Gingery Shrimp & Vermicelli Soup (MASBAR)

by - Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gingery Shrimp & Vermicelli Soup

Tata misses blogging and her dear foodie buddies badly… Again, she has to say that these past few days were sooooo busy :D. Hey, she’s working now, and she’ll get her graduation day on the next Saturday :D *so happy*.

Okay, that’s only a little intro for today’s post :D. Hi, folks!!!! Miss u all so much. You’ve no idea how I’ve been so desperate since I couldn’t update my blog and enjoy your beautiful posts! *LOL*. No bento for today’s post, I submit this post as my entry for Masak Bareng Yuuk! (Let’s Cook Together) whose theme for this month is “SOUP”. I made a Kwetiau (Herice Noodle) soup with Bunapi Mushroom few days ago and meant to post it as my MasBar entry, but since I had a hard time to edit the photos so I decided to come up with this Gingery Shrimp & Vermicelli Soup. This is a perfect soup for evening dish especially for cold rainy season just like now :D. I used fried shrimp balls and steamed white tofu stuffed with shrimp ball dough as the topping. I’ll post the shrimp balls’ recipe next. You can use fish balls, chickenmeat balls, beef balls, or as you desire to alter the shrimp balls. Sorry, no measurement for the ingredients since I made it for myself *how was I supposed to teaspoon or tablespoon the ingredients? :D*. Use your feeling-o-meter ladies *sure it will work precisely ;D*. This soup is so dead easy to make… So, let’s peep it out! :D

Gingery Shrimp & Vermicelli Soup


For the Soup:
Shrimp stock
Some drops of sesame oil
Garlic, bruised
Peeled fresh ginger root, bruised
Chopped green onion
Ground white pepper

Vermicelli, soak in hot water until soft and tender
Boiled shrimps
Enokii Mushroom
Fried shrimp balls
Steamed white tofu stuffed with shrimp ball dough
Mustard green, blanced

1. Reheat the shrimp stock over a high-medium heat.
2. Add in bruised ginger and garlic, sesame oil, ground white pepper, and salt.
3. Before you remove it from heat, add in the chopped green onion.
4. Put the soaked vermicelli in a bowl, add the toppings, and pour the soup. Enjoy!

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  1. hai tata, salam kenal yaa.. hehe.
    sup mu berhasil membuatku ngiler dehh.. hihi. :))

  2. Oh Tata! Always love your cooking. Nice choice of soup. Miss your post so much and I know you are busy. Hope you can relax this long weekend and have fun!!

  3. tataaa....
    lama gak posting...
    aku uda kangen resep2nya....


  4. This looks so delicious! Love the soup base :)

  5. You are SOOOO skilled!! In cooking and in photography! And your posts always give me a smile! Thanks for the great post!

  6. Must try this! Another brilliant post, Tata!

  7. @Monica Adriana: Hai Monica, salam kenal juga... Waduh, maap kalo bikin ngiler ya neng hehehe, thanks udah mampir baidewei :D

  8. @Mbak Lia: Thanks Mbak Lia. Ahahaha, unfortunately no time for relaxing at this weekend hehehehe :D

  9. @Riesta: Haiiiii.... Wah jadi terharu nieeee ada yang kangen ma resepnya TaBon hehehehe... Semoga yang ini bisa ngobatin yaaaa :D

  10. @Anncoo: Thanks Ann, love to receive your sweet comment :D

  11. @Sherimiya: Thanks a bunch Sheri, your comments really make my day hehehe... :D

  12. @Bentobird/Jenn: Thanks Jenn! :D. Don't forget to send me a big bowl of your soup :D


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