having a secret meeting :D. We learned so many things through my little garden (especially about the growing process of flowers :D). We also like to have fun, run, laugh, and play with our pets there (that’s another positive thing that my grandma said it’s good for health :D).

One day, my mom gave me a calendar whose pictures were the beautiful blooming tulip beds. I loved the calendar’s pictures very much that I asked my mom to buy me those beautiful flowers to be planted in my garden. She said that our country didn’t have that kind of flowers and they couldn’t live here; those flowers only existed in a far far away place in Holland that she couldn’t fulfill my request. Yeaahhh… as the result *kids* --> I cried all day long *LOL*. I had to be happy with what all I already had in my little garden. But one day, my friends and I found a strange plant whose leaves looked like tulip’s leaves I saw from the calendar’s pictures grew up in my little garden. That strange plant had not had flowers yet. You can laugh at us, we gathered in the garden everyday and prayed in order that strange plant would turn out to be Tulip! LOL. And the result? That strange plant died before it showed us it’s real flowers hahaha. So, my sausage tulip flowers in the bento box are the representation of my unfulfilled wish to have the real tulip flowers :D. While the carrot flowers and chikuwa rings represent another flower and rocks that adorned my little garden :D.

Brown Bear & Friends in the Garden 2

About the character, I decided to go with bear since I really want to make Rilakkuma bento recently. But I don’t name my bear as Rilakkuma since I placed the bear’s ears, snout, and eyes not accurately that made my bear doesn’t look like Rilakkuma although it has already had it’s bird friend :D. My brown bear was made from tempe/tempeh (Indonesian fermented soy bean cake: rich in protein :D) that I made into steak.

In the box: Nasi Kuning (Indonesian fragrant yellow rice: the yellow color was from turmeric and the rice cooked with coconut milk and some aromatic herbs), brown bear from tempeh steak, little bird from quail egg, boiled green beans leaves, chikuwa rings, sausage tulips, carrot flowers, cherry tomato, black toasted sesame seeds and forest animal food picks that I just bought to merry up the garden :D.

So, this is it! My entry for the contest *Chef Farah Quinn: mode on hehehe*. Thanks Debra for the contest, I have fun through this contest. Can’t wait to see other contestants’ lovely entries :D. Happy contest and bentoing, dear friends! :D

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  1. Tata,
    I've been waiting for your long awaited post..
    and again, u pull it the story as well..I feel that I am brought back to yr childhood memory.
    Nice to know someone who's talented like u...^_^
    Learn lots from u..

  2. @Mbak Deby: Thanks a lot mbak for your sweet comments :D. Sorry to make you waiting for such a long time hehehe. Also glad that you like the story, love to share it with you :D

  3. Always nice to read the story behind your bento making. This will be a great entry to the contest. Very colorful and cheerful bento! All the best Ta :)

  4. @Mbak Lia: Hihihi, sengkiu Mbak :D. So happy that you are always be my greatest supporter hehehe... Gubraks!! :D

  5. @JesseniaT_Orndorff1021: how do u do? :D

  6. Just love it! Always beautiful as usual.

  7. @Anncoo: Thanks Ann for your compliment :D

  8. Such a lovely brown bear and friends in the garden bento..Good luck for the contest ya..^^

  9. YUM, the tempeh bear and aromatic rice sound SO yummy, can i eat your bear after hapa bento judges, haha?!

    so nice to see you back to bentoing... hope your midterm tests are going well, but glad you got to take a break to relax and do some fun bento creation.

    i think this is a wonderful entry, and i loved reading about your childhood... hope you get a tulip plant one day!!

  10. taa, cantik seperti biasa deh.. ur childhood memories are so fantastic, ak jd bygin kyk film2 anak kecil gt deh.. haha. gud luck with the contest say! :D

  11. What a beautiful bento u made Bon:)
    I see that u spent a long time to type this story on the corner hahaha:p

    Well done Bon:) Good luck 4 the contest:)

  12. the guess first.. ok, it's nasi kuning and perkedel bear.. ternyata, steak tempe... cool

    i list you as my blog read along with bentolicious.. always amazed by your bento...

    two thumbs up !!

  13. I really love this bento a lot! I think it's a great Rilakkuma and kiiroitori, so nicely together with their cute tulips! I was inspired to make tulips today too, from you :)
    Great shot too!

  14. Cantik nian bento mu ini ta......luv it :)

    may i ask u some questions dear?
    1. gimana caranya bikin steak tempe?
    2. gimana caranya bikin nasi kuning pake rice cooker?
    3. Chikuwan rings itu apa?

    (Keliatan banget saya gak bisa masak ya.... hehehehehe)

    Nuwun ya jeng..

  15. @Rachel Hei: Thanks a lot Rachel :D

  16. @Megan: Thanks a bunch for your always-encouraging-comments Megan :D. Hahaha, they even had already stayed in peace in my belly before hapa judges it LOL. You should try to cook them by someday :D. Yup, still hoping to get Tulip plant in the future hehehe :D

  17. @Momon: Hahaha, thanks Mon. Kamu bilang so fantastic aku jadi keingetan iklannya motor Yamaha yang ada Valentino Rossi bilang so fantastic hehehehe. Ayo Mon, ngebento nah kapan2 :D

  18. @BungaTanjun9: Thanks Bune, we should plan a certain time to make bento together ya? I'm sure it's gonna be fun :D

  19. @DinnaPutriAprila: thanks for linking my blog to yours Dinna :D. You should try to make bento by someday, it's fun! :D

  20. @Sheri: Thanks a lot Sheri. Yeayy!! You make tulip bento too! Launch to your blog directly :D

  21. @The Bargowo: Thanks mbak :D. Oke jawab pertanyaannya hehe:
    1. Resep steak tempe nanti bakal aku posting :D
    2. Kalo masak nasi pake rice cooker biasanya kan ukuran beras sama airnya tuh 1:2. Jadi misalnya berasnya 1 gelas, airnya 2 gelas. Tapi misalnya berasnya 1 gelas, aku biasanya airnya 1 3/4 gelas supaya nasinya agak kepyar gitu (bhs indonya kepyar apa ya? hehehe) maksudnya nasi agak rontok gitu lo hehehe. Nasi kuning: jadi misalnya beras yang dipakai 1 gelas (udah dicuci ya :D) ditambah air santan gak usah kental2 soalnya takut berbusa ntar 2 gelas aja. Trus ditambah bbrp tetesan air perasan kunir, serai dikeprek, daun jeruk purut, daun salam, sama garam ukurannya disesuaikan :D. Nyalain rice cooker, tunggu mateng deh :D
    3. Chikuwa/chikuwan itu sejenis bakso2an olahan seafood yang dijual frozen di supermarket2. Gambarnya bisa diliat disini:

    Semoga membantu :D

  22. Such a cute and colorful bento! You always take the best photos and make the cutest bentos! :D

  23. @Susan: A ha, mahalo Susan. Your comments are never fail to make me smile :D. I still need to learn a lot :D

  24. I know I'm a little late on the comment, but I just loved your story. We had a tree that we would climb and sit in the branches and have meetings and hang out in the tree with my friends. I think we named each branch too, dime, nickel, quarter, penny branch depending on its size. Growing up in Michigan, we had tulips, and daffodils that would come up each spring, they even had the Tulip Festival held in Holland Michigan (about an hour drive from our house). I live in the south now for the past 20 years and we can't get tulips, lilacs, daffodils and many other flowers that I miss so much, but they don't get paper flowers, bird of paradise, passion flowers and many more that we get. So we just share our gardens on line. :)

    I love your Garden Bento. Thanks for sharing your memories. Now I am going to check out how you did your tempeh steak! I just did a post on tofu steaks, and snackers.

  25. @Lyndsey: You are very welcome Lyndsey :D. I also thank you for dropping by here. So glad to know that you love my childhood story, happy to share it with you :D. I think you got a fantastic childhood too, yeayy!! Lucky us!! :D. Launch to your blog directly to peep your recipe :D

  26. Tata, dari lihat blog ini.. jadi semangat bikin bento buat anak kembarku... masih harus banyak belajar sih... btw kok setiap kali mencoba buat si telur puyuh kuning ga rata ya warna kuningnya? any tips?
    keep up the creations.... hehe sementara belajar aku copy idenya yaaaa.. masih jauhhhh soalnya ....

  27. @Grace: Hi, Mbak Grace... Makasih ya udah mampir dimari :D. Ayooooo!!!!! Semangat 45 x 2 = 90 hehehe. Mending nyelup yang rata, maksudnya semua bagian permukaan mencelup ke airnya geto, jadi gak blang bontang hehehe


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